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King of hearts 22 December 2019: Roshni takes Sid into the hotel banquet hall. She berates him for following Payal into a room.He reminds her that he told her what Payal was up to but she still sent him to go with Payal.Payal is back home, looking for Ria.She finds her in Neil’s room, sleeping in Neil’s arms, on his bed.She yells her name.
Ria wakes up and says she came to give Neil his medication as nobody was home.
Payal raises her hand to slap her but restrains herself.

Sid and Roshni wake up in each other’s arms on the chaise longue inside the hotel banquet hall.Sid says it was the most special night or his life.Roshni says it was the same for her.She says she has to go.He tells her to go but each time she tries, he pulls her back.

Roshni returns home and meets a very vicious looking Payal.Payal sees a brooch on Roshni’s shoulder and recognises it as the same one Sid had on his jacket at the restaurant.She realises they had been working together.Ria comes to apologise, saying she had no idea when she fell asleep in Neil’s arms.She says she would never break the promise.

Payal says she already broke it and has forgotten all Neil and his family did to them so now she (Payal) will fight alone.
Mittul overhears them and goes to Roshni.
Roshni says she wants to know what Neil and his mother did to Ria and Payal.
Mittul asks who can help them.
Roshni says she will find someone.
Neil asks Roshni to give him his medicine.
Roshni tells him to get it himself as she has other things to do.Ria overhears them.

Neil leaves the room in anger.
Ria enters the room and tells Roshni that she ought to be ashamed of herself.
Roshni asks where Ria was when Neil needed her and she left him at the altar
Ria says it was his mother that asked her to leave as she would never have done that.
She breaks down and Roshni hugs her.
Roshni calls Sid and begs him to come over as she found out the truth.
He asks if Payal is home.
She tells him to come as Payal isn’t home.
Sid comes to the house and Roshni tells him everything.
Payal walks in and claps for them.
She says they found out everything and they have been working together.
Naina walks in and Payal says she started it all.
Neil enters and asks what Payal wants.
Payal says she wants revenge.
Ria begs Payal to let Neil be as they were wrong about him all these years.
Payal scoffs and asks if she has forgotten everything, like what happened to their father.
Naina looks contrite.
Neil asks what Payal is on about.
Payal says his mother should have told him stories about lies, deceit and fraud.
He looks even more confused.
Payal says she will tell a story; Neil and Ria love each other and want to get married but his mother didn’t like Ria because she was from a poor home so, on the wedding day, Neil’s rich mother gets Ria’s father kidnapped to force Ria out of Neil’s life and after this Ria’s father took his own life
Neil tells his mother that it’s not true.
Her face is a picture of guilt.
Neil tells her to speak up.

She says she’s sorry as she thought she was doing the right thing at the time, she thought Ria would never match his status but over time she realised her mistake as he became an alcoholic.
Payal says if that was the case then Naina should have allowed Ria and Neil see each other again but she didn’t and even got her and Ria thrown out of their house.
Neil asks his mother how she could have done this to her own son.
He says he’s ashamed to call her his mother.
He asks what else she’s hiding.
She says she’s hiding nothing and just wants him to marry Ria.
He reminds her that he’s married to Ragini.
She tells him that Ragini is not his wife.
He asks what she’s talking about.
Payal tells Sid to say his own side of the story.
Sid says it’s the truth and he didn’t have the courage to say it before now.
He tells Neil that his mother is right as he and Roshni never got a divorce.
Neil and Payal are shocked.
Sid says Neil’s mother knew but kept it a secret and he doesn’t blame her as she only did what any mother would have done.
He says he has always loved Roshni but stepped back to let her start a new life but the marriage is invalid even by law.
Neil asks why Sid married his sister then.
Sid says he never married Anya but he stayed with her to give her child a name as she’s pregnant for somebody else.
Payal says there are so many secrets and if she knew this family was this dysfunctional then she wouldn’t have tried to destroy them
She tells Sid that she knows he was trying to give the company back to the family and it’s a pity.
Sid says it’s really a pity as she doesn’t know how much trouble she is going to be in as he loves the family and won’t spare anyone who does them harm.
Neil storms out of the house and Sid follows.

Neil gets into his car and drives off.
Sid follows.Sid begs Neil to stop the car.
Payal tells Ria to come with her.They get onto a car and Payal says it’s time to go.
She makes a phone call and gives instructions for some people to be sent somewhere.Naina and Mittul take Roshni to the hospital.Roshni is bleeding and unconscious.Sid and Neil rush into the hospital.
The doctor tells Sid that his wife has lost too much blood and she’s pregnant so both the lives of the mother and baby are in danger.
Sid is paralysed with fear.
Sid enters the room where Roshni is hooked to a machine.
There is a bandage on her forehead.
He looks at her and remembers all the good times they’ve shared.
He places his hand on her belly then he kisses it.
He tells Roshni that he won’t let her leave him and he promised that only death will part all 3 of them.
He storms out of the room and the hospital, ignoring Neil.
Mittul tells Neil that some guys busted into the house and beat up Roshni.
She says she got away because she hid in a cupboard.
Sid is in the temple, praying
Roshni regains consciousness and calls Sid’s name.
Neil tells Sid that his prayers have been answered as Roshni is awake.
Sid returns to the hospital and tells Roshni that the hospital clothes don’t suit her.
She says ‘Congratulations Daddy.’

He kisses her hands and says ‘Congratulations Mummy.’She sees the wound in his palm.He kisses her face
Neil enters and wishes them congratulations as their family is complete.
Sid tells him that his own family is also behind him.
Neil tells Sid to focus on his own family and forget others.
Sid says Payal will have to pay for what she has done to Roshni.
Neil says it’ss his fault and he wishes he never met Ria.
Ria is watching from the window.
Sid sees her and runs after her.
She says she came to see Neil and Roshni but Neil doesn’t care about her.
Sid says he knows she loves Neil but she should know relationships always go through obstacles just like he and Roshni have been through a lot and even escaped death because they live each other very much.
He tells her that she is suffering become Payal’s thirst for revenge and Ria has to see what Payal can’t see and will have to choose what she wants; Neil or to suffer. He says he hopes she makes the right decision.
She says she has made her decision.
She walks out, ignoring his calls.

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