King of hearts update Friday 8 November 2019


King of hearts 8 November 2019. Sid goes to his Car and sees a note on the windscreen. It’s a letter from the joker telling him congratulations on doing what he asked but says he won’t be content till Sid steals a necklace that DD is making for a client so that her reputation will be ruined! He orders Sid to take the necklace and replace with a fake one. DD is in the Office, examining the diamonds for the necklace. Kesar and Roshni are with her.

Sid enters and asks what they are looking at? DD tells him to leave! Sid says she can’t talk to him like a child because he’s a grown man that can do what he wants. He picks up a piece of paper from her desk and writes on it then makes it into an aeroplane and throws it across the room. Roshni picks it up and he gives her a sign to read it. She pretends to still be upset with him and tells him to leave! He leaves and Roshni tells DD she would be back. She goes out to read the note.

At night, Sid breaks into DD’s office to steal the necklace and replace with a fake one.
Yash comes to watch him. Sid sees his hand by the window but he runs off before Sid gets to him. Sid sees the joker’s nose on the floor and realises it was the joker.
Next day, the owners of the jewelry comes to see DD at home, to ask if it’s ready? DD tells Kesar to get it from her safe. Kesar brings it and the Men are happy with it. Sid walks in and asks to see the necklace.

He asks what happens if it’s fake? He examines it and DD tells him not to joke about! Sid says he’s only saying it’s possible it could be a fake. He tells the Clients to check. Yash is secretly rejoicing.
The Client examines it with a special glass and says Sid is really funny because the piece is real. He pays DD her balance and leaves. Yash tries to hide how upset he is.
Roshni asks Sid why he’s upset? She says she can also play the game because she knew when he went to the Office to switch the necklace with a fake one so she went to replace the real one back in the morning. Sid pretends to be upset.

Roshni tells DD that Sid tried to set her up. She opens her laptop and plays the CCTV footage from the store. DD is shocked to see Sid exchanging the jewelry. She tells him to leave her house! Sid walks out. Yash growls inwardly and tells himself that Roshni ruined his plan but it was unintentional.
Yash is dressed as the Joker. He calls Sid from his hideout and reminds him that his daughter is still in his house. Sid says he can’t forget it and right now, his Mother-in-law kicked him out of the house and even his wife is separated from him, all because of him, the Joker. He asks if his child is even still alive? The Joker tells him to calm down but he still needs to do as he tells him to do. Sid says joker has made a grown man like him cry because he wants to have his daughter back. He says he either sees his child or he will go to the Police. Joker tells him to do exactly as he tells him or he will never see his daughter again! He hangs up.
Roshni enters the Car and Sid tells her that it seems the Joker was actually scared.
Later on, Sid is in Roshni’s room waiting for a call from Pinto. He gets a video call from Aisha. She is crying and begging him to come and get her because she’s scared of the Joker. Sid begs her to just hold on and he will come for her. Yash is watching from his Phone.

Pinto and Shabnam are in a toy store. They show the shop attendant the Joker doll and ask if it’s from his shop? He confirms it is then he goes to attend to a Customer who is buying the same type of doll.
Pintuo tells Shabnam that he has seen the Customer before. The Customer who is one of Yash’s boys, pays for the doll and leaves.
Pinto and Shabnam run after him. The guy goes to meet Yash in the Car and gives him the doll. Shabnam and Pinto run towards the Car but Yash drives off before they can reach him. Pinto complains that they weren’t even able to get the licence plate number. They see the guy who purchased the doll riding a bike. They chase him but he gets away. Shabnam says they at least have his licence plate number.
DD tells Roshni that they need to plan something big for the Holi festival coming up tomorrow. Sid enters and says he can plan something. DD asks if he hasn’t done enough already!
There is a flashback of Sid in the bathroom, reading a message Roshni left for him informing him that Pinto and Shabnam got a lead on where the Joker operates from.
Next day, Sid and DD’s families are celebrating Holi. Sid arrives with a band, dancing. Yash is surprised to see him.
Sid grabs Roshni and puts colour on her. He begs DD to put aside their differences and allow him to put colour on her. DD asks if he’s drunk already! Sid grabs Roshni and runs off. He dances with her but keeps looking around for the Joker. Everyone is covered in colour. Sid runs off.
Pinto goes to Roshni and says Sid has gone to save Aisha so he’s here to pretend he’s Sid. Roshni pretends to be upset and walks off. Yash looks suspicious and walks away.
Sid meets up with Shabnam and she shows him the motorcycle the guy used the day before.

Roshni gets a Phone call. She goes into the bush to take the call away from the noise of the people celebrating. The Joker appears behind her and puts his hand over her mouth.
Sid gets a video call from the Joker. He sees Roshni tied up in the Kitchen. The Joker tells him he discovered Sid and Roshni were working together. He says Sid has only 10 minutes to get to DD’s house and save his wife before the gas explodes! He Thgoes to the cooking gas and pulls the pipe. He tells Sid that the gas is now leaking.
Sid tries to plead but the Joker ends the call. Roshni is standing on a stool with her hands tied behind her back. The rope is also tied around her neck and connected to the door and ceiling fan in such a way that if Sid opens the room door, Roshni will get strangled.
Sid rushes into the house and knocks on the Kitchen door. The door is locked. Roshni is unable to tell him not to open the door because of a gag in her mouth. Sid bursts the door open and Roshni gets strangled. He quickly brings her down but she is unconscious.
DD and Sid’s Parents rush into the Kitchen. They smell the gas and Raj turns it off. Kesar and Resham also enter.
DD blames Sid for trying to make Roshni kill herself because of all the trouble he put her through. She tells him to leave her house as she’s had enough!

Yash is also in the Kitchen, dressed in his regular clothes. He tells himself that this was what he wanted so that Sid’s life can be as miserable as his own because of all Sam has done to him in their Marriage.
Raj says DD is right and Sid has lost the right to call himself Roshni’s husband! Simran tries to protest but DD tells her to just take Sid away.
Roshni opens her eyes but she is unable to speak. She feels sorry for Sid because everyone is blaming him and wishes she could hug him. They take her to her room.
Sid remains in the Kitchen, looking around.
The Doctor comes to see Roshni. He tells them that she will be fine. DD asks Roshni why she didn’t think of her before trying to take her life? She begs her not to do it again.
When everyone leaves the room, Roshni asks God why he’s testing Sid so much? She tells herself that she cannot tell her Mother what is going on because just as DD would do anything for her, she and Sid are doing all they can for Aisha.
Yash has a flashback of Gampath giving him a crossword puzzle to play. He looks at it and sees it’s a message from Sid to Roshni informing her that there would be a blast at the launch of DD’s new store. He then realises Sid and Roshni have been working together all along.
In the present, he vows to make Sid pay a big price for ruining his plan!
Shabnam calls Sid who is outside and says the Man with the motorcycle may have seen her but she got away and she hasn’t been able to find Aisha.

Gampath walks past and throws out the bin. Sid sees the crossword puzzle in the trash and wonders how it got there? He realises someone just read the paper because the creases have been straightened. He concludes the Joker must have read it and he was at the Holi party watching him the whole time. He wonders who it could be?

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