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It’s late in the night. Roshni is at DD’s place, helping her Grandmother drag her suitcase to the living room.
Grandmother says she has a feeling something bad will happen and asks why their patience must be tested like this? DD tells her not to worry, but to take care of Resham till the baby is born. Grandmother tells Roshni to take care of everything at her in-law’s place.
Grandmother says goodbye to everyone.
Yash offers to drop her at the Station, but she says Bablu is waiting outside for her. She hugs Sam.
When she leaves, Roshni thanks Yash for all his help and apologises for everything. Yash says he understands, and tells her to go since it’s getting late. Roshni hugs Sam and her Mother and heads to the door.
The Police are standing there. They tell her they have orders to arrest DD for murdering Rajveer per a report filed by Krutika. All are shocked.
At home, Simran asks Krutika why she filed a report against DD when Rajveer did all those evil things?
Krutika asks if she believes their lies because Sid is also lying and she will never forgive them! Krutika shouts that Sid made Rajveer a villian, but he is the main villain who along with Roshni’s family killed Rajveer. DD should have warned Rajveer, but she shot him dead instead!

Simran says she understands, but Rajveer wanted to take her life too just as he wanted to kill Roshni.
Krutika says Rajveer said he wanted to leave the house the same day he was accused of kidnapping Sam, but she stopped him and asked for the Money for him, but Rajveer never wanted any of it; he only wanted to leave because of all the humiliation, but Sid joined them and took her husband from her! She says he took Rajveer from her and now, she will take Roshni from him too and take away all his happiness!
She tells the others to decide if they are on her side or Sid’s!
DD is in jail.
The Inspector tells Roshni that she can’t be granted bail, but Roshni will have to prove that Rajveer really wanted to kill her and they should get enough witnesses to Court, otherwise DD will be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment!
Roshni runs to DD’s cell and cries.
DD begs her not to.
Sid comes. Roshni starts crying.
Sid holds Roshni and assures her everything will be alright and everyone will favor DD in Court tomorrow.

Simran holds Krutika at home and begs her not to cry because she will stand by her daughter no matter what happens!
In Court the next day, DD is on the stand. Roshni is called as a witness and asked to say what happened on the day Rajveer died?
Roshni tells the Court that Rajveer kidnapped her and threatened to kill her and Krutika when she arrives with the Money, and when her Mum arrived, Rajveer got afraid seeing them and threatened to kill her if DD and Sid didn’t leave, so DD fired a shot and it hit Rajveer in the chest.
The Public defender tells the Judge that it is an open and shut case as DD acted in self defense and Rajveer is the one with a very bad record to his name.
A lawyer arrives in the Court and says the case is not so simple and straight forward, he introduces himself as Krutika’s lawyer.
Sid tells his dad that he thought Simran spoke to Krutika about dropping the case.
Krutika’s lawyer questions Roshni if she hated Rajveer as he married Krutika divorcing Sam? DD’s lawyer says this question is irrelevant in this case. The Judge overrules objection. Krutika’s lawyer accuses Roshni of never having liked Rajveer and even stalking him. He asks if she went behind Rajveer? Roshni says she went to save Krutika. He asks if it was her preplan to kill Rajveer?

Roshni says she wanted to send Rajveer behind bar as her and her family’s live was at risk and even her Marriage was going to end in divorce just because of him. Sid gives her a signal not to say more.
Krutika’s Lawyer shouts that she should have complained to the Police if she had proof, but no, she wanted DD to kill him instead of asking him to go behind bars! He shouts that Rajveer was a very nice Man and asks DD if he was such a good Man, then why did they kill him, and says you all wanted to kill him, so you took him to the abandoned building! He asks DD why she had to kill Rajveer by taking him to the abandoned building?Roshni says this is all a lie. The Judge announces lunch break.
Samaira is in the Market, trying to get some foodstuffs.
Some guys taunt her about wanting to marry an Old Man and say they will dress up like Old Men so she can find them appealing. They run seeing a Police jeep. Sam starts crying.
Simran has taken the stand.
She is asked if she believes Rajveer was a bad Man and wanted to harm Krutika or her family?
Simran is quiet.
The lawyer says DD and her family never liked Rajveer and have come up with a fake story.

Simran says she wasn’t there and doesn’t know, but she knows they never liked Rajveer and if Rajveer was really wrong, then he should have been sent to jail instead of killing him.
The Prosecutor (Krutika’s lawyer) says she’s right and shouts that they wanted to kill Rajveer. Roshni says it’s a lie. The Judge asks her to opine only if asked. The Prosecutor says Rajveer was murdered in cold blood and it’s not self defense!
The Public defender says he’s only spinning a web of lies and he’s forgetting that Rajveer has a criminal record. The Prosecutor starts shouting again.
Mona comes home and meet Yash at their front door and he says he was passing by and wanted to meet them, and he’s been ringing the bell, but no one is answering.
Mona tries to open the door with her key, but it’s locked from inside.
She bangs on the door repeatedly and Yash busts it open.
They see Sam trying to commit suicide. She has a rope around her neck tied to the ceiling fan.
They beg her to stop. Yash rescues her. Sam panics and says Baweja destroyed her life and she’s still getting blamed by people in the street!People are saying she can sleep with anyone and tells Yash that she can even sleep with him! He tries to control her, but she continues panicking. He slaps her and then hugs her. He consoles her.

