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Sid’s Grandmother asks Roshni to tell her who Yash is because she doesn’t understand why he keeps hanging around her! Roshni says she didn’t know he would be there.

Simran urges Roshni to answer Grandmother and tell them who Yash really is!
Sid appears and says the man is Roshni’s friend, and also his friend, and he was the one who told Yash that Roshni was at the venue of the competition, so he could help take pictures, but he had to rescue Roshhni seeing her burning her hand. He says he’s happy people sang Roshni’s praises even though her house model got burnt.
Grandmother directs her anger to Sid for causing the confusion! He goes into his jokester mode and tells her to take the anger out on him instead. Grandma says she was unnecessarily doubting Roshni, and asks Sid to not fight with Roshni often! Sid says if she wants, he will love Roshni in front of her. She scolds that he has become shameless!
Yash meets up with DD at a restaurant. He passes on the information Krutika gave him about Roshni being a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Sid and his Parents. DD says they will have to do something and they can’t tell Roshni about it!
Roshni meets Sid in the bedroom and thanks him for defending her.

Sid holds her hand and says he didn’t defend her because he still has feelings for her, but he did it for his Grandmother.
Roshni moans in pain because Sid is holding the hand that got burnt when she tried to save her model house from the fire. Sid sees the burn and he’s surprised. He asks her to let him help her, but Roshni tells him to leave her, as she doesn’t need his sympathy!
Sid grips her hand and tends to it.
He applies an ointment and wraps it in a bandage.
As he turns to leave, Roshni grabs him and asks why he’s doing it since he already said he doesn’t love her anymore and has broken ties with her?
She has tears in her eyes and so does Sid. Sid says the wound is nothing compared to all the pain she has caused him.
At night, Roshni is sitting up in bed.
Sid gives her pain killers, and asks her to have it. She does not even look at him.
DD calls Roshni on the phone.
Roshni sounds a bit down, so DD asks how she is? Roshni says she’s just tired. DD says she wants Roshni to come and see her tomorrow and wants her to meet her gynaecologist.
Roshni says she has never heard of her before and she won’t be able to make it because she has a Competition. DD says the gynaecologist hasn’t been in town for a long time, and Roshni can come over after the Competition.
Sid’s Grandmother enters the room and sees Roshni’s bandaged hand.
She makes a fuss, saying she didn’t know Roshni had been injured. Roshni says it’s nothing, and that she burnt her hand in the Competition. Grandma apologizes to her for not seeing it, and says she has gone old and yells at everyone unnecessarily! She asks who tied the bandage? She points at Sid. Grandmother says since it has already been bandaged, Sid has done a good job of taking care of his wife! She tells Sid that husbands will be participating in tomorrow’s Competition, so he should take leave and attend the Competition with Roshni.

Sid is shocked.
Grandmother says Sid has to help because his wife and she is sure they will win the Competition!
It’s the day of the Competition.
Sid and Roshni are seated at the venue. He complains about being there. Roshni says she’s also here just because of his Grandmother!
Sid says since Roshni is trying to please his Grandmother, she should have married her instead!
Roshni says she would have been much happier if she had done that, and she’s ready to marry someone else. Sid says he pities the Poor Man that will marry her after him.
The MC for the event announces the competition is about to start . She informs the audience that the next round of the Competition involves a woman tying her hands behind her back while her husband adorns her; it’s to test how wives can guide their husbands, and it will also test their compatibility.
Grandmother tells Sid to go on stage.
Sid is not happy.
Sid and Roshni get on stage with the other Couples.
Roshni’s hand are tied behind her back. Sid combs her hair and complains that Roshni is supposed to be the participant, but he’s the one doing the work! Roshni smiles for the audience, but discreetly frowns at Sid.
Sid soon helps her put on her jewellery.
Sid finishes first and the MC announces that the time is up!
She announces the winners are Mr and Mrs Khurana! Whole khurana family gets happy.
Sid and Roshni hug one another. Sid’s Grandmother is very happy. Sid and Roshni are given a trophy. Roshni gives the trophy to Grandmother who is very delighted. Roshni seeks her permission to go and see her Mother.
Grandmother is only too happy to tell her she can go.
As Roshni leaves, she turns to glance at Sid and make a face at him. She accidentally bumps her head on the door and Sid laughs at her.
Back home, Sid’s Grandmother prays to God to keep his blessings on her family. She taunts Simran that even she had taken Competition in her youth and lost it! Simran gets irked. Grandma then sees Rajveer and asks why is he still at home instead of going to Office! He says he is going.
Grandmother chats excitedly with Sid. She gives him offering (Prasad), and invites him out to have sweets.

