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Raghu laughs as his Mother pours water over Shabnam’s head. Sundari warns that she never wants to see Shabnam get intimate with Raghu otherwise, she would call off the wedding!

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Simran sees Bunty with a blanket and pillow at night and she asks where he’s going with that? Bunty says he was just taking a walk. Simran tells him that Kritika needs him and it’s the only way they can get to know each other.

They see Kritika from the bedroom door having hiccups. Simran pours two glasses of liquor and gives them to Bunty to take one and give the other to Kritika. She tells Bunty that it is a soft drink. Bunty enters the room and gives one of the glasses to Kritika. She drinks it and asks what is this? She slaps him and starts hitting him with a pillow, accusing him of trying to take advantage of her! She falls asleep and Simran thinks it is good.

In the morning, Simran sees Kritika at breakfast and excitedly asks what happened last night? Bunty comes and greets her good morning. He tries to join them but Kritika pulls his chair away and he lands on the floor. Simran is shocked. She asks what’s going on? Kritika says Bunty tried to take advantage of her by getting her drunk. She says he would never be like Rajveer!

Simran tells Kritika that Bunty is her husband. She is about to tell her that she was the one responsible for the alcohol but Bunty stops her from saying it. Krutika goes.
Bunty says he can’t see a Mom feeling low infront of her daughter. Simran says he’s really good from inside and says she will unite him with his Wife. She says it is a deal and shake hands with him.

Sundari makes Shabnam clear out the cobwebs in the room. Shabnam sneezes as she is doing it. Sundari says she’s very delicate, and sneezing… she asks her to clean it properly! Raghu enters the room and Sundari tells Shabnam to go and make him some tea. Shabnam enters the room with the tea and decides to find out if he’s really Raghu. Raghu tells Sundari that he wants to see her reflection in his Wife.

Shabnam spills the tea on his chest and says it was an accident. Sundari asks him to take out the clothes. Sid says he is fine and it is not needed. Sundari tries to take off his shirt but Sid struggles with her. She succeeds in pulling the shirt to reveal his chest. Shabnam doesn’t see a scar to show where she shot him so she kisses him in excitement. Sundari warns her off. Sid remembers when he had the scar taken off at the hospital.

Pinto comes to see Sid and Sid complains to him that it’s getting more difficult to pretend; he gets weak when he’s near Roshni and he wishes he could just tell her everything. Pinto reminds him he has already come this far and would be getting engaged to Shabnam soon. Sid says he’s worried the plan would ruin his relationship with Roshni. Pinto encourages him to just tell his Wife the truth then.
Roshni enters the house and asks what the truth is?

Sid and Pinto are shocked. Sid goes back into Raghu mode. He says which truth and asks why Roshni is intruding on his private conversation with Pinto? He tells her to get out and do her work. Roshni just stares at him. He says he’s going to be engaged to someone and asks her not to stare at him. Pinto says he is getting engaged. Raghu asks if someone said statue to her and asks her to go.

Roshni’s Grandmother shouts from the living room. Sid goes into the living room. Roshni’s Grandmother cries as he begs him not to get engaged to Shabnam because he’s their Siddharth. Sid inwardly pleads with Grandmother to stop because he can barely hold it together and thinks he’s been doing this for them. DD asks his Mother to come with her. Shabnam says he’s not Sid, but her Raghu… he’s the new Son-in-law of this house. Roshni’s Grandmother folds her hands and asks him not to marry Shabnam.

He walks away with tears in his eyes.
Roshni sees the tears and decides to get to the bottom of it. She later finds him reading a magazine. She asks why he’s reading a business magazine? He says he’s looking at the advert and tells about the offer on Pant. Roshni asks how much longer he’s going to keep up the drama and why? Sid says he thinks it’s time to tell her the truth and the truth is that… he’s been hearing thunder all Morning and it’s time to hear a thunder storm. Roshni asks him how long he will continue to lie that he’s not Siddharth?

He says he’s a super hero who has come to save the world. She begs him to just admit he’s Sid. He says enough and pushes her away and she lands on the floor, hitting her head on the bed. There is a cut on her head and it is bleeding. Sid warns her not to touch him again! He goes into the room and breaks the mirror in frustration. He cries as he blames himself for hurting Roshni. He asks God why he’s playing game and forced him to live a double life? He vows to just end the drama because he can’t bear to see his loved ones in pain any more.

