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Friday update on King of hearts 12th July 

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Rajveer has come to see the Old Man who is Samaira’s boss. He thanks Rajveer for making him meet her. He says even though he had married 4 times, he has never seen such a beautiful girl like Sam. He says she doesn’t know anything about the job, and makes mistake, but he forgives her looking at her pretty face, since he just enjoys her beauty all day long and he wants to make her his life partner.
Rajveer laughs with him, then tells himself that the Man’s marriage to Sam is important to him, so he can bring down Sid, DD and their entire family! He takes cheque from Baweja and walks into life.
Sam is in the elevator, going up to her Office floor. Rajveer presses the button of the elevator. When it stops for him, as everyone gets out, he sees Sam and hides. She doesn’t see him, but senses his presence, and ignores it, as She’s busy speaking to Mona over the Phone.
At the Venue of the Competition, the lady who set fire to Roshni’s model house, tells Roshni that she’s so shameless to have come for the Competition after everything! She taunts Roshni that if she loses the game, her family will be completely humiliated!
The MC announces that they all have to collect items in the Kitchen that each family member needs and they need to do it within 5 minutes.

There are various items on shelves for them to choose from.
Roshni stands while the other ladies start picking out items.
Grandmother urges her on.
Roshni remembers the time she went to the market and bought rubbish, but Simran told her they need things like Lentils, Rice, Vegetables and Sugar.
She starts picking out the items.
Grandmother complains to Raj and Simran that other participants are picking out expensive items, but Roshni is picking out cheaper ones, so she will definitely lose this round!
Krutika tells herself that today, she and Rajveer will celebrate Roshni’s defeat! Simran reminisces what she told Roshni once.
The MC asks Roshni about the items she picked? Roshni says her Mother-in-law told her that one doesn’t need expensive things, but that one should rather take care of the family, and the things she picked will take care of all her family’s main needs and they are within budget. She thanks Simran. Simran gets jealous, but smiles with difficulty.
DD meets up with Yash for drinks. She tells him that she will not apologize to Roshni’s in-laws and that She’s just trying to save Roshni from torture, and cannot see her in Khurana’s house for 2 months! She complains that she doesn’t know why Roshni cannot understand that what she is doing is for her own good!
Yash brings her juice and says he understands.
DD tells him to promise to be there for Roshni if he ever thinks she’s in danger? He says of course he will. She thanks him.
The Host announces Roshni as the Winner, and says she took only the essential items, and with this, the family can easily be run under budget.

The MC says only Roshni understood the instructions and she has won today’s category!
Everyone claps, but Simran is not happy. Raj tells her that Roshni won because of what Simran taught her which means Roshni remembers the precious times. Simran claps reluctantly and Grandmother rushes to hug Roshni.
The next stage of the Competition is for Mother-in-laws and their daughter-in-laws to cook a dish together.
Simran sits while other Mother-in-laws go and join their daughter-in-laws. Grandmother urges her to go and meet Roshni. Raj wonders if Roshni will still win with Simran?
Simran gets on stage and Raj prays for Roshni.
The MC tells all the guests to go outside till the meal is ready.
Roshni asks Simran what they are making? Simran says roti and Vegetable Curry.🍛
Mr Bodeja, Samaira’s boss, tells her that she will be getting her own Office as a promotion. Sam thanks him excitedly. He says they are going to China next week for work. Sam is even more excited. She thanks him and says it’s her dream job! He thinks he will trick and marry her for sure!
The MC announces that the Husbands will now taste the dishes and decide by giving a flag, and whoever gets more flags will win, but the Women will not give any indication as to who prepared what dish. Roshni waits for Sid. All husbands try dishes and stick flags.
The MC asks if there is any husband who hasn’t tasted the dishes?
Raj and Grandmother are upset Sid didn’t come.
Sid arrives and he’s told to go and taste the dishes, so he can fix the flag. He taste Roshni’s dish and fixed the flag on it. Roshni gets maximum flags and the host announces her and Simran as the Winner.
Everyone is happy, including Simran. Roshni and Simran hug, but then get conscious.

Sid congratulates Roshni and Roshni thanks him. She holds Simran by the hand and they walk to the stage to claim their trophy together.
Roshni gives the trophy to Simran and says she made it possible.
They MC asks Roshni if she wants to say anything?
Roshni takes the microphone and says she has learnt that Marriage is not just a bond between 2 people, but you gain new Parents and a friend, and someone told her that if she considers them her family and not in-laws, then she will have a family that can withstand anything!
Sid is impressed.
Roshni says one doesn’t have to compromise, because your family will love you no matter what happens, and true love should be unconditional.
She says she has experienced all these things in her family and wants to thank them.
She thanks Simran and Raj, then thanks her ‘friend’ for making her realise the importance of a family.
Sid knows she’s referring to him. He smiles and has tears in his eyes. Everyone claps for them. Grandma gets happy. Simran feels guilty. Everyone claps for her.
Krutika tells Sid that in 2 months, Roshni will either return to her home or she will marry Yash!
He gets sad and walks away in anger.
Roshni sees him leaving and becomes worried.

At home, Grandmother is excited. She shares sweets around. She says everyone told her that her Gujrati daughter-in-law cannot win the Competition, but Roshni proved them wrong and says her rival neighbor (The lady) was boasting about her daughter-in-law, and tomorrow she will call her for a celebration and make her jealous! She decides to throw a big party to celebrate!
Raj tells his Mother to give Roshni her blessing because she will need that the more. Grandmother asks Roshni to say what she wants?
Roshni says she wants to start by apologising for all that has happened.
She says her only wish is for an opportunity to become a better daughter-in-law.
Krutika and Rajveer get irked. Grandmother tells her everyone makes mistakes and she shouldn’t take it to heart. She blesses Roshni. Sid walks towards his room. Roshni sees him angry.
Simran is in her room, remembering when Roshni gave her the trophy and said it was only made possible because of her.
Raj enters the room and asks if she’s thinking about Roshni? He says she can now see that Roshni is beginning to understand what a true housewife should be like.
Simran says it’s not that easy to maintain relationships; she sees Roshni trying, but thinks it’s just an act and she will never be able to see Roshni like she used to. Raj says he can see she’s lying and if she really feels that way about her daughter-in-law, she would never have been thinking about Roshni. He says she will soon become close to Roshni again and he’s sure of that.
Krutika goes into her room, upset that Grandmother has forgiven Roshni!
She opens a bottle of harsh substance and She’s about to drink it, but Rajveer takes it from her and tells her not to accept defeat!
Krutika says Roshni is still living in the house and their plans keep failing! She asks what’s so great about Roshni! Rajveer assures her that Grandmother will soon chase Roshni out of the house.

She asks how that will be possible and he begins to tell her. She gets happy hearing his plan, she hugs him and says she loves him. He tells himself that he loves himself, and his plans will soon come to pass and he will flee, as he didn’t leave Sam to come and be with Krutika, but for her wealth, and after he gets what he wants from her by looting her wealth, he will flee to another Country to find another target!

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