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Ragini is about to go into her Office. Neil blocks her path and says he needs to talk to her. Sid turns to look and sees them walking away.He gets upset. Neil tells Ragini that he’s upset. She asks if he’s upset that his Mother appointed a new Manager? He says he’s not upset that his Mother made her the CEO of the Company but upset at how she embraced Anya’s husband.

She tells him not to take what his Mother says too seriously. She holds his hand and he looks at her hand. She quickly takes it off.
Sid asks a Secretary if the lady he saw leaving was Ragini? She tells him to just wait a bit for her. He says he’s leaving as he can’t believe she kept him waiting only to leave again.
Anya is trying to check the Computer for information on her boyfriend but she’s not able to gain access into any of his accounts. Her Aunt is spying on her.
Simran calls Anya to invite her to go along for some shopping. Anya says she won’t be able to make it. Simran says she wants to be addressed as Mother. She says she will come by to pick her up in the Morning.
Sid is with Pinto and Bunty. He gives them information on Anya’s boyfriend and tells them to find him. Pinto says he found out that he visits a local pub. Sid tells them to go without him as he has things to do. Sid goes to buy flowers.

At night, he is dressed in all white. A Photo of Roshni is placed on a table with a cake in front of it. He lights the candles on the cake then kisses the Photo and wishes her a happy birthday. He says he’s so lonely without her. He begs her to come back to him or call him. He wipes his tears.
Next morning, Roshni receives a call from Neil. He wishes her a happy birthday and tells her to open the door. Someone delivers flowers and a Cake to her. Neil says it’s a strawberry Cake with low calories, he knows it’s her favourite. Roshni gets moody as she remembers Sid giving her a cake on her birthday. She thanks Neil for the Cake.
Sid comes to Anya’s house. Her Mother is happy to see him. She says it’s a good thing he has come. Anya’s Aunt says the decorators have arrived. Anya says it’s Ragini Desai’s birthday and she’s his Son’s fiancee, so he’s throwing a surprise party for her. Sid thinks to himself that she shares the same birthday as Roshni. Naina says she wants Sid to be there. Sid asks why? She says he’s family. The decorator asks Sid what flowers he should arrange? Naina tells Sid that even the decorators consider him family. Sid picks out red flowers.
Anya’s Aunt asks Naina what she’s doing? Naina says she’s trying to help Sid and Neil get along because if Neil doesn’t like Sid, he won’t let Anya go to live with him.

Roshni and Neil are having a meeting with a Client. The Client asks Neil for his opinion on the matter? Neil tells him to just discuss it with Ragini. He asks why the Client is even asking for his opinion? The Client says it’s because Neil owns the Magazine. Neil says he knows the Client is thinking Ragini’s opinion doesn’t matter because she’s a woman but he should know that when he as a man was running the Company, they were running at a loss!
Ragini tries to apologise to the Client. Neil says as the owner of the Company, he doesn’t want to to do business with him! The Client leaves. Ragini asks Neil why he did that? Neil says the Client had no right to insult Ragini like that. He says he hopes she’s coming to dinner later.
Neil gets home and informs his Mother that Ragini will be here at 8:30pm.
He looks at the flowers. Naina tells him that Sid selected the flowers. Neil says he thought he told her that he wanted to handle things himself. He tells Sid that Ragini doesn’t like red roses. Sid says he had no way of knowing. Neil gets upset and walks away. Sid says he wants to go. Naina begs him to wait till after the Cake is cut. Anya pleads with her eyes. Sid agrees to stay. Everyone is waiting for Ragini to arrive. Sid tells himself that he will finally meet her.

The doorbell rings. Neil tells them to all hide. They switch off the lights. Roshni walks in and asks if anyone is there? Sid recognises her voice. She walks in the dark and slips. Sid holds her up. They stare at each other in shock. She has tears in her eyes. He tries to touch her face but she slowly moves back. Neil comes to stand in between them. He wishes her a happy birthday and takes her away. Everyone else comes out of hiding to sing the birthday song. Sid is watching Roshni.
Naina invites him to join them. He moves closer, still staring at Roshni in disbelief. Roshni is unable to look at him. She’s also overcome with emotions. Sid stays behind, staring. Anya tells Roshni to blow out the candles on the Cake but leaves one lit for her wish to come true. Roshni blows out all but one candle. Neil sings her the birthday song. Sid continues to stare. Roshni avoids looking at him. She cuts a piece of her Cake and offers Naina. Naina tells her to give Neil first. Roshni is hesitant but she offers Neil. Sid has tears rolling down his cheeks as he watches Neil take a bite out of the Cake. Neil feeds Roshni a piece in return.
Roshni offers every other member of the family and they each take a bite. She walks past Sid. He holds her hand. Naina goes to Neil who is eating to ask why he started eating without waiting for Ragini? Neil says he’s hungry and couldn’t wait. The other family members surround them. Anya’s Aunt is the only one who sees Sid holding Roshni’s hand. Naina invites Roshni over.

Neil feeds her another snack. Sid watches with tears in his eyes. Roshni also has tears in her eyes as she chews. Sid walks slowly towards her. Anya’s Aunt sees him and goes to distract him by offering him a snack. Sid walks over to Roshni but she quickly gets up and leaves the room. Neil thinks she might be upset with him.
Kesar arrives and goes to Roshni. She tells him she made a mistake by coming! Sid sees Kesar. Kesar is shocked to see him. He turns away from Sid. Sid is shocked and deeply hurt.
Naina comes to meet them. She introduces Ragini and says she’s like a daughter but will soon become one when she gets married to Neil. Sid is shocked. Naina introduces Sid as Anya’s husband. Roshni is equally shocked and hurt. Naina takes Roshni away.
Sid hugs Kesar and asks what’s going on and why Roshni doesn’t recognise him and calls herself Ragini now? Kesar looks like he feels sorry for Sid but then he breaks away from the hug and runs off.
Naina gives Roshni a set of earrings. Neil is watching them. Sid is doing the same. Naina tells Roshni that she wants her to look this way on her wedding day to Neil. Neil invites Roshni to have some dessert. She walks up to him and he apologises for his Mum’s constant talk about marriage.

Roshni says she wants to go back to the hotel. Neil tells his Mother that Ragini is not feeling well. As they leave, Sid is about to follow but Anya’s Aunt stops him and asks what he wants to eat? Anya says Sid has had enough to eat already. Sid rushes off.
Roshni is standing in the hotel garden, crying. She feels a hand on her shoulder. She rests her head on the person’s chest, thinking it’s Neil. Sid says a person’s name can be changed. She’s shocked to see him. She slowly moves back. Sid says she used to come and cry on his shoulder and would only utter one name, his name but now she’s Ragini. He says she can change her name but not herself. He calls her Ragini and wishes her a happy birthday. He says today is also his Wife’s birthday and her name is Roshni. She has tears in her eyes. He says he always celebrates his Wife’s birthday in grand style. He begs her to call his Wife so he can see her briefly. She has her back turned to him. He calls her Roshni and begs her to turn around so they can celebrate her birthday.

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