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King of hearts September teasers 

DD sees Aisha alone by the pool in the Morning and asks why she came back!
Aisha doesn’t respond. DD takes her to the deep end of the pool and threatens to drop her in! Aisha screams. DD warns her not to tell anyone, otherwise she would report her to the scary monster (Allabonda) she’s sacred of! Aisha gets tensed.

Yash is at the Office. He sees a resignation letter from Kritika.Sid’s GrandAunt enters the Office and gives him a slap.She tells him all Sam did and says to Kritika, which she isn’t able to face anyone because of the shame!
She blames him and takes Krutika’s side and asks him to control his Wife!

Yash apologises for Sam’s behaviour.
Sid’s GrandAunt gets outside his Office and looks at him as he tears up the letter.
She tells herself that if Yash let Kritika go, her plan to get rid of Kritika would not go well, as she wants Krutika to leave her house and for that to happen, she will have to continue working at Yash’s place.
DD is in her room, wondering how Aisha came back.

Sid enters the room and sits. She asks what he’s doing here! She asks him to take his shoes off from her bed and tells it will be stained! Sid says she has stained a girl’s mind and wanted her to leave the house. What a game plan? He thought this work was done by Roshni’s GrandAunt but he forgot that the clever player was her (DD). He says he’s surprised and doesn’t know that she could stoop so low! He tells her he’s tired of how DD has been deflating Aisha’s confidence!

DD asks what he’s talking about! He says he was wondering why such a little girl would do things and lie to them, but he has figured it out that DD is the one behind it all.
DD asks if he has evidence! She feigns anger at the accusation.

Sid tells her she doesn’t care about Roshni or her happiness. He says he thought DD loves her daughter very much, but he was wrong. DD asks him not to take her name!
Sid says but she has to answer him! He asks if she tortured Aisha and tried to scare her into leaving?She denies it.

Sid says he knew that she won’t accept it which is really sad. He says she needs proof right? He shows her a video of the time she threatened to drown Aisha by the pool earlier on. DD is stunned. Roshni enters the room and looks at DD with disappointment. She claps. DD and Sid are shocked to see her. Roshni calls DD a brilliant actress and asks how she could do such a thing!
DD is dumbfounded. Roshni says she’s not surprised as DD has done worse, faking a heart attack.

She says she can take it because she’s an adult but Aisha is just 6 years old!
She shakes DD and asks if she has a soul!
She pulls Aisha in and tells DD to look at her, a mere Child, yet DD allowed her and Sid to accuse her for something she didn’t do!
Roshni apologises to Aisha and says she didn’t know that the Culprit was someone else.
She tells DD that she is ashamed of her because she keeps letting her down; DD has to accept that Aisha is her daughter!
Roshni’s Grandmother and GrandAunt enter the room.
Her GrandAunt asks what’s going on?
Roshni tells them to ask DD to explain why she keeps accusing a Child falsely!
She tells DD that she can’t stay in the house anymore.
She grabs her and shakes her.
DD falls on the bed.
Roshni tells Sid that she can’t live in this house anymore.

Sid tries to plead with her but Roshni goes to the room to pack her things.
As she heads to the door, Sid tells her that Aisha needs the love of her Parents but also needs the love of her Grand Parents.
Roshni insists she is leaving with Aisha.
DD begs her to stay.
Roshni gets to the door and meets the Women from the Adoption Agency.
They ask where she is taking Aisha?
Roshni says she’s going to her in-laws.
They tell her she can’t do that because Aisha is being adopted in DD’s house and would have to live there.
Roshni is not happy.
Sid is relieved. DD also takes a sigh of relief.
Next day, DD is sick in bed.
Sid comes in and she asks what he’s doing here!
He jumps on the bed and says he came to see her. He asks why she isn’t ready? She asks where they are going? He says they are all going on a picnic.
DD tells them to go without her!
Roshni’s Grandmother tells Sid that she can’t leave as well because she needs to look after DD.
Sid says he understands how a Mother feels when her Child is unwell, especially one who acts like a Child when she’s ill.
DD tells her Mother to go and to tell the Servants to take the day off because she wants to rest.
Roshni’s Grandmother agrees.
Outside the room, Roshni’s Grandmother tells Sid that their plan is working. She prays to God to help Sid’s plan succeed.
Sid says God is with him.

