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Grandmother begs DD to eat something.
DD says she can’t eat because they are yet to find Shiv’s killer. Roshni assures her that they will find the killer.

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Samaira comes in with her luggage.
Mona asks if she fought with Yash again?
Sam says she can’t do anything if her husband doesn’t care, so he should be with his niece and nephew.
She asks DD if she can stay in the house?
DD says she is always welcome as she is a part of the family.
Sam takes her luggage inside.
Mona tells DD that Sam does not have to leave her matrimonial home because she’s having issues with Yash.
DD says she will speak to Sam and won’t let her life be ruined like Roshni’s.
Kritika is on the phone, talking to an agent about getting a house.
The agent informs her of an available house and asks her to come and see it.
As she is leaving the house, she walks past Misha and calls her psycho!
When she leaves, Misha tells herself that it is time for Kritika to leave!
Roshni enters the house and Misha quickly walks ahead of her to go and meet Sid, bumping into Roshni in the process, thus making her fall on the wall.
She goes to the room and calls for Sid.
He says he’s in the bathroom.
She goes to the bathroom to pull him out and says she will help him shave his beards.
Sid protests but she insists on shaving him.
Roshni turns her face away as Misha starts shaving him but Misha tells her to watch and learn.
Sid sees how sad Roshni looks , so he takes the towel and wipes his face, telling Misha that it’s enough.
Misha hold on to Sid. She hugs him and says she will fulfill all the duties of a Wife and love him.
Roshni is unable to continue watching them, so she turns to leave.
Sid holds her hand. Mere Rubaru song
They stare at each other and Roshni eventually leaves.

Sid wipes a tear from his face.
DD comes to see Sam in the room. Sam says she doesn’t want to hear anything about Yash. DD says this house is mine and you have to hear me else you can go. DD sits beside her and says you are a fighter. Today, you left your home and husband, just because you couldn’t handle the kids. She says at one side is Roshni, who is sacrificing for Sid, and the other side is you, who had fought with Yash, and asks if she has forgotten that Yash was the one who supported her when everyone else turned their back on her?
She says she won’t stop her if she wants to stay but she would advise her to go back to her husband and take care of the Children. Sam agrees. DD blesses her.
Kritika sees the house and likes it.
The agent says she can pay by tomorrow.
DD goes to the Police Station to see the thug the Police arrested.
She sees that he has a bandage on his head and he’s bleeding from it.
She presses on the wound and asks who the killer is?
He says he doesn’t know the Woman’s name but she’s supposed to meet him at the warehouse to pay him, so DD can follow him there to catch her.
DD is looking at a photo of Shiv and crying in her bedroom.
Roshni comes to console her. She says she will accompany her in her endeavor to catch the Culprit. DD gets weak and cries.
DD says she feels very unfortunate as she lost her Son and husband.

Roshni says she’s thankful she has a Mother like DD who gave her and the rest of the family, everything they wanted.
She asks if she can sleep in her room?
DD agrees.
They get into bed and cuddle.
Next day, DD and Roshni arrive at the warehouse where Misha is supposed to meet the thug.
DD is upset at seeing Sid already waiting there.
She tells him to leave, but Sid says he’s there to find out who killed his Father-in-law.
He says he has the thug’s phone and he’s expecting the killer to call.
The Police Inspector tells them all to hide as the killer is coming.
Kritika arrives at the warehouse in a taxi and calls the housing agent on her phone to let him know she has his money.
Sid is shocked to see her.
DD and Roshni approach her and DD gives her a spiciest slap. Krutika asks Sid to explain to DD not to mess with her!
The Inspector gives instructions for her to be arrested!
She asks what’s going on?
The Inspector accuses her of murdering Shiv.
Kritika is stunned.
She says it’s a lie and asks if they have any proof?
Roshni asks her to shut up and says she thought she had changed, as she never thought she could murder her dad. DD says only two people were missing from the engagement, Kritika and Shiv and she asks Kritika why she came to the hospital to steal the earrings? She says you will be purnished and no one can do anything!

