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Monday update on King of hearts

Roshni stares at the ring Yash gave her and remembers when her Grandmother said if it wasn’t for Sid who saved her, she wonders what would have happened.
She thinks of Yash and also thinks of Sid.
Sid gets a call from Roshni. He asks if everything is okay and if her Grandmother is well? Roshni says Grandmother is fine and asks if he’s hurt? Sid say he’s fine and she shouldn’t worry about him. Roshni says she wants them to meet somewhere if he’s free. Sid says he’s free and would always have time to see her. She tells him to meet her at the Leo Cafe. Sid asks her how she would get there and says he would send a Car to get her. Roshni tells him not to bother as she will find her way there. Sid thanks her and she asks why? He says for being her.
Raj enters the room and Sid hugs him in excitement.
Rajveer watches them and he’s not happy.
DD is home. Grandmother tells her to remember she said she won’t interfere in Roshni’s life, so she should leave Roshni to decide what she wants for herself.
Roshni is at work with Yash. She gets a call from DD asking her to go and pick some documents for her at home, then bring it to her in her Office.
Yash asks Roshni if all is well? Roshni says she just needs to step out briefly.
At work, DD gets some files and complains that they are not a part of her job!
Rajveer enters and tells her that he’s her boss, and she will do whatever he says! DD asks who he is?
The guy who hired DD tells her that Rajveer is the MD.

Rajveer asks her if she wants to quit already? DD gets up from her desk.
Rajveer asks her how she will pay back her loan since she owes Sid Money? He says she refused to collect Money from Sid’s father and now, Sid’s plan is for her to be indebted to him, so he can get close to Roshni.
Roshni enters and tells Rajveer to shut up! Rajveer tells Roshni that DD took a loan from Sid.
Roshni takes DD out.
DD tells her that she thinks she should stay and work so she can pay Sid off.
Roshni tells her to work with Yash instead. DD says She’s a fighter and will just stay on. Roshni sees one of the thugs that attacked her Grandmother. He goes to the Manager and the Manager gives him an envelope full of money, saying it’s from Sid. The thug tells him to let his boss know that whenever he needs his services again to impress his wife, he should call.
Roshni tells DD that he’s one of the thugs. She wants to confront him, but DD warns her not to.
Rajveer tells himself that his plan worked out as expected.
Grandmother and Pratima are home.
The doorbell rings and Pratima answers it.
Simran enters holding a bouquet of flowers. She greets Grandmother and says she knows their families are not getting along, but as soon as she heard about the accident, she thought she should come and see her.
Grandmother says she knows some things happen amongst families, but they shouldn’t hold grudges. She says she’s so happy to see her. Simran says she’s Sid’s wife’s Grandmother, so she had to come.
DD enters and says of course Simran had to come! She flings the bouquet of flowers outside and tells Simran to get out! Grandmother asks DD why she would do that?
DD tells her that it was Sid who hired the thugs to attack her! Grandmother says she would never believe that.
DD says they saw the thug getting paid by Sid’s Manager! Simran tells DD that Sid would never do that; she thought DD would have known Sid and what he’s capable of by now, but it just shows no one can live with DD and she now knows why her husband left her! She tells her that she might end up all alone and with the way things are going, so might Roshni!
Simran leaves and DD tells Pratima and her Mother not to say anything because she has had enough!
Sid is at the restaurant waiting for Roshni. He tries to make their table more romantic. He lights a candle and adjust the flowers.
Roshni arrives.
Sid stops what he’s doing and goes to her. He stands behind her and breathes her in. She turns and faces him. They stare at one another and he gets on his knee. He slips a ring on her finger and kisses it. He stands back up and holds her. He romances her on a light background music.