Mona and her friends come to visit Sam at home
Mona’s friend tells Sam she’s lucky to have Yash as a husband.
Yash comes home and tells Mona what Sam did to Kritika.
He tells Sam that she’s disgusting.
He goes to the room to pack his Clothes into a suitcase. Mona and Sam try to plead with him. Sam says they can sit and talk.
Yash apologizes to Mona and says his patience limit is crossed today. He says he is leaving the house, with the hope that their relationship would get better. He says he thinks himself and Sam needs a separation and he already sent the Children to his Aunt and Uncle in London and asks her not to worry about them.
Sam tells him he can go if he wants to!
Yash leaves and Mona slaps Sam.
Yash goes to the Khurana’s home.
He apologizes to Kritika and begs her to come back to work and says he will stay in guilt all his life. Kritika asks him not to say that and holds his hand. Sid’s Grandmother and GrandAunt are watching. Sid’s GrandAunt smiles.
Sid’s Grandmother says they don’t have any problem with him or Sam and makes him promise what Sam did would never happen again!

Yash assures her that it won’t.
He hugs Sam.
Sid’s GrandAunt is secretly recording them.
Roshni runs into Sid along the corridor at home. He holds her and then romances while the song Dheere Dheere Se song plays… and tells her that everyone has gone out for the picnic, so it’s just them at home and they shall celebrate theirs at home. She asks where is Aisha? Sid says Aisha went with Kesar and tells Roshni that he wants to take her out on a long drive.
Sam is venting about Yash. Mona tells her she could have stopped him.
Sid’s GrandAunt comes to visit. Mona leaves to get her a drink.
Sid’s GrandAunt tells Sam that she came for her betterment and says Kritika’s family will support her, but she will support the truth and tells that Kritika is trying to snatch her husband from her. Sam doesn’t believe her.
Sid’s GrandAunt plays the video of Yash asking Kritika to rejoin the company and giving her a hug. Sam gets upset and breaks a glass.
Sid’s GrandAunt says Yash has kept her in his Office. Sam asks what she wants to say? Sid’s GrandAunt says they are enjoying in hotels now adays,
and tells that Yash and Kritika are going to Delhi for a Conference and says it’s just an excuse but if Sam exposes them before they leave, she can stop them from going! Sam asks what she should do!
Sid’s GrandAunt says she wants her Marriage to be saved and shares a plan.
DD gets up from bed because she’s thirsty. She leaves the room to head to the Kitchen. She sees Aisha sitting by her door, asleep.
She wonders why Aisha wasn’t taken along for the picnic? She leaves for the Kitchen to get some water.

She turns on the stove to heat it up but the stove catches on fire and it quickly spreads round the Kitchen.
DD shouts for help!
Aisha wakes up at the sound of her voice and shouts Granny she is coming! She enters DD’s room but no one is there.
She runs to the Kitchen and sees DD.
DD tells her not to come close to the fire and passes out!
Sid, Roshni and the rest of the family return home and see the house in a mess. They enter the kitchen and see the entire place is burnt.
They scream for Aisha and DD! DD comes out of her room and begs them to come upstairs.
They enter the room and see a Doctor attending to Aisha who is lying in DD’s bed. Roshni accuses DD of trying to harm Aisha! She asks what did she do to her? Did she throw her in the fire? DD is shocked and speechless. Roshni asks how did this happen to her! The Doctor asks her to calm down and says Aisha is fine. DD thanks him.
The Doctor leaves and Roshni continues to shout at DD. She asks what she did to her; She wants to know! She asks if DD doesn’t have shame! Sid begs her to stop. He tells that she is her Mum and she shouldn’t talk to her like this. Roshni says she is having problem with Aisha.

Aisha asks Roshni not to scold Granny (DD) as it wasn’t her fault and tells everything. A flashback is shown, Aisha saves DD and blows off the fire by getting a hose and connecting it to the tap in the bathroom to put out the fire. DD is unconscious though. Aisha saves DD.
FB ends. Roshni asks her where she got hurt? Aisha says she is Daddy’s brave girl. Sid gets emotional.
Roshni’s GrandAunt says she’s sure Aisha planned the fire and asks Aisha how she light the fire!
Sid says it is enough now. He says he is wrong here. He says he planned the picnic to give Aisha and DD a chance to bond. He wanted to take everyone to picnic as he wants them to make a place in each other’s heart, so he was wrong.
Roshni tells Sid to stop wasting his time explaining anything because she’s tired. She says they are heartless people and they don’t have a heart. She says she’s done with it and can’t stay anymore and wants to leave! She asks Aisha to come. Sid asks her to think about the Adoption people. Roshni says she damn cares for them!

DD stops her. She asks Sid how he could come up with such a dangerous plan! She says she should have understood that this plan was his! She asks what if anything had happen to her then? She asks who gave him the right to play with her life! Sid looks on. DD tells Roshni that nobody is leaving the house until the scores are settled and If anyone insists, then they have to go over her dead body!

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King of hearts September teasers

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