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Jodha Akbar 23 September 2021: Jodha says to Jalal that I cant believe Salima can do this, Jalal says I also but Salim has given statement against her, Todar comes there, he says we have got a letter for you, it was thrown in palace, Jalal ask to read to the letter, Todar reads that Salima gave opium to Salim but enemies of Salim are not less, there are many enemies in your palace only, your own wants to hurt Salim,

Salim will be attacked during celebration of heir announcement in which Salim will have to go in public, your well wisher, Jalal says who is this own person? Todar says it can be anyone, many want Salim to not be king, Todar says we can postpone this celebration, Jalal says no this will prove that we are weak, celebrations will happen but we will take care of security, call all ministers, todar leaves, Jalal says to jodha that don’t worry, I wont let anyone hurt Salim.

Jalal says to his ministers that celebration will happen, after me my son will become king, but someone want to kill Salim, I wont let that happen, we have to keep an eye on everyone, there is some person inbetween us who is plotting all this, we cant take any risk, minister says yes we have to tighten our security we can postpone celebrations, Maan says we don’t need to back out but we will look after security, we cant sit with these warnings, Jalal ask birbal what is he thinking? birbal says according to letter Salim will be attacked while going in celebrations tomorrow so if we make Salim go out of palace today then he will be safe, Jalal says we will act upon this idead, make Salim go out of Palace today only, nobody should know about it, security will be tighten around Salim, tomorrow enemy will try to attack but we will catch him. Maan says I will not go with Salim as I have to check preparation in palace, Jalal agrees.

Scene 3
Maan gets a letter, he opens it and reads that I know you maan singh, I also know that someone is trying to kill Salim, if you want to know about them then meet me near lake, you well wisher rajvanshi, Maan thinks to tell this to Jalal. he leaves.
Maan singh comes in jungle, one person come to him, he is in veil, Maan ask to show his face, he shows, man says that my intentions are not bad, enemies have come to know that you are taking put Salim out of place today via secret route, Maan ask how do you know? man says leave this, you go and protect Salim as enemy will attack Salim tonight only, maan leaves. the man comes to his soldiers, he says to soldiers that I fooled Maan singh that I am rajvanshi, now its time to work.

Salim is going out of palace through secret route, he is in box, the same man with his force attack the caravan of Salim, Rahim, Todar starts fighting with them, Maan comes there, the man says to maan that thank you for coming here for our help, all ministers are shocked thinking that Maan is involved with attackers, Rahim thinks Maan is involed with attackers, Maan thinks that this man gave me news of attack and he is attacker only, Maan starts fighting with attackers, one sttacker tries to being Salim out os box but Maan throws him away and takes SAlim in his arms, attackers leaves from there, Rahim takes Salim from maan and says that surround Maan sigh, arrest him, Maan says I am innocent, other minister says that Maan your plan is out now, they put sword on Maan’s neck, Maan is shocked and tensed.

Scene 4
Jalal ask maan what I am told is true? maan says no its not true, Todar says that attackers knew your name, Rahim says your soldiers have told that you went to meet them, Maan says yes I went to meet them, because I got letter from them that meet them to know about attack, Birbal says if you have got the letter then show it to Jalal, Maan says its in my room, Rahim goes to bring letter letter, he brings letter, jalal ask to read, Rahim reads the letter in which it is written that thank you maan singh for telling us that Salim will be taken out o fpalce tonight only, by this you removed the scar on rajvanshies which bharmal had put by giving his daughter to Mughals, Jala is stunned, Rahim reads that we will look for your assistance in attack,

for plan, come to lake side, one soldier says that this means maan singh is betrayer, Ruks smirks, Todar says the way Rahim held Salim was very dangerous, Maan says I was protecting him, Jalal ask do you have any proof that prove you innocent, Maann says it was plan to show me culprit, I swear on maa that I am innocent, Jalal says till investigation you will be in jail, he ask to take Maan from there, Jodha is in tears, Maan folds this hand infront of Jalal and leaves with soldiers, Ruks think my every trick is working, now jodha is remaining then my mission will be fulfilled.

Jodha comes to Jalal, she says I don’t think that Maan can do this, Jalal says I cant ignore proofs against him, Jodha says maan is very loyal and brave rajvanshi, he has proved it time and again, you also know it,

then why you are ignoring it, Jalal says enough, I don’t wanna talk about it, Jodha say why? I believe maan, Jalal says how can we ignore statements of TOdar, Rahim against him then, how can I ignore that attackers knew Maan from before, how can I ignore that only my close ministers knew about Salim going out of Palace, how can I ignore that Maan was not on his duty, my decision is right, if Maan is innocent then he has to proof it, Jodha says ask your heart, can Maan do this, Jalal says can you think that Salima can do this? but we had to give her punishment,

I have seen many people changing and becoming enemy just for throne, this happens in politics, first bariam khan, then Maham, then Salima, then Maan, Jodha says you can say whatever you want but I trust Maan, she leaves.

