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Roshni enters the hut and asks Siddharth to come with her. She says she saw Sundari knock him unconscious and followed them. Sid says she’s his Mum.

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Sundari starts fighting Roshni, saying she won’t let her take her Son! Shabnam is fast approaching the hut. Roshni pushes Sundari away from her and she hits her head on the wall.
Sid asks why she hit his Mum? Roshni tells him they have to leave. He says he’s not leaving and he’s no longer interested in being Siddharth. Roshni kicks him and hits him with a stick, then takes him out of the hut.

Shabnam doesn’t see them when she enters the hut. She begins searching for Raghu and tells herself that she would shoot him!
Roshni and Sid are walking in the jungle. She tells him to hurry up and says with the way he was going, Shabnam almost found out about him being Raghu. Sid says that was his plan but she ruined it! Roshni asks what he’s saying? Sid says he has to deal with problems from his Mother and now his Wife. Roshni tells him not to call her his Wife! He says that is what she is for now because she paid him to be her husband.

Simran enters DD’s house and tells DD that she has come to take her Son away; even after everything, DD still wants to keep her Son! She starts calling for Sid. DD says he’s not at home. Mona enters and tells Simran that the person she thinks is her Son is just a look alike, Raghu. Simran says she will see him and judge for herself because a Mother will know her own Son and she doesn’t want to hear her nonsense, and says she came to take her Son! DD says Sid went on a date with Roshni. Simran says he is very unsafe then! Shabnam is still walking in the jungle and scratching her body.

Roshni and Sid sit by a stream. He complains about the bump on his head from where Roshni hit him with the stick. She looks at it and tears part of her shawl to tie around his head like a bandage. Mere Rubaru plays… as they share a tender moment and Roshni becomes uncomfortable. She suggests that they leave. Sid tells her not to hit him again.

Simran asks DD for her Son because DD tried to kill her Son! DD asks why she’s being like that? They start arguing.
Roshni’s Grandmother is watching them. She is able to lift her hand. DD and Simran keep arguing. Roshni’s Grandmother is able to move her leg and slowly she gets up from the Wheelchair. Mona watches her in shock. Roshni’s Grandmother slowly walks up to Simran and DD. She grabs their hands and they stare in disbelief. They put her to sit back down. They are both very excited to see her healed and put their differences aside. DD says thank God and she can’t wait to hear her talk again. She decides to get her some water and says she will call the Doctor. Simran says it’s a good id ea.

Roshni and Sid sit by a bonfire. Roshni is drunk and she tells Sid a dry joke about Ant  and Elephant and laughs telling the answer making the both of them laugh. As they laugh, she falls on him. Ang Lagade Re plays… They share another tender moment and Roshni forgets he’s supposed to be Raghu. She kisses his face. She holds him and presses her face close to his. He responds, startling her. Roshni suddenly says he’s not Siddharth! He says he’s Siddharth. She stands up and he follows her. He holds her again and says he’s Siddharth. He keeps his hand on her mouth and gets closer to her. He tells her not to stop herself and says he wants to tell her everything; he’s not who she thinks he is.

Shabnam sees them from the bush. Sid tells Roshni that he’s Siddharth… Just then, a Car comes and stops there, stopping Shabnam from hearing them. It starts again and splashes mud on her face. Shabnam gets angry and screams and by the time she looks again, she doesn’t see Sid and Roshni anymore.

Sid and Roshni get home and stop fighting. DD asks where they have been? Roshni says it was Sid’s fault. Sid asks if he needs to tell her when he wants to go anywhere ?

Yash enters and tells them not to fight and says leave this fight for Sam and me. Sam is shocked to see Yash. Yash meets DD. Roshni tells DD that they are saved because of Yash today. Roshni and Sid pretend to fight infront of Sam and Yash. She says we should sign on the divorce papers! Sid says right away…! DD asks what is happening? Roshni says I can’t bear him. Sid asks her to take out the papers and end it! Yash asks what is happening? Sam says how can you talk about divorce? Sid and Roshni fight again. Sam tells Roshni not to do it because they are fighting over something petty when all that should matter is that they love each other. Sam says it doesn’t matter who makes mistakes and asks her to look at her life. She says if she had handled her life well, then her life would have been different. Sid says she is gaining sympathy. Yash says Sam is right and tells that they have to oversee small fights and what should matter is that he and Roshni love each other. Sid and Roshni say it’s the same thing they’ve been trying to make Sam and Yash realise.
Sid tells them to just make up and Roshni asks them to start afresh and become friends.

