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King of hearts August teasers

Sid enters a guest bedroom in DD’s house and sits on the bed. He starts thinking of all Roshni said about sacrificing their love for Misha’s happiness. Mere Rubara Tu Hi Tu… song plays… Roshni is in her room looking at the veil her Mother gave her to get engaged in. DD told her it was Shiv who gave the same veil to her when they were getting engaged.
She breaks down as she puts on the veil and looks at herself in the mirror.
Sid breaks down as well as he remembers DD telling him he will have to break all ties with Roshni.
Shiv is still being followed by the thugs.
He goes into the room Sid is in but Sid goes into the bathroom just then.
Shiv goes back out and enters Roshni’s room.
He sees someone wearing the veil and thinks it’s Roshni.
She has her back turned and he begins to tell her that Misha is not who she claims to be; she staged everything and she is only pretending to be sick. He holds her hand saying he will expose Misha infront of everyone.
Misha turns around and Shiv is shocked to see her.
He asks why she’s wearing Roshni’s veil? He says he will tell everyone about her truth.
Misha pushes him to the ground and stabs him in the neck with a pair of scissors.
Roshni and Sid meet at the Corridor and Roshni assures him it’s okay.
They start walking towards Roshni’s room.
Shiv and Misha are struggling.
Shiv reaches for the door but Misha is pulling him back.

Roshni tries to open the door from outside but someone calls her name and she turns around to see her Grandmother.
Grandmother tells Sid that she was always proud of him but he has not been a good husband or Son-in-law.
Roshni begs her not to say that.
She says Roshni also enjoys running her own life.
She walks away from them, heavily disappointed.
Sid asks Roshni the need of what they are doing?
He says they have broken their family’s trust and they need to just find a good guy for Misha.
Roshni says Misha is weak and Sid is the only one who can get her through it.
She opens the door of her room and they are shocked to see Misha holding a pair of scissors.
They panic and Sid takes the Scissors out of her hands.
He asks what she has done?
She says she thought he left her.
He tells Roshni to get the first aid kit.
Shiv’s hand is sticking out from under the bed where she hid him.
She tells Roshni not to get the kit because it will burn her.
She sits on the bed and uses her leg to push Shiv’s hand back underneath the bed. Roshni and Sid couldn’t see Shiv. Sid assures Misha that the ointment will not burn her hand and applies it on it. Misha asks Sid to tell Roshni to leave!
Roshni tells Sid to come as it’s time and the guests are waiting. Misha says let’s get engaged!

They go out and Misha asks Sid if they will get engaged?
The family members look miserable.
Roshni asks for the rings.
Kesar says he left them in DD’s room.
Roshni goes to get them.
The thugs enter the living room and Misha makes eye contact with them.
She tells Sid that she will go and get the rings.
Samaira and Yash are in DD’s room.
Sam says she doesn’t understand what is going on and it is not fair what they want to do to Roshni.
She says she will put a stop to it.
Mona asks if she can’t say something nice?
DD says Sam is right and Roshni is the one acting as if her family means nothing to her!
Roshni enters the room and picks the ring.
DD asks why she’s taking it?
Roshni says it’s for the engagement.
DD asks her why she is doing it?
She has tears in her eyes as she pleads with Roshni to put an end to it.
Roshni is quiet.
DD says Roshni doesn’t listen to her.
She says they will support her in her decision but she needs to tell them why she is doing it.
Roshni says time is running out and she has to go.
Before she leaves, she says when her Dad comes back, he will understand why she did it.

When Roshni leaves the room, DD says Shiv won’t come back either, just like your Sid betrayed you, he also betrayed me.
Misha is in Roshni’s room with her thugs.
She berates them for not keeping an eye on Shiv and tells them to get rid of the body!
They roll the body in a rug and drag him out of the room.
Shiv has an earring in his hand but the thugs didn’t notice it.
Roshni comes down with the ring.
Misha pushes her out of the way and says she brought the ring.
Roshni gives her ring to Sid. Everyone looks on helplessly. Tujhe Bin Suna Sa Mann plays… Mere Rubara…
Sid looks at her with red eyes as he collects it. He let his hand linger on hers for some while and they stare at themselves and emotional turmoil goes on in their hearts.
Misha tries to divert his attention and sees him looking at Roshni. She gets hyper and pushes Roshni aside asking her to move!! Everyone is shocked at Misha’s mad attitude.
DD enters the living room.
Misha asks Sid for his hand so she can put the ring.
Sid hesitates as he looks at Roshni who has tears in her eyes.
Misha takes Sid’s hand and slips the ring on.
Everyone looks devastated and Roshni cries silently.
Sid looks at Roshni who tries her best to smile.
Misha starts to rejoice that they are engaged.
She looks around and asks Sid why nobody is happy for them?
Simran, Raj and his Mother are in tears.
Roshni starts to clap but none of the family members join in.

Misha tells Sid to put a ring on her own finger.
Jigna sees the thugs dragging the body in a rug and asks them what they have with them!
They try to run but she pulls one of them back. The thug says a guest spilled something on the rug and they want to have it cleaned.
She tells them to take it and follow her.
They follow her.
Sid takes out the ring from the box and keeps on looking at Roshni tearfully. He hesitates, making Misha worry. Misha forwards her hand. Sid is about to put the ring on Misha’s finger, when DD goes from there as she couldn’t stand to witness it. Everyone turn their faces. Roshni closes her eyes.
Sid hesitantly slips it on Misha’s finger. Misha looks at the ring
madly and hugs Sid. Everyone else is sad.
DD goes to the pool area to catch her breath.
Misha cannot believe her dream has come true. She hugs Sid who doesn’t hug her back.

He is staring at Roshni. Roshni feigns smile on her face and pretends to be happy for them.
Roshni starts to walk away, but Sid goes to her and pulls her by the hand.
He asks where she is going and tells her not to be under the impression that he will stop loving her because he was forced to get engaged to another person.
He says Roshni is his, now and forever.
Misha goes to him and puts her hands around him.
He keeps his eyes on Roshni.
DD sees Shiv’s body floating in the pool.
She screams in horror!
Everyone rushes to the pool area except Misha.

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King of hearts August teasers

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