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King of hearts 17 February 2020 begins with Satya standing outside the ICU for Mahi. Kareena is there in nurse disguise. Mitul brings food and asks him to have it. Satya refuses to have food until Mahi gains consciousness and goes. Kareena comes to ICU and tries to stop life support system. Satya goes to ICU and sees Mahi.

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Satya holds Mahi’s hand and asks her to get up and open her eyes. He says you can’t accept defeat being a fighter, and says you will win all fights…I am with you, your Satya/Karanveer. He asks her to open her eyes. Kareena is hiding there. Mahi holds his hand in still unconscious state. Satya calls Doctor. Anupama sees Kareena and asks who is here? Kareena tells that she went to Mahi’s room to kill her, but Satya came there and Mahi was saved. She says she will attack so big that they will not be saved. Anupama asks her to think.

Mahi gains consciousness. Satya says my Mahi is a fighter and have defeated death. Mahi says until you are with me, nothing can happen to me. Krutika says you made me scared. Raj says I will never let you go alone and will come with you both. Doctor says she is fine and you can take her home tomorrow. Mitul and Satya are happy. Anupama says Mahi got well because of her mannat. She says she will meet Mahi. Satya says you can’t meet her now. Anupama says I have done puja all night, and you are not letting me meet her. Satya says you can meet her in morning, that’s it.

Mahi calls him and asks him not to be rude to her. Satya says I can’t trust her until Kareena is caught. He asks her to rest and leave tension on him. Anupama tells Krutika that she is feeling bad about Satya’s behavior and feels that she shall leave the house. Krutika asks her to forget everything and make arrangements at home for maha aarti to welcome Mahi and asks her not to feel bad. Anupama says okay and messages Kareena that she did arrangements for next attack.

Satya calls Inspector and comes to know that Kareena is in the city. Satya says I am sure that she is behind the attack, and asks him to catch Kareena. He says you have hurt my Mahi very much and now it is your turn. Kareena hears him and says Mahi have to leave us. Satya brings Mahi home. Mahi asks if all arrangements are for her. Satya says yes. Krutika and Mitul welcome her. Krutika asks Mahi and Satya to do Maha aarti together. Kareena comes and holds the aarti plate. Satya and Mahi are shocked. Kareena tells Satya that he shall do aarti with her, as she is pregnant with his child. Satya is shocked. Mahi asks what nonsense?

Anupama thinks so this is Kareena’s new plan and acts to scold her. Satya says I knew that you will return and will play some conspiracy. He asks guests to leave and says such people come to hinder our happy moments. He says someone is waiting for you and calls Inspector informing him that Kareena came to his house. He says I will settle scores with you and Police needs to talk to you. Kareena says you can do whatever you want, but think about your baby, may be I have to abort him. Mahi asks her to mind her tongue. Kareena shows her phone and says it has Satya and her private moments. Mahi is shocked to see Satya and Kareena intimacy.

Satya says this is all lie. Kareena says Satya didn’t know. She says you people were celebrating your wedding night and says if you could remember, then your head was heavy in the morning. She tells that she took him to her room and took advantage. She says you don’t want to believe me, but your baby is in my womb.

Satya getting shocked knowing Kareena’s conspiracy. Kareena says your baby is taking breathe in my womb and asks them to decide, goes inside to rest. Raj tells that Kareena is playing game with them. Krutika says what about the video. Mahi says Satya can’t do anything and there is no authencity of the video. Mitul comes and says Police came. Kareena gives a letter to Mahi and says it is for you. Mahi reads it. Satya is about to talk to Inspector. Kareena asks him to arrest her. Inspector says she is ready to get arrested. Raj says she is very clever. Satya asks him to arrest her.

Mahi stops Inspector and asks him to leave Kareena, says we are taking back the case against her. Satya is shocked and asks Mahi if she has gone mad? Mahi says I am saying truth. Inspector asks them to decide among themselves. Kareena goes inside room. Krutika asks what you have done. Mahi says I have done right and shows her pregnancy reports. Satya says these reports are fake.

Mahi says we have to be save. Anupama hears her and smiles. Mahi says we shall know the truth before we get her arrested. Satya says we have to prove her lie and needs Krutika’s help. Anupama thinks what is going on in his mind. Satya comes to Kareena and asks her not to do anything else he will kill her. Mahi comes and asks him to leave her. Krutika gives her injection and makes her unconscious. Kareena gets unconscious. Krutika asks Satya to take her to hospital. Anupama sees Satya taking Kareena and asks God to make her pregnant anyhow.