Jodha comes to Maan singh’s room, soldiers says we cant allow you to go in, Jodha says don’t forget you are talking to Mariuma zamani, you will be punished if you stop me, soldier moves aside. Jodha comes in room, Maan says you should have not come, Jalal will be angry, Jodha says how can I not come when I know you are innocent and this is all plot against you, you cannot go against Rajsvani morals, you loved Salima a lot, Maan says every proof and Jalal’s decision is against me, I went ot meet Salima too, I am feeling that someone is doing this purposely,


he is plotting against people who are close to Jalal, Maan says Jalal arrested me but he didn’t punish me, I am sure he will find out truth, but Jalal will get angry if he know you came here, Jodha says I am marium zamani too, I have to find out who is doing all this, an you tell me anything, Maan says the attackers were wearing rajvanshi clothes but they were not looking like rajvanshies, its a huge plot, don’t go in all this, just be with Jalal, Jodha says I allways with him but he is king so its my duty to show him right path, Maan says you go now, Jodha says trust me, I will give your respect back, Maan touches her feet and greets her, Jodha leaves.

Scene 2
Jodha comes in her room, Jalal is there, he ask where you went at this time? jalal ask jodha where were you? Jodha says I went to meet Maan, Jalal says you went to meet the person who tried to kill our son,, Jalal says that all proofs are against Maaan, jodha says if proofs are against a person then that doesn’t not mean he is bad a person, it can plan of someone too, Jalal says till investigation is done, you should not meet him, don’t forget that you are marium zamani, Jodha ask what is my authority as marium zamani? Jalal is stunned., Jalal ask what kind of question is that, Jodha says I want to know my authority, my right,

Jalal says marium zamani position is after king, Jodha says I went to Maan as marium zamani as I want to know the truth, Jalal says you are not allowed to go against king, Jodha says that if I have to find truth then I will go against rules, and I don’t want such position where I cant even talk to someone, I am leaving my position as Marium Zamani I today now itself, Jalal is shocked, Jodha brings her crown of Marium zamani and extends to Jalal, he doesn’t take it, so she puts it on table, Jalal angrily looks at her.

Scene 3
Hamida says to Jalal that what wrong did jodha do, maan is just not minister but Jodha’s nephew too, Jalal says maan is my loyal person so I just arrested him, but nobody is allowed to go against king’s orders, Hamida says mariuma makani and mariuma zamani have some rights, and they have right to change orders of king, why jodha cant meet Maan she didn’t do anything wrong, Jalal says try to understand, Maan is alleged, Hamida says what did he do? did he kill Salim or you?

if Maan wanted all this then he could have tried to kill you before, he got many chances, Jalal says I cant ignore statements of other ministers, hamida says try to understand that this is all plot against these people, Salima, jodha, your ministers are your strength and by punishing you have destroyed your pride, I just wanna see Jodah wearing marium zamani crown in jsahn, you have to pacify her, this is Mariuma makani’s order, Jalal leaves.

Scene 4
Resham says to Ruks that Jodha returned Mariuma zamani’s position back to jalal, Ruks says why you are happy with it? this is betraying, Resaham says I thought you will be ahppy listening it, Ruks shows her jewels and says how much you want can take these jewels, I am very happy with this news, I was just waiting fro this news from long ago, Ruks says jodha couldn’t handle this position.

Jodha is getting ready, Jalal comes there, they both are angry with each other, Jalal says that sAlim’s heir announcement is going to happen and you are nor ready, don’t act like kid, comes fast as Mariuma Zamani, jodha says you know I don’t need this position, jala says I know but its not your choice not be marium zamani or not, mariuma zamani is one whose child is heir, you are maiurm and will be, Jodha says I don’t want postion which doesn’t give any right to me, should I tell you what right marium have? Jalal says should I tell what rights king have, Jodha says no, but I didn’t like the way you behave.

Scene 1
Jalal along with Rahim and Birbal are in market in disguise, Jalal ask to keep an eye on everyone, they find one person scolding a tailor that I am rajvanshi and you have made a Mughal dress for me, tailor says we know how to stitch rajvanshi clothes, somedays a Mughal came and ordered to make 30 rajvanshi clothes, he was happy with clothes and give me reward too, Jalal comes to tailor, tailor ask what you want? do you guys want rajvanshi clothes? Jalal ask who gave you reward? tailor says why you wanna know? birbal says we want to see rajavnshi clothes you made for a Mughal man, if we like the clothes then we will give order of 30dresses too, tell us his name and address, Tailor says his name was Altaf, he was giant man but was good at heart, Jalal says ok we will find Altaf.

Jalal says to birbal that why would a Mughal order to make so many rajvanshi clothes, birbal says something is fishy, Jalal says nobody went out of agra after attack on Salim, so they must be in agra, before they plan anything else, we have to find them, Birbal says you know very well Jalal where these kind of people stay in agra.

Jalal comes to one restaurant, he finds a group of men eating food there, Jalal says we can find Altaf here, Rahim recognize one person in group that he attacked Salim, one person says to other that Altaf we got a lot of worthy things in our last work, Altaf says don’t talk about that, don’t call me by my name, you told my name to tailor too, Birbal says to Jalal that we have got the person,

Jalal comes to Altaf, Altaf says I don’t talk to strangers, Jalal puts dagger on Altaf’s neck, and says don’t move else I will kill you, I am king Jalal, now I am not stranger, I know that you attacked Salim in rajvanshi disguise, Altaf says we just did that on someone insistence, we are just puppets, we were asked to attack to SAlim but not harm hi, they real planner is someone else, Jalal ask the name? Altaf says I don’t know about him, I only know that he is in agra.

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