King of hearts season finale: It’s a happy ending for all!


Do you want to know what happens to Satya, Mahi and their new enemy Kareena? Here’s a run down of how it finally ended on King of hearts.

 King Of Hearts season finale (season 2)

When Satya comes to the hospital. The doctor tells Satya about the risk to Mahi’s life if she delivers the baby. Satya says they can have another baby, but he can’t risk her life. The doctor says it is not that easy and says Mahi can’t become a mum again. Satya gets shattered hearing this and says he can’t risk Mahi’s life. Anupama and Mitul think about the babies names. Raj suggests a name. Anupama doesn’t like it. Raj says Simran used to say that his name have global warming. Anupama says she was mistaken. Raj conclude that Satya and Mahi will decide the name also.

Mahi comes there. Raj says they were deciding the baby names, and tell her not to worry that she will only decide and they will just give option. Mahi gets sad and goes. Payal says she will check her and goes. Satya comes home and calls servant asking him to keep the kids painting and toys in the storeroom. Mahi asks what is wrong with him and reminding him that the kids will be born soon. Satya asks what is the prize for the babies’s sound. Mahi gets sad. He says she have courage to risk her life and don’t have strength to tell the family members about the risk. He tells her that he can’t live his life if she is gone. Mitul asks what he is saying? Satya says until he is. alive, he won’t let this happen. Raj asks what she is hiding from them. Mahi cries. Satya says the truth is that, Mahi’s pregnancy have complications and says if this baby is delivered then Mahi can die. Everyone is shocked.

Satya informs everyone that if Mahi delivers the baby then it will be risky for her life and if she aborts the baby then she will never conceive. Mahi says it is her life and her decision and that she will deliver the baby. Satya asks who gave her right to decide and says they are his babies and she is his wife. They have a little argument about it. Satya decides to get his kids aborted. Mahi runs to her room.

She asks her aunt, Mitul and her mom to make Satya understand and says may be her and her kids will be fine. Satya tells everyone that the doctor said that there is a 50 percent chances and asks if this is a joke to take a risk. Payal apologizes to Satya and says she knew this. Satya get more furious and asks how can she agree to Mahi’s decision, adding that he will not let Mahi do what she wants to.

Raj asks Payal to convince Mahi. Payal goes to Mahi and gives her medicine. She asks her to think about Satya’s decision. She asks are mom what she is thinking and points out that he is thinking as a husband. Payal says she can understand her but Satya is right in this matter. Mahi coughs and blood comes out from her mouth. Payal is shocked and shouts Satya’s name. Mahi is also shocked to see blood. Satya comes there and rushes her to the hospital.

The doctor asks Satya to get the child aborted right now else Mahi’s life will be risky. Satya asks her to do the arrangements that he can’t take chance with Mahi’s life. Mahi holds Satya’s clothes and signal him not to do anything. Kareena is in disguise of a nurse and tells that because of changed medicine, she will have excessive bleeding, and Satya will have no option than to get her children aborted. She says this will be her revenge and they both will be separated. Satya asks Mahi to agree. Raj tells Mahi that it is needed. Kareena thinks she has to give fake medicine dose to Mahi else everyone will understand that there is no complications and she is fine. She talk to herself that she have to changed Mahi’s pregnancy report so that she don’t doubt. She recalls changing Mahi’s medicines. She says Mahi that she is coming to give her medicine dose.

Anupama and Mitul ask Mahi to have food. Mahi refuses. Satya asks Mahi why she is fighting with herself and asks her to eat. She eats food. Satya try to convince her that he want her safety and happiness, her life and health and he don’t need anything. He adds that their happiness can’t be separate.

Raj comes there and says Mahi and Satya can’t be angry on each other, and he don’t know why life is playing game with them. The doctor sees Kareena and asks who she is and why she is putting mask on her face. Anupama comes there. The doctor asks why she is not answering. Anupama comes and asks her to come. She dismisses her doubt and goes. Mahi asks her mom to understand her and says she is doing this for her family and asks how can she save herself and lose her babies. She further asks how can she kill her babies for her life. She asks mom to take care of her babies and Satya and asks her to promise her.

Satya talks to God and questions him about his life and sorrows. He asks why he is making him killing his own children. He want Mahi safely and happily, else he will never come back to God again and will kill Satya Sawant for forever. He need all happiness of his life and asks him to think it as his stubbornness. He prays to God and a flower falls on his lap. Kareena comes to Mahi’s ward to give her wrong medicine. Something falls and Mahi wakes up and sees Kareena there. She says Kareena’s name.