Sam and Yash looks at each other. Sam goes to Yash and they hug each other. Sam apologises to Yash and promises not to do such foolish things again. She says she missed him. He apologises as well and says he missed her too and shouldn’t have let her go..DD tells them to remember they love each other and asks them to be happy always. She blesses them. Mona blesses them too.

Shabnam returns home and Mona tells her that Sam and Yash are back together, thanks to Sid and Roshni! She says Shabnam always took her for a fool and lied that she would bring Sam and Yash back together but didn’t do anything! She calls her a useless Woman! Shabnam raises her hand to slap Mona but Yash holds her hand and warns her not to dare!! Mona tells Shabnam that she came to ruin their lives and she now finally sees her for who she is! Mona smears some mud on Shabnam’s face and says it’s God’s justice that is applied on her face. She brings more mud and applies it on her face and tells her to leave! Shabnam leaves and everyone gets into a group hug.
Sid tells himself that soon, he will tell Roshni who he is but he has to deal with (expose) Shabnam first.

Simran is at home, worried that she hasn’t been able to reach or see Sid and tells Raj that even DD didn’t know about his whereabouts. Raj and Kritika calm her down. Krutika tells Simran that she will find peace when she meets Sid. Simran says she will not let him go anywhere once she gets him!

DD suggests they all start afresh. She gives Mona a hug. Sid goes to Roshni and asks if it doesn’t feel good to see them make peace? Roshni stares at him with tears in her eyes. DD says she has a surprise for them and asks them to wait. She wheels her Mother in and Roshni’s Grandmother slowly stands up from her Wheelchair. Roshni and Sid have tears in their eyes. Roshni cries happily and hugs her.

Sid hugs Roshni’s Grandmother and he’s happy. He says thank God and reminds Roshni’s Grandmother that he said she would stand soon. He hugs her again and hopes she could speak too. Everyone gives Grandmother a hug. DD says they will do lunch together. Everyon e is happy.

Shabnam goes to Raghu’s neighbourhood. She tells herself that she was asked to come here and she doesn’t know why.
Sid is dressed as Raghu. He approaches her from behind and she’s shocked to see him. She gives him a slap and asks what nonsense is going on and why is he dressed like that! He says he has different avatars and he’s not Siddharth or DD’s Son-in-law. He says he’s a Mechanic and his name is Raghu. She asks what’s going on and if this is a new trick? He says he’s telling her the truth and from the day he laid eyes on her, he hasn’t been able to think properly. He says he now understands why Siddharth couldn’t keep his hands off her, as she’s more beautiful than Roshni.

Shabnam asks if he takes her for a fool! He tells her not to say such a thing because he really likes her. Sid says wherever she is today is because of her talent and says he is doing everything for Money. He says he’s acting as Sid because Roshni is paying him. She says she knew all along he wasn’t Sid but someone else and she would to something about it !

He holds her and says she can do anything she wants to him but she shouldn’t leave. He tells her to come closer and get intimate, so that even air can’t pass in between them. He says 1 plus 1 is 11 and tries to trap her in his words. She moves closer. He tells her they are both lonely and if they become one, they would be a great team. She tells him to stay away from her and asks him not to act smart with her! He says he will keep trying till he succeeds and if she gives him a chance, Roshni and DD will mean nothing to him and if she sticks with him, she will get all the Money she needs and also the love. He walks away and Shabnam asks herself if he has really fallen in love with her and thinks she doesn’t have answer to her question. She goes.

Sid tells himself that Shabnam is right where he wants and now, she will confess her plans. He says he’s sorry he can’t tell Roshni of his plans yet and thinks he has no other way to expose Shabnam.
Roshni is upset that Sid is not back home and it’s so late .

He returns and she throws pillows at him and beats him for coming late in the night and asks why he’s wearing Raghu’s clothes? He asks if it’s that late? She asks where he went? He reminds her that they are only pretending. She sees some fingernail marks on his hand and asks if it was a Woman? He asks if she has developed feelings for him?
She pushes him off. He asks why she’s bothered that he is seeing another Woman then and asks her to confess. Mere Rubaru plays… Roshni pushes him out of the room. She asks herself why she is really bothered? She says it’s just because when he’s around her, she feels like she’s with Siddharth.
She breaks down in tears.

Sid is on the balcony and listening to her. He tells himself that she’s bound to feel something because of their strong bond and says I am sorry my love and says few more days, then everything will be fine as before. He promise

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