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DD complains to her Mother that she acted rashly when Shabnam made the allegations on Sid and now she feels bad! Her Mother is unable to speak because she is paralysed.
DD gets a Phone call from Roshni’s Phone but she’s surprised to hear a Man’s Voice.
He tells her that she needs to come to a certain place if she wants to see Roshni again!

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Shabnam’s goon gives her a ticket and a Passport so she can leave India.
She gets in the Car with a driver. She tells herself that she used the ticket Sid gave her to go to Dubai but stopped at Karachi and came back to Mumbai with a fake name, now she’s going back to Karachi with that fake name and will then fly to Dubai with the ticket Sid gave her.

DD arrives at the hill and she’s shocked to see Roshni unconscious in her Car with a gun in her lap. She tries to wake her up but Roshni is still out.
The Police arrive and DD is relieved to see them. She thanks them for coming. They see the gun and search the area for more clues.
The Inspector tells DD she’s under arrest for the murder of Siddharth Khurana! DD is shocked. They see a trail of blood going down the valley.

Roshni wakes up and asks where Sid is? The Police Inspector tells her that DD murdered Sid and threw him off the Cliff.
Roshni starts freaking out.
The Police take DD away, ignoring her pleas and explanations. Roshni remains on the Cliff, crying.

Roshni, Mona, GrandAunt and Kesar get to the Police Station.
They meet Raj and Simran there. Raj and Simran hold on to each other, they have obviously been crying and are now numb.
DD is being questioned in an inner room. She tells the Police that she admits she was angry at Sid but definitely didn’t want to kill him.
The Prosecutor says the story in the Media about Sid’s indecent behaviour towards Shabnam must have made her upset, so she killed him!
DD tries to convince him of her innocence but the Prosecutor doesn’t believe her.
The female Constable in the room with them, gets the report on the finger print on the gun and it matches DD’s.
DD admits she touched the gun when she got there but she wasn’t the one who killed Sid. The Prosecutor says she should never have touched the gun.
Roshni tells the Police at the counter that it was Shabnam who killed Sid. The Officer doesn’t believe her. Mona, DD’s Aunt and Kesar are shocked.

Roshni tells Simran and Raj all the things Shabnam did and how she and Sid caught her and wanted to have her arrested but forgave her and gave her a ticket to move to Dubai.
The Policeman tells Roshni that she needs evidence to prove it was Shabnam! Roshni breaks down.
The Prosecutor comes out and informs Roshni that DD’s fingerprint matches the one found on the gun.
Simran stands up, asking if DD is the person who killed her Son?
Roshni tries to explain to her but Simran leaves the Station, crying. Roshni feels bad and cries.

At the Khurana’s house, everyone is mourning. Simran cries and tells Raj that everything is finished! She asks how can DD kill their Son; Sid did all he could for the family but now, they have taken his life!
Raj shocks her by saying he doesn’t believe DD killed him as she loves Sid. Simran asks why he’s defending her?
She says DD hated Sid ever since he got married to Roshni, so she killed him! She says they couldn’t see their Son’s face for the last time. She says she can’t forgive the Patel family all her life. Sid’s Grandmother cries badly. Krutika and Simran cries. Simran vows not to forgive DD or Roshni for what they did to Sid!

DD’s Lawyer comes to see her in the Station and he informs her that she can’t make bail but she can stop the Media by covering the story if she signs a document and she also needs to sign a Power of Attorney document so Roshni can make decisions concerning her properties on her behalf. DD signs without reading through.

A Ceremony is being held in Sid’s honour at the Khurana’s home. Everyone is dressed in White.
Roshni and her family arrive in tears.

Roshni goes to kneel in front of Sid’s Photo. Simran pulls her away and orders her to leave the house!
Raj and Kritika try to calm her down. Simran begs all the members of the Patel family to leave. She says Sid gave up his life to please Roshni and her family, and declares Roshni is not her daughter-in-law!
Kritika and Raj’s mother try to calm her down but she insists Roshni and her family must leave and she no longer wants to have anything to do with them!

Roshni and her family return home and are shocked to see Shabnam in the living room, sitting like she owns the place. She says she heard Sid died and thought to come back. She goes to Roshni and whispers that in the end, she got to know Sid very well.

Roshni grabs Shabnam by the shoulders and orders her out of the house! Shabnam asks if Roshni wants her out of her own house? Roshni says it’s not her house!
The Lawyer who gave the documents to DD to sign at the Police Station, appears and says it’s Shabnam’s house. He shows Roshni the documents.
Roshni says she can’t believe he (Lawyer Tiwari ) deceived DD into signing and says it’s a lie. She says she won’t spare her and says she has killed her husband, trapped her Mom and caused her Grandmother’s accident! Shabnam says from where will she get proofs? She feels pity on her and asks what will she do, and where will she go? Roshni asks her to think and worry about herself and says she will take revenge on her.
Roshni vows to avenge Sid’s death! She says Sid is with her and will not let her lose to her. She says she wants to kill her, but then, there will be no difference between them. She asks her to start reverse counting!

A group of Reporters enter the house and ask Roshni how she feels about DD leaving everything to Shabnam?
Roshni says Shabnam deceived DD into signing the documents!
Shabnam says DD couldn’t bear what Sid did to her, so she signed over her properties as a way of compensating her. She says Roshni, her Sister loved her husband, Sid even though Sid wanted to be with her (Shabnam) and DD couldn’t bear it, so she killed Sid to protect her honour. Roshni says it’s all a lie!
Shabnam says her ticket and Passport prove she left India and it was DD who called her to come back into town. Roshni tells them to go and ask DD and she will tell them the truth.
One of the reporters says DD’s Lawyer has stopped the media from covering the story, so they won’t be able to talk to her.

Simran is watching the story on TV.
She says Roshni is supporting DD, the person who killed her husband. Raj suggests they leave the City because they will miss Sid a lot in the house.

Kritika tells him that she doesn’t want to leave, she wants to continue working in the City. She asks him if he would be able to leave Roshni to face the problem alone?
Simran walks out of the room.

Roshni is with DD at the Police Station. DD apologises for not believing her. Roshni says they just have to find a way to get DD’s property back and if only Sid was around, he would have helped. DD wipes her tears and says she has a solution.

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