The Court session is over for the day.
Outside the Court, Sid asks the lawyer what their chances are of winning the case? The lawyer says Krutika has hired a very good lawyer and the lawyer (Prosecutor) has never lost a case, and their chances of winning are second to none.
Sid asks why he’s telling them to give up without even trying? He says everything is first time in life and he has to make this first.
DD tells Sid that the fact is that she killed someone regardless of the circumstances and She’s prepared to go to jail. They take DD away and Sid holds Roshni, comforting her.
Krutika sees that and tells Simran to look at her Son consoling Roshni whose Mother killed her innocent husband. He’s taking sides with his Wife instead of his Sister!
In Court the next day, Sid is on the stand. The Prosecutor questions him. Sid tells him if he had a gun in his hand, he would have shot Rajveer himself.
The Prosecutor tells the Court that it wasn’t just DD, but Sid was also involved in the murder.
Sid says the lawyer has watched one to many movies where they plan to murder people. He says let’s assume he was part of the plan, does the lawyer know the value of his property?
He says he has a property worth about 8.5 billion and if a rich person wanted to do such a thing, he would have hired someone to kill for him and not his Mother-in-law. He says he lived with his Mother-in-law for months and she never figured out who he was, so he can’t hire someone like her to commit murder when he can easily find a skilled Contract Killer in Mumbai.

He brings out a gun and points it at the Prosecutor and tells the Prosecutor that he will kill him. The Prosecutor gets afraid and throws things at him. Sid shoots at him and he docks. There is immediate commotion in the Court.
Sid laughs and says the lawyer and the Police force already reacted and were ready to shoot him without thinking, and it was the same case as that day with his Mother-in-law; DD reacted based on the circumstance that day.
The lawyer says what Sid has done is in contempt!
The Judge agrees and Sid apologises, saying he only did it to prove a point and it’s a toy gun.
The Prosecutor says DD is the Culprit!
DD says she shot Rajveer because he wanted to kill her daughter and if he had done that, maybe he would have been caught if the Police could find evidence against him, but before Rajveer died, he tried to force her niece into a terrible scandal before he died and the Police were not able to get any evidence against him.
She says faced with the same circumstance, she would do it again.
The lawyer calls Krutika to the stand (witness box). Before she takes an oath, she says she would like to withdraw the case.
The Court room is thrown into a state of confusion.
Krutika says she has realised her husband’s murder wasn’t planned and a Mother just wanted to protect her daughter’s life; she will like to withdraw the case and she’s sorry for wasting the Court’s time.
Her lawyer asks what she’s doing?

Sid reminisces explaining to her outside that Rajveer was a big criminal, and wanted to kill her and it was God’s wish to vanish him from the world to stop troubling
his people.
The Judge rules the case as withdrawn and judgement can’t be passed. DD is acquited of Murder.
Roshni hugs Sid then goes to thank Krutika and says she will forever be in her debt.
DD hugs Sid and thanks him.
She goes to Krutika to apologise and says she will do anything to make it up to her.
Krutika has a flash back to Sid begging her to do the right thing and withdraw the case.
As she’s about to leave the Court, Sid stops her to thank her and promises to shower her with a lot of happiness.
Roshni runs into Sid’s arms.
They gets to DD’s house and see Yash attending to Sam.
DD asks what happened?
Yash says it’s all been taken care of.
Samaira says her life is ruined and she wonders where she would find someone to love her.
Yash says she cares for her and she has done nothing wrong to deserve what happened.
DD tells Sam that she was discharged by the Court when everyone said she would know, and it just shows there’s always hope and Sam has to remain hopeful. Yash assures Sam that it’s going to be okay.
Sid watches them with keen interest.

At the Khurana home, Sid’s Grandmother and Raj say it’s a good thing Krutika changed her mind and dropped the charges and made her proud. Raj says he is proud that she is Khurana family’s daughter. Simran asks how did she forgive DD so easily? Simran says she doesn’t understand what made Krutika change her mind.
Sid enters the house and says she changed her mind because he spoke to her like a big brother and told her to favour the truth.
Krutika comes out of the room dressed in the white clothes of a Widow.
Simran tells her that she doesn’t have to dress like a Widow.
Krutika says there is no point in dressing up as there’s nothing left in her life now and it is colourless now, as she is now a Widow.

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