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Kesar and Yash pulls Shiv’s body out of the pool. Sid holds Roshni as she screams.
DD is in a daze. Misha comes to see.
Roshni is begging for her Dad to wake up.

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Mona and Kesar beg their brother to wake up. Simran begs Sid to do something.
Roshni begs her Mother to wake her father up. Raj consoles Kesar.
Yash consoles Mona.
Sid is watching them, unable to move.
Misha comes to ask Sid who the dead Man is and says she doesn’t want to be there.
Sid tells her to go inside.
She keeps whining that she wants him to take her home.
Sid loses his temper and yells at her to go inside!
The thugs get a call from Misha.
She berates them for dumping the body in the pool.
They say a lady told them to put the carpet there.
Misha warns that if they find any clues, she won’t spare them!
They assure her that they won’t find any clues as the Chlorine in the pool will wash away the proofs.
Sid reaches to touch Shiv’s body but DD yells at him not to touch her husband!
She says her husband doesn’t need him anymore and neither do she and Roshni. She asks him to take care of his mad fiance as She’s with Shiv.
She orders him to get out of her house!
Sid turns around and walks away.
The Police arrive and ask Sid if he knows anything that can help their investigation?
Sid says he doesn’t and the Inspector should please update them of anything.
DD tells the Inspector to make sure the updates come to her and if she’s not around, he can update her family members, the Patels, not the Khuranas.

Shiv’s body is on a gurney in the living room, wrapped in white cloth.
The Police leave.
Sid calls DD his Mum and says he’s sorry.
She tells him her name is Durga Devi Patel!
She goes to him and tells him he can call her DD from now on because they share no other relationship anymore!
Roshni is too numb to react.
DD says she hopes Raj can understand because Roshni has lost a lot in one day; her father and husband to be, and the people she loved unconditionally.
She says whenever Roshni needed anything, Sid was never there because Roshni has never been his first priority and he even chose someone else over her again today!
Roshni goes to them and looks at Sid with tears.
Sid tells DD that it’s not true.
DD tells him that her family won’t be needing him anymore, so he should leave!
Sid says the Man who passed on was not just her husband, Shiv was also dear to him, and he was his friend.
DD shuts him up and tells him to get out!
Raj tells DD that she is right about Sid leaving her house and in fact they would all leave.
Roshni says it’s a misunderstanding.
Raj calls Sid so they can leave.
Sid says he’s not going anywhere; he can’t leave Roshni and his Mother-in-law in such a state.
Raj tells him to leave for now.
Simran and Misha join them in the living room.
Roshni and Sid stare at each other with tears streaming down their faces.

Misha sees them and looks for a distraction.
She sees a broken glass on the floor and deliberately steps on it, then she cries out.
Simran asks what’s wrong?
Misha says she stepped on a piece of glass and wants her fiancé.
She calls for Sid.
DD tells them to throw Misha out of her house!!
Misha asks Sid to hold her in his arms and says she couldn’t stand on her feet. Sid stares at Roshni and lifts her in his arms. He carries Misha and walks towards the door.
As they get to the door, Misha sees her earring in Shiv’s hand and decides she has to do something about it.
Roshni cries harder as Sid leaves.
The Medical Personnel pick up the gurney.
Kesar asks when they can have the body back, so they can perform the last rites?
DD tells the Doctor they are in no hurry as they want the Police to find out who killed him. She says she knows that Shiv is murdered and She’s determined to find out who the murderer is. She says she will get the guilty purnished. She tells her family that she will find out who did it.
They all gather in a group hug.
Misha is in Sid’s room at his house.
She calls the thugs and tells them to find out where they are taking Shiv’s body.
Later DD removes her jewellery and changes her dress.
She recalls Shiv and her romantic union and the moments there after. She recalls their marriage, honeymoon, and so on. She breaks down in her room. Her mirror is shattered.

