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King of hearts 10 December 2019: Dhawal comes to marriage venue on the horse and signs at Payal. Payal signs him. Naina looks tensed. Payal welcomes him with a tilak, and asks him to go to back side of the house to complete the ritual. Dhawal is about to go with his friends, but Payal stops his friends and sends Dhawal alone.

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Naina prays to God to stop this marriage anyhow. She tells Satya to stop the marriage and says Payal’s plan is going to be fulfilled. She says I can’t see her life getting ruined. Satya promises her that he won’t let Mahi’s life ruined. He says I won’t let this evil people succeed. He says I am going to do something, which may be wrong, and mahi will hate me after that. He says if I don’t do this then Mahi’s life will be ruined and tells that he will teach a lesson to Payal. He shares his plan with Naina.

Mahi in the room thinks she always got happiness in whatever she had done for Payal, but today she is feeling sad. She looks up in the sky and says Maa…Papa if you would have been alive then you would have told me what is right and wrong. She says I never asked anything from you both, and says today she needs their one sign so that she understands if she is doing right or wrong. She asks them to give her one sign.

Satya comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Mahi looks on shocked and is about to shout. He keeps hand on her mouth and signs her not to shout. Tu Mera Khuda plays…..They have an eye lock. He tells her that today is the important day in her life and everything will change today. He says I wish you would have agreed on my words, says our relation is over and new relation will start now.

Mahi recalls Dhawal accusing Satya and asks him to leave her. He keeps hand on her shoulder. Tu Mera Safar continues to play. Mahi’s necklace gets stuck with the thread on his neck. They continue to look at each other. Mahi frees her necklace from your thread dori. Koel comes there and asks what happened? Mahi says actually….she sees Satya gone.

Satya climbs down. Goons are already waiting for Satya and attack him with stick on his head. They kidnap and take him in car’s decky. Dhawal comes there and locks him in car decky, recalls hearing Satya sharing his plan with Naina. He asks Satya to get rotten in decky until he marries Mahi. Mahi is brought to the mandap by Mitul. Dhawal is sitting there already with sehra/ pearls veil on his face.

Naina is still confused and thinks who is behind the sehra. Payal thinks Satya has played a trick, and thinks she will show his place to him after marriage, and thinks she has failed Dhawal’s plan. Pandit ji starts the mantras. Mahi is sitting thinking about Satya. Payal is happy and smiles, while Naina is confused and tensed.

Dhawal holds Mahi’s hand. Mahi looks at him. Dhawal moves his sehra and reveals his face. Payal and Naina are shocked. Payal goes from there. Satya tries to free himself from car. Payal searches for Satya and tells someone that they shall check in the garden. She comes outside and asks her son to check at other side. Mitul hears noise coming out from car’s decky and thinks why it is shaking.

She shouts ghosts and runs. Payal comes back to marriage hall. Pandit ji asks Payal to do the ghatbandhan. Payal thinks to delay the marriage somehow. She does their ghatbandhan and silently adds something in the havan which makes the place smoky. Everyone coughs. Mahi and Dhawal stands up.

Mitul asks Payal’s son to bring fan. Payal says everything is under control now. Pandit ji asks them to stand for pheras. They stand up and start taking pheras. Pandit ji tells that the pheras are completed, and asks them to sit. Payal gets tensed. Naina thinks what did you do God? Tied my Mahi with this fraud. Mahi looks on.

the priest ask the groom to make the bride wear mangalsutra. The groom ties mangalsutra around her neck and fills her maang with sindoor as asked by Pandit ji. Mahi sees scratches on his hand and is shocked, thinks about scratching Satya.

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Pandit ji declares that the marriage is completed and now they are now husband and wife. Just then Dhawal comes there asking them to stop the marriage. Payal takes a sigh of relief. Mahi looks on angrily. Naina is relieved and smiles. Mahi removes groom’s sehra and sees Satya. She is shocked. Koel opens her mouth shockingly.