Roshni gets to DD’s house and meets DD’s friend who is a gynaecologist.
Roshni’s Grandmother tells Pratima that she has never met this friend of DD’s before.
Yash is also at DD’s place.
The gynaecologist asks Roshni how she got the wound on her hand? Roshni says it was her carelessness; she got burnt at the competition she was participating in.
Yash and DD glance at one another, not believing Roshni.
The gynaecologist says she wants to take a picture of all of them together.
She zooms the camera to focus on Roshni only.
Some Policemen and the fake gynaecologist arrive at Sid’s house.
They inform Sid and his Parents that they are all under arrest because their daughter-in-law filed a complaint against them for domestic violence!
Sid is shocked.
Raj says Roshni would never do that.
He tries to call Roshni’s phone, but the call wasn’t going through.
Sid’s Grandmother comes out to stop the Police from taking her family away, but they arrest her too.
Sid is furious that Roshni could do such a thing!
Roshni is looking for her Phone. Her Grandmother and Pratima also helps in search of Roshni’s phone.
DD tells them not to get too worked up over the Phone. Her Grandmother tells her to call Sid with the land line.

DD asks why she needs to call!
Grandmother says it’s only good etiquette to call her in-laws.
Roshni decides not to call Sid, but to call the house instead.
The Servant answers the call and informs Roshni of the arrests.
Roshni is shocked.
She asks for the Police station they were taken to? He gives her the address and she rushes off.
Grandmother asks DD if she has done something to get Sid’s family arrested? DD says she didn’t do anything! Grandmother suggests they also go to the Police station.
DD says it’s not a good idea, and if the Khuranas need them, they will send for them!
At the Police station, Raj tells the Inspector that he’s sure there’s a misunderstanding because everything was fine with Roshni at home.
The fake gynaecologist who is actually a Police woman, tells the Inspector that Roshni is too scared to come forward, so her Mother lodged the complaint on her behalf.
Sid accuses them of believing a claim without evidence!
The Inspector says there is an evidence. He shows them the photo the lady took of Roshni earlier. with the bruise on her head and her bandaged hand.
Sid is shocked
The Inspector orders that they be taken to jail!
As they are being led away, Roshni arrives and yells for them to stop!
They ignore her and still put Sid and his family behind bars.
Roshni asks the Police what they are doing!
The female Inspector tells Roshni not to worry because her Mum lodged the complaint and Roshni has nothing to fear anymore! Roshni tells the inspector that she didn’t lodge the complaint and she wants it withdrawn because nothing had been done to her!
The Inspector orders for the release of the Khuranas.

Roshni tries to apologise to Sid and his family, but they walk away in annoyance.
Sid says he knows she wants to say it’s not her fault, and asks what difference does it make, since his family was tortured and humiliated because of her family. He walks away.
Raj is the only one who offers Roshni his support and assures her that everything will be fine.
The Reporters throng around them and ask why did they torture their daughter-in-law? Raj asks them not to listen to the Reporters and get into the Car. Roshni says she will meet someone and come back home.
Roshni goes to DD’s house, and calls her name. Her Grandmother asks what happened? She goes into the Kitchen, and calls DD with her name, and asks why she is hell bent to ruin her life!! DD asks her what’s wrong? Roshni throws down a picture frame in anger and asks why she did that, and if she is happy now! DD says she’s happy because it seems Roshni has forgotten what Sid’s family did to them, and how his Mother drove them out of their own house!

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