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Roshni gets into a taxi with her bags and the taxi drives off. Kesar stands watching as she goes. Sid and his Parents arrive immediately after. Sid asks Kesar for Roshni. Kesar says she just left. Sid asks where she went? Kesar says she’s gone to Pune. Sid drives to the train station, telling himself that Roshni cannot leave him. Roshni boards the train. Sid gets to the train and looks in through the window, searching for Roshni.

Roshni is seated by a Window. She sees Sid and quickly stands up from her seat, so he doesn’t see her. Her shawl is caught in the Window. She struggles to get it out. Sid sees the shawl sticking out of the Window. He recognises it as Roshni’s. He looks through the window but he doesn’t see her. He tells himself that she was on the train.
Sid is on his way back home. Raj calls to tell him that the train to Pune was in an accident and no one survived. Sid breaks down.

Two Years Later
Sid is at a nightclub, dancing with different Women. A lady walks in. Bunty goes to her and says Sid is a decent man and not what she thinks. She goes to Sid to introduce herself as Radhika. Sid tells her to come closer. He asks what she has come for, to See Sid or his secret? He shows her a packet of drugs and says it’s wings that can make her fly. She is shocked and offended. She tells him to get lost!

Sid’s Parents are having a meeting with Radhika’s Parents. Simran suggests they have the Ceremony for Sid and Radhika tomorrow. Radhika arrives and says she can’t marry a Man like Sid who does drugs! Simran and Raj say she must be mistaken. Radhika and her Parents leave. Simran tells Raj that Sid is driving her crazy.

She sees a lot of empty beer bottles on the table. Raj says Sid couldn’t have had beer. He smells one of the bottles and it smells of juice. Sid is in the living room, drinking wine and holding a stick of marijuana. Simran screams. Sid tells her to relax as it’s only peppermint and not marijuana. Simran complains they are trying to get him a decent woman to marry and he keeps ruining it! Sid says she hasn’t bothered to really check the women out.

Simran mentions the different woman she has tried to hook him up with but Sid finds something wrong with every one of them! Raj is on Sid’s side. Simran tells Sid that she can see he’s sad from within because she’s his Mother and knows he’s just pretending to be happy. Sid tells her that he knows she prays for the Lord to make him fall in love but the Lord answered her a long time ago because he fell in love with Roshni. He says he knows Roshni’s no more but as long as he has her in his heart, he can’t fall in love with another woman. He leaves to go to his room.

Simran tells Raj that she loves Roshni but she wishes Sid and Roshni never met because the relationship only brought trouble and humiliation for Sid. She breaks down crying. Sid is in his room.
There is a photo of Roshni on the table. He talks to it, saying his Mother wants him to get married but he will not. He also talks to a photo of DD and says he’s upset with her not only for leaving but for taking Roshni too. He says he only wishes he could just get a Phone call from them.

His Phone rings and his business partner based in London tells him he can’t go for the meeting in Delhi with the CEO of Mauve magazine because he’s stuck in Paris. He says Sid has to go and he should note that the CEO of Mauve, Ragini is a tough woman. Sid says he has dealt with very tough women and knows how to handle them.

Sid arrives at Delhi with Bunty. On the ride from the Airport, Bunty is reading a magazine. He tells Sid that he’s reading about Ragini and he wonders why the CEO of a magazine never allows them publish her own photos.

Ragini’s Assistant is at the Office, freaking out as she tells everyone to get ready and make sure the Office is in order before Ragini arrives! A Car stops in the parking lot and a woman gets out. The woman is Roshni, now known as Ragini.

Sid is looking through the magazine and reading about the tough Ragini. Ragini enters the Office and her Assistant informs her that the collaborator from London can’t make the meeting because his flight got delayed but he has sent his partner from Mumbai. Roshni asks if the partner is around? The Assistant says he hasn’t arrived. Roshni says if he doesn’t arrive in 5 minutes, she should cancel the meeting! She sees one of her employees talking on the Phone to his Wife. She takes the Phone and warns them all not to make personal calls while at work! She throws the Phone away.

Sid says she’s sure people in Ragini’s Office must call her a tyrant. Bunty’s Phone rings and he panics, saying the call is from Ragini. Sid is not bothered. He sees a Mausoleum and gets out of the Car to pray. When he’s is leaving, the Prophet stops him and tells him he would soon get that which he seeks because the love of his life and soul mate has not gone away completely from him. He gives him a bracelet and says the Almighty will give him what he wants. Sid stares in surprise.

Ragini is giving her employees the list of tasks for the day. She is very stern with them and refuses to repeat herself. She asks to be shown a presentation. The employee moves close to her desk and accidentally knocks over a Photo. Ragini goes ballistic and insults him, then sends everyone out of her Office. She picks up the Photo and it’s one of her and DD.

At the Khurana’s, a Servant brings a Photo into the living room. He tells Simran that he saw it in the store room and wants to hang it up in the living room. She checks and sees it’s a photo of her and Roshni. She tells him to return it! She flings it on the floor and it shatters. Raj asks why she’s upset with Roshni who is no longer alive? Simran says Roshni didn’t respect Sid but kept humiliating him, then she left the world after making Sid feel guilty which has made him sad for so long!

After praying, Sid returns to the Car. Bunty’s Phone rings again and he tells Sid that’s it’s Ragini. Sid answers the Phone. He explains that he’s on his way and his name is Siddharth. Roshni is surprised to hear the name. The Connection gets lost and they can’t hear each other. Sid calls the Office and Ragini’s Assistant asks when he will get there? He tells her he will be there in 5 minutes.

Ragini takes another Phone call and tells the caller she will be with them. She picks up her bag and her Assistant reminds her that Sid will be there in 5 minutes. Ragini says she can’t wait as he’s late.
Simran complains about Sid’s reputation to Raj. She says the newspapers are saying he’s a Playboy and Casanova. Raj asks why she’s till trying to force Sid to get married when she knows he doesn’t want to? Simran says Sid is still young and it’s been 2 years since that woman passed away, so Sid should forget about her.

Raj reminds her that the woman she’s talking about is Roshni and she was like their daughter. He asks if she has forgotten all she did for Roshni? Simran says she hasn’t forgotten; she took her like a daughter but Roshni accused Sid of DD’s death and made him feel guilty. She says Roshni means brightness but all she did was fill her Son’s life with darkness! She says she doesn’t want Roshni to be mentioned in the house again and just wants Sid to find someone else and be happy.

Bunty and Sid get to Mauve Magazine Office and wait for the elevator. Ragini enters the elevator but stops to give her Assistant instructions. She tells her to keep Sid waiting when he comes so he can appreciate the value of time! The elevator gets to the ground floor and the door opens.

Sid and Bunty get on the elevator. Roshni steps out from the elevator next to theirs but they don’t see each other. Roshni’s Phone falls and she bends to pick it up right in front of the elevator Sid is in but she has her back turned. Sid stops the lift from closing. Bunty asks what’s wrong? Sid says he has a feeling that someone he knows is close by. Ragini is surrounded by people so Sid can’t see her at all.

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