Mitul and others are shocked too. Payal recalls seeing Satya freeing himself from the car decky. She asks him to come and says they have just less time. She takes Satya and swaps him with Dhawal. She thinks she has brought obedient puppet for him. Naina smiles. Satya asks why you all are looking at me as if I am a ghost.

He asks everyone to congratulate him and says he is married now. He thinks he has saved Mahi from a cunning man now, and will save her from all cunning people like Payal. Dhawal says betrayal…I will not leave you.

Satya makes him fall on his feet and blesses him. Dhawal gets up. Satya asks him to go and not to fight with him. Dhawal says I was about to marry Mahi. Satya asks him to talk to Payal. Payal is silent and acts to cry. Dhawal asks Mahi to tell, and says I am your rightful husband. Payal says I don’t know what is happening. Koel says this is disgusting and planned by mahi, as she can’t see my happiness. Her brother takes Koel from there. Dhawal says this is not possible. I don’t accept this marriage and asks Mahi to come with him.

Satya tells him that he is legal husband of Mahi and got married infront of everyone, and asks him to go, says I love Mahi. Mahi gets angry and slaps him hard. Everyone is shocked. Satya stays silent. Mahi asks him not to take her name with his mouth. Kajal asks Gangu Tai to come. Gangu Tai says she will not go to Navratri Jashn without Satya and says he will definitely come. Mahi says you have done what you wanted, that’s why you came here. He says you have taken wrong step and got married to me like a thief. She refuses to accept their marriage, and says says you don’t deserve love of anyone. She asks why did you betray me so big. She removes her bangles and throws in havan. She then removes her varmala and throws in havan, but Satya holds it from falling in havan kund.

Mahi says again acting, and asks when you will stop your acting. She says I can read your face, wanted to become rich by shortcuts and asks how much money do you want? She removes her gold bangles and jewellery and throws on Satya. She asks how your greed will end? She asks how can you think that you will marry me and make me your wife. She holds her mangalsutra and says you don’t know its importance. She is about to take it off, but Satya holds it and says I know importance of Sindoor, mangalsutra and other things. He says I won’t let this mangalsutra come out from your neck. Naina asks what you are doing? She says Satya is your husband now, and you have taken 7 pheras with him. Mahi says he is not my husband, he is a betrayal and needs to be in jail. Satya wishes that he would have told her truth and thinks he will wait for the day when she trust him. Payal feigns to faint.

Kajal tells Gangu Tai that Satya might be busy in work. Gangu Tai says we will go and find her. Mahi and Satya run to Payal. Mahi makes Payal drink water. Satya signs Payal. Payal also signs him, and tells Mahi that she is fine and will make everything fine. Mahi says she has already called Police, and they will come now. Satya thinks I never saw this much drama done by anyone, she is fooling her daughter. He thinks now see how I fool her.

Satya asks the guest to go, and says now I got my wife, but you can’t sit here and have food. I will parcel your food at your home, and asks them to go. Gangu Tai comes to someone’s office and asks him to call her son Satya who works here. Man says Satya don’t work here. Kajal is shocked too. She takes Gangu Tai from there. Dhawal tells Inspector that he was swapped during marriage, and tells that he was betrayed. Payal asks Inspector to arrest Satya and says he got married to my daughter. Satya acts innocent and asks Inspector to save him. He says these people are butcher and asked me to give dowry else they will break the marriage. Inspector says this can’t happen. Satya says dowry is against law. He tells that they are asking money as he is Jamai here. He says Mahi wants a diamond ring. Dhawal asks what you are saying? Satya says I am afraid of violence. He says we have taken pheras today, but got married in court long ago. He asks Inspector to read the paper. Inspector reads and says this is court marriage paper, and the date is of 1 week ago. Everyone is shocked.

Mahi asks until when he will stoop low and asks since when you are planning all this, and got these papers made by fraud. Satya recalls Payal asking Lawyer to make the papers and a fb is shown. He asks Inspector to arrest Payal as she is the real culprit. Payal is shocked. Inspector says you both will be arrested. Mahi says these papers are fraud, and he is also a fraud like these papers. She tears it. Satya smiles and says my wife has ruined my respect infront of everyone, and says this paper was xerox, and he has original papers.

