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King of hearts teasers August

Roshni’s Grandmother tells her Sister it’s just a drink and asks her to go out to welcome the guests.
Her Sister complains that everyone is hopeless here and she has to be the one to take care of everything!
She leaves the room and Grandmother tells Roshni and DD that they think she doesn’t know what’s going on but she knows there is only one reason for a woman to drink Peppermint and Cinnamon water. Roshni smiles.
DD says she’s right and Roshni is pregnant.
Grandmother is very excited.
She hugs Roshni and says she doesn’t want her Sister to find out, as she has old thinking.
Jigna comes and asks what they were talking about? DD asks her to go out. Grandmother takes Jigna from there. Roshni smiles.
Sid and his family arrive for the engagement.
Roshni’s GrandAunt tells them to take off their shoes before coming in
They take off their shoes.
Raj asks what happened to DD as she suddenly looks Old?
Sid tells him that it’s not DD but her Aunt.
DD’s Aunt pulls Sid by his ears and tells him to always be punctual and not keep them waiting!
Sid’s GrandAunt stops her and says she can’t tell Sid what to do as he doesn’t follow anyone’s instructions!
Sid gets tensed and thinks they will fight. He’s almost in tears as he asks God why this is happening after his Mum and DD managed to resolve their differences?
Sid’s GrandAunt asks where is the bride? Sid’s Grandmother sees Roshni coming and informs her.
Krutika brings Roshni there.
Roshni joins them and Sid’s GrandAunt asks why she’s so skinny!

She says she will feed Roshni once she starts living with them!
The Priest starts the Ceremony.
He tells Roshni’s Aunt (Mona) to put a shawl on Sid.
Mona takes the shawl and Sid’s GrandAunt says they don’t have such rituals!
Roshni’s GrandAunt tells her to let the Priest continue. She blames her Sister for letting Roshni marry outside their Culture!
Sid’s Grandmother asks her Sister to please comply. Sid sits helplessly.
Raj intervenes and says they are just performing the rituals. His Aunt refuses.
The Priest warns them to stop fighting and tells that mahurat (The goodluck hour) will end if they continue fighting!
He carries on with the ritual.
Roshni feels like throwing up because of the smoke from the fire.
Sid’s GrandAunt gives them some sweets.
Roshni is unable to stand the smell.
She holds her nose and says she can’t have it yet.
She runs off to the bathroom.
Sid’s GrandAunt asks Roshni’s family if they didn’t teach Roshni some manners for refusing her sweets!
Sid Grandmother says she will go and check up on Roshni.
Roshni’s GrandAunt makes it clear that Roshni is not feeling well.
Sid’s Grandmother meets Roshni in the Kitchen smelling a lemon. She figures out that Roshni is pregnant.
Roshni gets surprised seeing her. She says it means she is going to be a great Grandmother soon! Roshni blushes. Sid’s Grandma blesses her and She’s indeed happy as She congratulates Roshni. She tells that she will tell everyone.
Roshni’s Grandmother enters and tells Sid’s Grandmother that it’s not a good time to tell everyone, especially as their Sisters (with their old thinking) are around.
The two Grandmothers hug each other.
Roshni is in her room, holding her bottle of Vitamins.
Sid enters and she drops it on the bed.
She tells him to leave so their Aunts doesn’t find them there.
Sid tells her to give him a kiss first.
He tries to kiss her and they hear a scream!
It’s Sid’s GrandAunt who has witnessed their romance.

She asks what’s going on!
The two families gather in the room.
Sid’s GrandAunt asks Roshni’s GrandAunt if they didn’t bring their daughter up properly to be kissing him before the wedding!
Roshni’s GrandAunt blames Sid for entering the room and asks her to take care of her Grandson, and says she doesn’t like this alliance!
Sid’s GrandAunt says they are no longer having the wedding!
Roshni’s Grandmother gets tensed and asks if this marriage will not happen even this time again?
Sid’s GrandAunt raises a question on Roshni’s Grandmother upbringing! Roshni’s GrandAunt says they are not interested in the alliance! They argue while Sid and Roshni get tensed.
Simran and her Mother-in-law say the wedding will hold.
The two GrandAunts get into a war of words.
Sid’s Grandmother says it’s best they just accept the Children made a mistake and the Children should apologise to their elders.
DD berates Roshni for not having the good sense to doing the right thing! She asks Roshni why she got so close to him when she knows even a little closeness is not accepted by the elders!
Sid intervenes and says it was his own fault.
DD says she knows!
Simran berates Sid as well.
Sid apologises to Roshni’s GrandAunt. Roshni’s GrandAunt warns him not to do the mistake again else… The GrandAunts starts again.
Roshni pinches Sid and asks if he’s happy now!
He apologises to her.
At night, Sid calls Roshni on the Phone.
He asks what she’s eating?
She says she’s having a Mango smoothie.
He teases her about getting fat soon, as She’s eating so much now.
She asks if he won’t marry her if she’s fat?
Sid says he doesn’t mind if she doubles in size.