Sid also recalls his casual talk with Shiv, their friendship, and so on, and gets sad. Roshni cries in her room thinking about her moments with Shiv while the song plays…
Next morning, the family members are all dressed in white mourning clothes.
Roshni stares at her father’s photograph.
DD tells them that the last thing Shiv would want is for them to mourn him.
She tells her Mother to prepare Shiv’s favourite dishes then tells Kesar to play Shiv’s favourite songs.
The Police Inspector calls DD to inform her that they have found something related to the murder.
DD says she will be there right away.
Sid’s Grandmother is crying and asking why Sid and Roshni’s lives have been ruined again?
Misha is upset that they are crying in front of her room because she needs to find a way to get out and get the earring back.
Simran consoles her Mother-in-law.
Misha puts her pillows together and covers them like she’s the one lying in bed, then she sneaks out of the house.
Roshni and DD arrive at the hospital.
Misha’s thugs sees them.
They push a gurney and it hits DD on the leg. Roshni shouts who did this?
DD is in pain, so Roshni makes her sit.
Misha arrives wearing a burqa and thinks to leave after taking the earring before anyone sees her.

Roshni bumps into her but doesn’t recognise her.
Roshni leads DD to the first aid room.
Simran and Sid’s Grandmother takes food to Misha’s room.
As Simran is about to open the covers, she hears Kritika screaming at the help.
Kritika is upset that there is no food left for her.
The help says he will prepare whatever she wants.
She raises her hand to slap him and Simran holds the hand.
Simran says everyone was right about Kritika and they asked her to get Kritika under control but it seems like she is becoming more and more evil.
She tells her that if she wants to eat breakfast, she should wake up early and the help is much older than her!
She tells her to apologise!
Kritika says she won’t apologise as he is nothing more than a servant!
Simran gives her a hard slap across the face.
Kritika is shocked.
Simran apologises to the help.
Sid’s Grandmother tells Simran to calm down.
Simran says her eyes are opened now. She has always protected Kritika and in the process, she has ruined Sid’s life and her daughter-in-law’s life as well.
She says her husband always told her that she was wrong about Roshni but she was blinded by the love she had for Kritika and that’s the only reason she has been making mistakes.
She tells Kritika to leave!

Kritika says Roshni’s family deserve what’s happening to them because DD killed her husband.
She says she will try her best to stay away from Simran and her precious family!
She storms off.
Simran blames herself and cries. She tells Sid’s Grandmother that she couldn’t take care of Sid, Roshni and Krutika. Grandmother consoles her and asks her to think about the future. She asks her to make Krutika be on the right path and begs her to try and bring the happiness/peace back into their family.
Misha is now disguised as a Doctor wearing a surgical mask.
She goes to the morgue but meets the Police there. She is stopped by the security and he gave her gloves which had fallen from her pocket.
Roshni and DD meet the Inspector and he informs them of the earring found in Shiv’s hand and tells that maybe Shiv struggled to save himself, thus get hold of the earring.
DD says it’s a great clue.
Sam serves Yash’s niece and nephew some food but they say they don’t want it because they want omelettes.
Sam goes to report them to Yash.
Yash tells her to make the omelettes.
Sam says She’s a Vegetarian and won’t touch eggs.
He suggests she orders the omelettes from a restaurant.
She says she is tired of taking care of them and he should do it himself! He asks why she’s creating a fuss if they want omelette? He tells her she doesn’t know how to love anyone and that’s the difference between her and Roshni.

Sam says he has finally said it and the truth is that he still loves Roshni.
She tells him Sid has made the way clear for him now, so he can call her up!
Yash loses his temper and almost hits Sam. He says She’s insecure, and he can’t help it. He says Roshni is his best friend and Sam has to deal with it!
Misha peeps into a room and sees Shiv’s body.
She sees the earring on a tray beside him.
She enters the room to get it, thinking there is nobody inside but She’s shocked to hear Sid talking to the Doctor.
She freezes on the spot with her back turned.
The Doctor asks who she is and tells her to turn around!
Misha is still rooted to the spot.
Sid stares at her in curiousity.

DD and Roshni enter the room and DD is upset that Sid is there.
Sid tells her to calm down and reminds her that it is a morgue and tells her that he came for his friend and he can’t be at peace until he catches his killer, and says nobody can stop him. Roshni asks them not to make drama.
Misha picks up the earring and runs out of the room.
DD asks for the evidence.
The Doctor looks and doesn’t see it.
Sid reminds him a female Doctor just left the room then he runs out looking for her. Sid says she is the killer, if that earring is with her.
Misha runs as she sees him coming. He finds someone standing there and took her to be the killer. He sees her face and says sorry.
Misha runs into the file room and he follows.
He locks the door to the file room and tells her to come out and says it is enough of hide and seek game. Misha is still hiding. Sid looks at her from behind.

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