Roshni is still on the floor, reeling from the shock that Raghu pushed her. She tells herself that Sid could never do that to her. She asks herself if it’s possible Sid lost his memory and can’t recognise them? She visits a Doctor who confirms it’s possible that Sid has amnesia so she needs to remind him of things that happened in the past so it can help trigger his memory. Roshni thinks to make him remember everything before he gets engaged to Shabnam.

Sid fetches water from the pool and starts to wash his clothes. DD berates him for it, asking who gave him permission to wash clothes here! Sid says he’s the husband to be of the Owner of this house. DD tells Roshni that he could never be Siddarth because Siddharth had class.
Shabnam goes to him and shows her ring to him and tells him to come with her. She holds him and stares at Roshni. She tells Roshni that she lost Siddarth and she now has Raghu. She tells Roshni that she will enjoy with Raghu and will teach them a lesson; she wants Roshni and her Mother to suffer as her Mum died because of them and they took away her father from her.
As she turns to leave, she tells Roshni to be ready by 8 for the engagement and says they are going to unite. Roshni tells herself that she needs to help Sid remember and says this engagement can’t happen.

At night, Sid is dressed up for the engagement. A Servant brings him a tray of candy floss with a card. Roshni hides in a corner, watching him. He reads the card and in it, Roshni asks if he remembers her birthday, the first time they met? He knows Roshni is watching so he asks the servant if he has gone mad and if the candy floss is for guests! Roshni is disappointed. He sends the Servant away and another comes with a tray of sweets and another card. He asks the Man what’s going on with all of them today? He sends him back to work. Roshni tells herself aloud that he can’t be Sid and she would like to go to the place her Mother saw him. Sid tells himself that he would meet her there and says he won’t let her hope break.

A Doctor comes to see Kritika at home. Bunty is worried. The Doctor assures him she would be fine and says it is common in this situation but he needs to take care of her. After the doctor leaves, Simran enters the room and asks what’s wrong with Kritika? Kritika rushes out of her room to go and throw up. Bunty wonders if she’s pregnant after yesterday night? Simran thinks Krutika got ill.

Roshni’s Grandmother is praying in the Prayer room. Roshni enters and and goes to the altar. She applies vermillion to her forehead, then prays for the strength and wisdom she needs to find her husband and bring him back home. She hugs her Grandmother and leaves. Roshni’s Grandmother prays for the goddess to help Roshni find her husband.

A Servant informs Kritika that Simran wants to see her in the living room. Kritika goes to meet her. Another Servant tells Bunty that Kritika wants to see him in the living room. He is happy. They both bump into each other as they enter the living room. On the table there are romantic gifts and flowers made up like a heart and tickets to an event. Kritika calls him a fool for trying to take her out when she’s ill! She tears the tickets and walks out. Bunty is hurt.

Simran feels sorry for him and tells herself that Bunty has fallen in love with Kritika but Kritika doesn’t want to give him a chance. She says if only Sid was around, he could have solved the problem of clearing the differences between them and thinks where is he?

Shabnam is looking for Raghu in the house. Sundari asks why she’s shouting his name! Shabnam says she’s looking for him. Sundari says he can’t be anywhere else but here and asks her to keep searching. Shabnam goes to DD and asks where she hid Raghu! DD says she has hidden him in her purse, and asks if she has gone mad! DD says he’s not an object she can hide and he must have decided he didn’t want to be engaged to her. Shabnam wonders where did he go?

Sid is in the Car with Roshni as she drives. Raghu asks where she is taking him… He says she told him that she wants to make him meet Shabnam here, and asks if she lied? Roshni says if he’s Raghu, then Siddharth should be out there, so she wants him to accompany her to the place her Mother saw Sid. He asks why he has to go with her? She says she wants him to help her look for Sid. He says he doesn’t want to meet Sid, and says he will not forgive and beat him up. Roshni asks him to keep quiet!

Shabnam overtakes their Car and blocks the road. She opens their Car door and tells Raghu to get out. Raghu/Sid says thank God… you came my sweety pie. Roshni tells Raghu to get back in the Car! Shabnam accuses Roshni for trying to steal Raghu. Roshni says it is her habit to snatch someone else’s husband and then she killed him! Shabnam says what nonsense and says she didn’t kill Sid! She says DD killed him. The two Women struggle for Sid; Roshni asks Raghu to come with her! Shabnam pulls him closer holding his hand. Roshni pulls his other hand.
Sid says he’s not her husband, he’s Raghu and Roshni needs to leave him alone. He follows Shabnam to her Car and they drive away.
Roshni vows not to let Raghu marry Shabnam, and thinks to bring Sid back home before the engagement!

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