She says she might just do that.
She says she is sleepy and she hangs up.
Sid wonders why Roshni keeps hanging up on him?
Roshni puts a pillow on her tummy and looks at herself in the mirror.
She tells herself she can’t wait to break the news to Sid.
DD tells her Mother that she can’t wait for Roshni’s baby to arrive as she has decided on the baby’s name, and the baby will be part of Shiv. She selects the names related to Shiv. Her Mother tells that this baby has done magic on you as you agreed for the wedding.
Her Mother says when the baby arrives, DD will see things differently and will understand why she always takes Roshni’s side instead of DD’s.
Next day, Mona and Roshni’s Grandmother come home to meet Samaira and Roshni dancing.
Grandmother tells them to stop immediately!
Roshni says she has to practise her steps.
Grandmother tells Sam to give Roshni only light movements.
Sam asks what the problem is?
Grandmother’s Sister enters and says Roshni was ill at the engagement and Sam has to give her only light steps!
Sam gets upset and say she’s not dancing anymore! Sam goes angrily. Mona follows her.
Roshni tells her Grandmother that she wasn’t putting too much pressure on herself.
Grandmother tells her to just sit and relax. She makes her have juice.
Kritika is teaching Simran dance steps.
Sid’s GrandAunt is watching them and wondering what to do about Kritika who is not a part of their family, as she can’t bear to see her face!
Sid’s Grandmother sneaks past her Sister and off to her room.
Her sister tells Simran to go and check up on her.
Sid’s Grandmother enters her room and brings out a baby toy from a shopping bag.
Simran enters and sees the toy.
Grandmother lies that it’s for her friend’s GrandSon.

They hear Kritika’s scream and they rush to see her on the floor.
She says she slipped and doesn’t know how water got on the floor.
They help her up. Simran tells that she will massage her with ice cube.
GrandAunt looks at the empty glass she’s holding and says now, she will see how Kritika will dance at Sid’s wedding!
A Party is being held for Sid and Roshni.
The announcement is made for Roshni’s Grandmother and Sid’s Grandmother to dance. Everyone looks on happily. Both Grandmothers dance fabulously to the song Sasural Kenda Phool…
Someone asks the Sisters of the groom and bride to both perform for the Ceremony. Krutika says she can’t perform as her leg is sprained. Someone asks Sam to start dancing then.
Sid interrupts and says Krutika will surely perform.
Simran praises her Children’s love. Sid dances to the song Hello Hello… along with Krutika.
Raj calls Simran to dance with them. They join the youngsters and dance. Roshni joins Sid and dances with him. Raj says we’ll have fun.
Krutika tells Simran that her bandage is opened, so She’s going to the washroom to tie it. The announcement is made for Roshni and Sid’s performance.
Roshni’s GrandAunt asks Roshni to make her husband bend infront of her!
Kritika goes to use Roshni’s bathroom.
She discovers Roshni’s pills and says Roshni must be pregnant because it’s only for Pregnant Women.
Sid and Roshni put up a dance performance for the guests and danced romantically to the song… Sun Saathiya Mahiya Barsade…
Kritika goes to show Simran the pills.
Simram says Roshni must be pregnant.
She gets scared watching Roshni dance. Simran calls Sid, but he’s too busy dancing with Roshni.
Sid makes Roshni take rounds while dancing.

Roshni almost slips as she gets dizzy. DD comes and stops Roshni from falling. Roshni feels dizzy.
DD asks Sid can’t you hold Roshni right! Sid says what are you saying?
DD tells Sid he still doesn’t know how to take care of Roshni properly! She says Roshni has been unwell since 2 days now.
Sid’s GrandAunt tells her not to talk to Sid that way!
DD says Roshni was ill the day before.
Sid’s GrandAunt says something is going on and she wants to know what it is! She says DD is just making an unneccessary issue and asks everyone to have food.
Simran asks Roshni if she’s fine?
She berates Sid for throwing Roshni around when she was ill the day before!
Sid is confused.
Simran meets DD alone and says only a Mother would understand the need for a Pregnant Woman to take care of herself.
She says Kritika went to the bathroom and saw the pills.
DD is surprised.
Simran says she understands the need to keep it away from their Aunts.
She says she thinks DD agreed to this marriage because of the pregnancy. She says they are very happy with the Pregnancy news and hopes this will bring peace and happiness between them and she hopes the Pregnancy can bring them closer.
DD says I hope so. Simran says let’s go and have dinner. DD smiles, but still tensed.
Roshni is in her room.
She looks at Sid’s photo and say she wishes she can share the news with him.
Sid calls her and says he can’t wait anymore for her to be his forever.
Roshni gets nauseous and has to hang up.
Sid tells himself that something is wrong and he has to find out.

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