Roshni arrives at the restaurant and calls Sid’s name! He stops daydreaming, and the shock makes him burn his finger in the candle he is lighting. He gives her a Chair to sit and asks how she likes everything?
Roshni is about to speak, but Sid says he has something to say. He says he loves her with all his heart and he promises never to make her cry again and that he will fix the trouble with their families; all he needs is her by his side. Roshni asks if he can make another promise? Sid says he will do anything. Roshni says she’s tired of all that has happened between them in the past 6 months and she knows he’s just as affected which is why she has made a decision.
DD and Pratima are in the Kitchen.
Pratima says Simran came to the house to fix things between their families.
DD says the way she treated Simran was right because their family hurts people and then try to make it right!
Pratima says what Simran said about Sid is true because Sid would never want to harm them.
DD says she’s wrong! She asks if she has forgotten how the Khuranas family treated them! She says she knows how to treat people, she worked hard to make her Money and even took care of her husband’s family, but Sid decided to ditch them!
Pratima apologises and says she didn’t mean to upset her, she just sides with Sid because she knows Sid and Roshni are meant to be together and destiny has brought them together. DD tells her she’s wrong and it’s not really destiny!
Grandmother enters the Kitchen and says only DD understands. She says because DD had a fight with Simran, both their children are suffering!
DD says her daughter is sensible and knows what they had to go through because of Sid! She says Roshni has to make a final decision.

Grandmother says she knows her Granddaughter and her decision will be right for her and her family.
Sid asks Roshni for her decision? She gives him a letter and says she thinks they should finally get over each other.
Sid opens it and sees it’s divorce papers. He asks why she’s doing it?
Roshni says he said he would do anything for her, so he should please sign the papers.
Sid asks why she wants to do this? He is almost in tears as he says instead of running away from their problems, they should try to fix it. Roshni says it’s not just about them, her family is also involved! She says in order for them to accept him, he sent thugs to attack her Grandmother!
Sid is shocked.

Roshni says she even saw his Manager paying off one of the thugs.
Sid says he’s being framed. Roshni says she doesn’t believe him! She walks away and Sid is in tears. He tells himself that the relationship is like his life, and he won’t let it end like this.
Roshni gets outside and remembers her good times with Sid. She also remembers when his Mother threw them out after revealing her family’s true identity.
Sid leaves the restaurant and remembers Roshni and their good times together. He also remembers when she came to see him at the hospital and promised not to leave him. Then he remembers her giving him the divorce papers. He looks at the papers and crumbles them up.
Roshni returns home and Grandmother asks if she told Sid what she asked her to tell him? Roshni says everything is going to be okay.
DD tells Roshni that Sid is only manipulating her! Roshni says she has sorted all the problems with Sid and they have parted ways; she asked him to divorce her.
Grandmother and Pratima are shocked. Grandmother asks how she could think of a divorce and didn’t come for her advice? She says Sid didn’t send those thugs to attack her and she knows he would never do such a thing! DD asks Grandmother why she would trust Sid so much!
Roshni tells them to stop arguing. Grandmother says she knows Sid will never divorce Roshni.

Sid takes his Manager by the neck and drags him to an Office, asking who paid him to deceive Roshni!
Raj begs Sid to stop.
The Manager says his wife hasn’t been doing too well and he needed Money, so someone called him up and told him to do it.
Sid asks for the name of the person?
The Manager says he doesn’t know, but he has the person’s address written on the envelope they paid the Money in.
The envelope has the name of Yash’s company and address.
Yash comes to see DD at home.
DD informs him that Roshni is in the room. She tells him that this is the time to make his move if he wants to be with Roshni. Yash says he wants to give her time, as she is still dealing with her past.
Sid barges in and pulls Yash by the collar, asking why he sent thugs to attack Roshni’s Grandmother and then planted in on him? He raises his hand to hit him, but Roshni rushes in and tells Sid he can’t behave like that;
Sid says it was Yash that paid his Manager to attack Roshni’s Grandmother! He shows him the envelope and Yash admits it’s his company’s envelope, but he gave someone a cheque for an NGO.
Sid is surprised.
DD tells him to get out!!
Sid tells Yash that he’s sorry, he believes he didn’t do it, but he will get to the bottom of the matter and make the real culprit confess in front of everyone.
Sid leaves and DD starts complaining about how he keeps ruining things! She tells Roshni that things won’t change until she kicks him out and makes him understand that she is done with him!

Grandmother asks her why she hates Sid so much; he loves Roshni.
DD says Sid doesn’t love her and only puts on an act! Grandmother says Roshni is supposed to be with her in-laws but DD won’t let her.
Roshni is in tears as she tells them to stop arguing! She says she will put an end to it all! She turns to Yash and says she needs to talk to him.

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