King of hearts update Wednesday 29 January 2020

King of hearts 29 January 2020: Aleena is about to slap her, but Satya holds her hand asking her not to raise hand on his wife, else he will kill her.

Aleena asks how dare you Satya Sawant. I have done this for you. Satya says even I have done this for you. He says what did you think that I will marry you if you brings goons here and put my family in danger. He asks if I am mad? Aleena is shocked.

Satya shows the pen and says this will write your destiny today as it has spy cam in it. He says this hero got this proof, and says all your criminal doings are recorded here. He says you will go to jail and will be punished. Game is over. Mahi, Payal and others smile. Satya asks Aleena do you want it. Aleena asks her goons to catch it. Satya asks Mitul to catch. They run and try to catch the pen. Payal keeps gun on Aleena’s head and asks Satya to go to Police.

Satya comes to the Police station and collides with someone (may be he steals his pen). Satya comes inside and asks Inspector if he found his Mahi. He says I came here with proofs. He says I found Aleena. Inspector asks what is the joke, and says Aleena is dead and Mahi murdered her. Satya says she is alive and takes out his pen. He says all proof is in it and asks him to bring laptop.

Inspector says okay. Mitul and others tie the goons and Aleena. Mahi says Satya went to make place for you in your new house. Inspector sees something and shows the recording to Satya. Satya is shocked the see the recording changed. Old man who collided with Satya in the Police station takes out his fake beard and messages Aleena that the work is done.

Aleena laughs reading the message. They wonder why she is laughing. Mitul says she has gone mad? Mahi says she will be beaten if she don’t stop laughing. Satya tells Inspector that he had recorded proof in it, and asks him to come home and see. He says even I want culprit to go behind bars and asks Inspector to come. Inspector agrees to come.

Satya comes with the Inspector and asks Payal where is Aleena and Mahi. Payal asks what you are saying? She tells Inspector that Satya’s mental state is not good, since Mahi went to jail. Inspector tries to search in the house, but Mitul stops her saying Mahi’s grand maa is sleeping. Inspector goes. Satya asks Payal what is going on?

Aleena threatens Mahi and Satya and tells that she was about to kill Naina if they haven’t agreed. She asks Mahi to do their ghatbandhan tomorrow. She asks her to go and sleep in kitchen and asks others not to disturb her as she wants to have a beauty sleep so that she can look beautiful to her husband.

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Satya looks on. In the night, Payal sees goon standing and tell other that the goon is unconscious. Goon tries to wake up other goon. Mitul comes to Mahi and asks her to wake up as Satya is waiting for her in terrace. Mahi comes to terrace. Satya asks if she thought he will marry Aleena? Mahi says she knows that he is an actor and will act. She says Aleena will kill someone.

Satya says I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and says just remember that I have only your name written on my heart. Mahi gets emotional. A song plays……….Payal gets emotional seeing them.

Later in the morning, Goons comes to Aleena’s room and open the door. Aleena asks why did you wake me up so early in the morning. Goon tells that Satya eloped from here. Aleena threatens everyone asking where is Satya. They hear car sound. Payal tells Satya that she has no option than this to stop the marriage.

Aleena asks goon to shoot. Goon shoots on the car’s tyre, and car stops. Payal and Satya are shocked. Goons brings Satya and Payal inside. Mahi asks Satya if he is fine. Aleena pushes her and asks goons to tie everyone except Mahi as she has to sign on the divorce papers. She says she wants to make Satya hers fully and looks at him with lust. Mahi is shocked. Aleena smiles. The goons tie everyone. Aleena asks Satya to sign on the divorce papers.

Mahi nods no. Aleena tries to hurt Mahi and asks Satya to sign. Satya signs on the divorce papers hesitantly. Aleena then asks Mahi to sign. Mahi signs with teary eyes. Aleena takes the papers and asks Satya to get ready for marriage as Pandit ji will come. She takes Mahi with her to room, and asks her to get her ready.

Mahi asks Aleena to be careful while tying her dupatta on to her head. Payal says we have to stop this marriage anyhow. Payal says but how. Aleena comes to the mandap and asks Mahi to do as she says, if she wants her family safety. She asks Mahi to tie brooch on Satya’s turban. Mahi ties with teary eyes. Naina acts to get asthma attack. Payal asks goons to bring her inhaler from her room.

While goon goes to bring inhaler, Payal tells Naina that she will go to Police. Aleena asks Satya to make her wear garland before their marriage. Aleena puts garland around his neck. Satya puts garland on her neck and looks at Mahi. Mahi cries.

Mahi does the ghatbandhan of Aleena and Satya. Aleena thanks her. Police is on the way to Sen Gupta’s house with Payal. Pandit ji asks Groom to fill bride’s wife with sindoor. Aleena asks Mahi to take sindoor bottle. Mahi takes sindoor bottle from Pandit ji and gives in Satya’s hand with tears rolling down on her cheeks.

Satya looks on shocked. Aleena asks Satya takes a pinch of sindoor to fill Aleena’s maang. Mahi cries badly. Satya is about to fill Aleena’s maang and looks at Mahi. Just then Payal comes there and asks them to stop the marriage. Aleena looks on angrily. Mahi looks at Payal. Payal asks Inspector to arrest Aleena on charges of false accusations on Mahi.

Aleena tells we are married and asks Pandit to tell that they are married. Pandit tells that he read 5th class stuff something and tells that he is fake pandit. Aleena is shocked and says she has their divorce papers. Satya asks her to bring it. He tells that the names are different persons on the divorce papers. He says a person is blinded in false ego that she couldn’t see anything.

Aleena says you have betrayed me and asks how dare you? Mahi slaps her. Satya says game is over now, you have made fun of all relations and even friendship. Aleena threatens Satya that she will be back. Satya thanks his friend for becoming fake pandit on his insistence.

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