Inspector warns Payal and Mahi, and asks Constable to handcuff Payal and Mahi. Mahi gets tensed and says she will resolve the matter as it is a family matter. She apologizes to him and takes back the complaint. Inspector asks her not to trouble Police men again. Satya says it is your law, stick and dress victory and says I am proud of you. He goes. Mitul says I don’t understand all this. Naina says I will explain to Mahi, and tells you have become Satya’s wife and he has become our Jamai Raja now.

Mahi recalls taking pheras with him, and then Satya filling her maang with sindoor and making her wear mangalsutra. A fb is shown of the same. Mitul tells Mahi that Naina is right and says she will make arrangements of grah pravesh and aarti. Mahi stops her. Mitul asks why? Mahi says you wanted to become rich and married me. You will not get happiness to become Jamai of this house, as we will go and stay in your house. She says I will see to it then you don’t get this luxurious life.

Satya thinks why Mahi is doing this? I am doing this so that your mum doesn’t kick you out. I have left greed, I am doing all this for you. Mahi says I will not let you succeed and will not let you leave peacefully here. Naina asks what you are saying? Payal thinks I didn’t think all this. If this girl goes from here, then how I will make her sign on the papers. Atleast she has to stay here for few days. Mahi asks Satya, why he is worrying you, and asks if he wants to stay in her house as ghar jamai then it is okay.

She removes her mangalsutra and asks him to wear it if he wants to become jamai, else take her to his house. Satya thinks what to do now? It is now matter of my respect now. He thinks to win her trust anyhow, to expose Payal. He thinks why Payal is not doing anything. He takes mangalsutra in his hand and ties around her neck. He looks at Dhawal. Dhawal says I am betrayed, and goes. Satya tells Mahi that they will stay in his house now, and asks if you are happy. Payal thinks what nonsense. He has agreed. Mahi hugs Naina and says I miss you. Payal silently speaks to Satya and reminds him of the deal between them. Satya says if I don’t agree then Mahi will not trust me and our plan will fail. He asks her to stop Mahi if she can.

Payal tells Mahi that she can’t let her go with this fraud, and asks her not to go. Mahi says she will adjust and says you have always taught me to fight and win. She says I have to go. She hugs Mitul and Shom before going. Satya says lets go. Payal acts and cries, start talking to Neil and Ria and says I couldn’t become a good mum, forgive me please. She is about to step on stairs, and falls down. Mahi runs to her, and asks if she is alright. She signs Satya. Satya thinks she is very clever.

Doctor comes and checks Payal. Satya asks if she will be fine. Doctor asks them to take care of Payal and keep her happy. Payal asks Mahi not to leave her alone, and go. Satya thinks she can do anything to get her signatures. Payal asks her not to let Satya close to her. Mahi asks her not to worry and says she will not let Satya come closer to her. Satya does hi five with Naina. He comes to Payal and says you are superb, I have become your fan. I have never seen such clever woman in my life and says I think I will learn so much from you. Payal thinks I will send you back after getting the property. Satya presses her legs and thinks he will show her who is he?

Mahi comes to room, and sees Satya wearing ghunghat. She shouts and asks him to get out. Satya asks her to enjoy and sit. Mahi asks him not to try to come closer else she will die. Satya is shocked. Mahi says she is ready to go to jail. Satya says okay, don’t get angry. If you don’t want to sleep with me on bed, then we will sleep on floor. Mahi tries to suffocate him with ghunghat. Satya says he is choking and calls Police. Mahi throws the phone and asks him not to do this mistake again. She takes pillow and walks out of room. She comes to Payal’s room and sees her sleeping. Then she comes to Naina’s room and sees her sleeping with Mitul. She finds no place and comes back to her room. She then goes out to sleep on couch. Satya stares at her lovingly.

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