Satya tells God that He have taken all his darkness and now there will be nothing wrong. Kareena comes to give wrong medicine to Mahi. Mahi wakes up when something falls down. She is shocked to finds Kareena in the room. She sees Kareena meddling with the medicines and she calls out to Satya. Satya enters the room and is shocked to find Kareena there. Mahi asks him to catch her. Anupama comes there and asks what happened? Mahi tells her that Kareena came here and was changing her medicines, and when something fell down, she woke up. Payal sees the medicine and tell them it is the same medicine she gave Mahi. She says she will talk to the doctor and Satya. Satya runs behind Kareena but she escapes.

Later, a doctor checks on the medicines and the doctor informs them that the medicines are blood thinners and can harm a pregnant woman if it is given to pregnant woman and then it will make her condition worsened. Payal asks if Mahi’s condition is because of this medicine. The doctor says maybe and tells that she will do a test to diagnose the medicine effect. Satya tells her that Mahi’s health is his top most priority.

Kareena gets furious as her plan to kill Mahi fails, she angrily talk to Satya and Mahi’s picture in the warehouse and thinks she will only kill Mahi’s children and will end the Khurana’s, only then her mum’s revenge will be completed. The doctor does Mahi’s test. Meanwhile, Mahi comes out and informs Satya that she and the twins in her womb, are perfectly fine. The doctor tells Satya that whatever happened to Mahi was because of the fake medicine but now she is perfectly fine. Satya says Kareena was behind the fake medicine and promises Mahi that he won’t let Kareena’s black reflection come near her.

Few months later, Mitul asks the servant to change the cushions. Anupama comes there and asks her to do kitchen work. Mitul asks why would she do all work. Anupama thinks she is good. With the pressure mounting against everyone, knowing that Kareena will try to ruin their lives, Satya calls the inspector and tells him that he is feeling as if Kareena will do something bad. He then asks the guards not to let any stranger come inside, and asks them to call him outside if they suspect anyone. He says Kareena will surely do something. Raj comes there and asks Satya if everything is fine. Satya says yes. Payal tells Mahi that she is very lucky as they have forgiven her and she had promised her sister that she will love her very much but never gave her love. She gets emotional and cries.

Satya comes there and says mother-daughter emotional moment started again and says she is Mahi’s mom and that’s why his also. Payal smiles and asks him to bring Mahi downstairs and goes. Satya tells Mahi that they will stay in the room for sometime as he couldn’t hug her and now that the kids are coming inbetween them. He expresses his love to her that he love her and is about to kiss her. Mahi jokingly says grandfather to stop him and Satya looks on. Mahi kisses him on his cheeks and goes. Satya happily holds his cheeks.

Mahi comes and sits for her baby shower. Satya and Raj smiles. Kareena comes there wearing ghunghat covering her face with veil and takes out a knife to stab her. Mahi shouts out Satya’s name. Satya who is busy talking to his grandfather holds the knife at the right moment but Mahi falls down with her heavy stomach while trying to save herself and scream out in pain holding her stomach. Payal, Anupama, Raj and Mahi’s aunt rush to attend to her. Kareena escapes and runs on the road. Satya who is determined to settled score with Kareena follows her. Mahi feels utmost pain. Satya and the bodyguards follow Kareena. Kareena couldn’t see the truck coming from opposite direction and collide with it. She dies instantly. Satya sees her lying in a pool of blood. He gets Payal’s call. She asks him to come home fast as Mahi’s condition is critical. They take Mahi to hospital. The doctor tells that they have to operate Mahi now itself and tells that there is a risk to both mother and babies’ life. Satya gets worried.

The doctor operates on Mahi and comes out of OT, informing Satya that he is blessed with both daughter and a son. She congratulates them. Anupama congratulates Raj. Raj says his grandson made a double blast of happiness. Satya and others go to Mahi. They take the babies. Satya gets emotional and says his family and that he is nothing without them and without them all. He adds that he have always shared his happiness and sorrows with them all. He asks everyone to take Jamai word seriously and then only that Jamai will become Raja. He asks them to remember him in prayers and take selfie with Mahi, his kids and family.

The series ends on a happy note, Namastey!!!




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