Kritika asks if they have any proof?
The Police bring the thug out and he identifies Kritika as the one who hired him.
Kritika says it’s the first time she is seeing him.
She tells Sid to help her and says she hates Roshni very much but she would never kill anyone.
DD tells her that her family can’t save her and her family has caused so many problems!
The Police take Kritika away.
Sid looks at Roshni with great sadness and shame.
Roshni looks at him with pity.
DD walks away and calls on Roshni.
Roshni follows her Mother.
Misha calls the second thug and says the one in Police custody has done a good job of framing Kritika and they would need to take care of his family.
She takes a photo of Sid and says she will make sure DD and her daughter will never come between them again as she has sown seeds of hatred in DD’s heart to make the 2 families not come together again. She smiles thinking she will get Sid fully now.
The doorbell rings and Misha snirks. Raj answers the door to meet a throng of reporters asking if it’s true that his daughter has been arrested?
Raj gets a message on his Phone and informs Simran that Kritika has been arrested for Shiv’s murder.
Simran almost faints.
Raj and his Mother support her, as they leave for the Police Station.
Sid is sitting outside the Police Station, crying and shaking with disbelief.
Roshni goes out to console him.
Sid says he doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t know how to face her Mother after what his Sister did.
Roshni tells him to be calm.

She says she lost her dad, and her mum has lost her husband and Sid has lost his friend.
She says he just has to tolerate whatever her Mother does in anger.
DD tells the Police to deal with Kritika. She says Krutika is a cold blooded murderer!
Sid’s Parents arrive.
Kritika is crying as she tells Simran that she didn’t do it.
DD says she is only crying fake tears and if she has evidence to prove she didn’t do it, she will have to provide it otherwise, she rots in jail.
She tells the Inspector that she killed Kritika’s husband, so Kritika took revenge on her as she couldn’t stand her happiness!
She says it’s not Kritika’s fault but her Parents.
She tells Simran that the day she came to take all of her property, Simran asked her how she brought up her daughter, but she can say Roshni is a good person, Kritika on the other hand has not been brought up properly!
Sid tells her to calm down.
DD warns that if he’s not quiet, he will end up in jail alongside his Sister!
She takes Roshni by the hand and they walk away.
Roshni turns back to look at Sid as she leaves.
Sid stares back at her with tears in his eyes.
Sid and his family are left in shock.
Yash enters his bedroom and he’s surprised to see Sam putting her stuff back in the closet.

She tells him that she has to come back to him.
She gives him a hug and begs for his forgiveness.
Yash says it’s okay and he was also wrong.
The Children see them and they are not happy.
Sam gets a call and she is shocked to learn Kritika is the killer.
She tells Yash about it and he also cannot believe it.
Back at the Khurana’s, Raj’s Mother tells Raj to bail Kritika out.
She says Simran is in a very bad shape and she’s worried, as she has been blaming herself and crying as well.
Raj says if Kritika committed the murder, she should be punished.
He says they were happy when Sid met Roshni the day he arrived from London but since Kritika came, there has been nothing but trouble!
His Mother begs him to calm down.
Sid thinks about the things Kritika said about being innocent and says he’s going to the Police Station to find out something.
Sid arrives at the Station and asks to see Kritika. The Inspector permits Sid talk to Krutika for 5 mins.
She runs to him and says she didn’t do it.
He gives her the food their Mother sent.
Kritika holds his hand and says she has troubled him a lot but he still has compassion for her by bringing her food today, and she has done so many things but she didn’t commit the Murder as she’s telling him the truth.
Sid asks how he’s supposed to believe that? Krutika says when she didn’t do wrong, then she is caught.
She says she has done a lot of things to separate him and Roshni; she says she didn’t come to the engagement because it was Rajveer’s birthday and she went to the place they first met and tied a cloth there.
She says Sid can go there to verify.

He asks what she was doing at the warehouse?
She says she wanted to leave home and she had found a house, so the agent called her to meet him for payment.
The Police Inspector tells them their time is up.
As Kritika is being taken away, she begs Sid to help her with the information she has given him.
DD is on the Phone with the Inspector.
She informs him that they will collect Shiv’s body.
Her Mother tells her that she already informed Kesar about making arrangements for the final rites.
Sid is sitting in his Car, pondering over Kritika’s words.
Roshni comes to meet him and asks what he’s thinking?
He says she’s the only one he can tell what he’s thinking and that is, what if Kritika is not the one who committed the murder?
He says he spoke to her and she sounded genuine for the first time.
Roshni looks at him like she can’t believe he would doubt that Kritika did it.
He says if Krutika is guilty then she deserves this purnishment, but if she is innocent and gets the purnishment, then we will not be able to forgive ourselves. He says he saw the truth in Kritika’s eyes and asks Roshni to support him in finding out the truth.

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