At the hospital, Doctor takes Kareena’s blood and says reports will come by tomorrow. Kareena gains consciousness and gets scared. Satya tells her that everyone will know the truth that you are pregnant or not. Kareena says I would have come with you. You have done such hard work. She smiles looking at Satya. Satya and Mahi goes. Anupama thinks Kareena is lying and wonders if he lie is caught then….Krutika comes and sees Anupama having so many bananas and asks if she is fine. Anupama tells that she is stressed, because of Kareena’s accusation. Krutika asks her not to eat much. They come back home. Anupama asks Kareena if everyone came to know that she is not pregnant and acts to scold her. Kareena goes inside room. Mitul tells Raj is calling you in room. Krutika asks Anupama not to eat much.

Later Anupama calls Kareena and asks what happened in the hospital. Kareena asks her not to talk uselessly and says you would had stopped Satya from taking me to hospital. Anupama says they would have doubted on me. Kareena asks her not to call her again and says I don’t need you. Raj tells Satya and Mahi that Kareena’s mum Shabnam troubled Sid and Roshni a lot and asks them to do something and stop her conspiracy. Satya can’t harm us anymore and says she is scared now as she knows her game is going to end, but doesn’t want to show that she is tensed, but knows that she has lost. He asks Raj to walk proudly like a tiger and says your grand son will handle everything. Kareena tries to go out. Guards stops her.

Kareena asks them to move from her way. Satya asks her to stop shouting and says these men are mine, you are in house arrest. He says you are waiting for a chance to change reports and says my men will not let you change the reports. She says when truth comes out then you will repent. Krutika worries. Raj stops Kareena from entering their inhouse temple and says you have no place here. Satya and Mahi get the reports. Satya is shocked to see report coming as positive and asks how can it be possible. Anupama asks Kareena to go. Mahi takes report from Satya and is shocked too. Satya says this is truth.

starts with Satya and Mahi getting shocked seeing the report. They come home. Krutika and Raj asks them to tell what is in the report. Mahi says report is positive. Everyone is shocked. Inspector comes and says Kareena accused Satya of rape.

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Mahi asks Kareena, what she wants and why she is doing this? Kareena says everything is clear and shows her pregnancy reports and tells him that Satya took advantage of her mental state and raped her. Raj says she is lying? Satya says she is a fraudster and tried to kill us. He says she has managed to change the reports and says I am sure that she is not pregnant, but I can’t prove. He checks for the video and says this will prove that nothing had happened. Kareena smirks.

Satya is shocked as video is deleted by Kareena. Inspector arrests Satya. Mahi asks Inspector to leave her husband and says Satya can’t rape her. Inspector takes him. Mahi tries to call lawyer, but he doesn’t pick the call. Krutika tells mahi that she will dome with her. Raj gets an attack and says he said that this girl is cunning. Mahi tells Kareena that she will not leave her if anything happens to her family and pushes her on sofa. Kareena says you have to pay for this.

Satya asks Mahi to take care of Raj. Mahi assures him. She says I trust you a lot, but if Kareena is saying truth then. Satya says she is lying and playing game like always. He says I didn’t know how she changed the report, and says I am inside and can’t prove. He says she is not alone and someone is helping her. Mahi says whoever is with her will be caught. Mahi says that person will be caught. She asks him to take care.

Kareena thanks Payal for changing the reports and asks why do you want to help me. Payal says just because enemies enemy is friend. She says one thing is common between us, and that is Satya. She says our target is one…I will get much happiness to ruined them. Kareena shakes her hand with Payal. Payal as a nurse goes to hospital and changes the negative report with positive report. She then calls Kareena and says work is done.

Krutika tells Raj that they are in trouble and their stocks are falling in London. She says I have to go. She says Mahi tried to hire a lawyer, but nobody wants to take up the case as it is a rape case. She asks Mitul to take care of Raj and says she will be back in 1 week. Raj asks her to take care.

Mahi tells inspector that her husband is innocent and Kareea is accusing him falsely. Just then he gets a call from Kareena and she takes back the case. Inspector asks do you think that this is a joke. He asks Constable to free Satya. Mahi and Satya look on happy and worried too.

Satya and Mahi coming back home. They see Kareena and Payal having drinks and are shocked. Mahi says I should have understood that you will return to add poison in my life. Satya says we were sure that there is a third person involved, and says Anupama was infront of us. He says you have eloped from jailed and supported the evil. He says I will call Police and will get you arrested again.

Kareena asks him to think and choose if he wants to stay or kicked out of house, and says this house and property are mine now. She says your Dada ji have signed it. Payal smiles.

Satya comes to room and hugs Payal, thanking her so much. He asks are you fine? Payal says yes. She says I don’t know that Kareena will get property. Payal says we have to stretch this drama and tells that she is thankful to him. A fb is shown, Satya is shocked to know that Payal is diagnosed with cancer. He asks Doctor to save his sasumummy and says he is ready to do anything and sign on any papers. Doctor says procedure is painful.

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