Jodha Akbar update Sunday 21 November 2021

Jodha Akbar 21 November 2021: Hoshiyar comes to Ruks and says that.. Ruks stop him and says i know you wanna say that fake statement has reached Salima, when jodha will return, she will have to face many problems.

Jodha Akbar 20 November 2021

Murad says to nisar that i have listened to you, i have talked to other kings, they will help us when we snatch throne, Nisar says you will good king than jalal, murad says i will leave from here tomorrow, Nisar says why so soon? Murad says its not good to stay here, Nisar says till you dont become king, we will keep Jalal here, we will not kill him, we will do as you want, he leaves.
Jodha comes out of English man’s room, she goes to her room, Rahim finds blood stain on her hand and ask how it happened? Moti gets worrieed too,

Rahim says i will not leave them, Jodha says nothing happened to me, it happened to that english man who tried to cross limits, Rahim says i will not leave him, Jodha sys i have already punished him, he is not in world now, she tells them everything, Rahim says soon they will get to know that you have killed that man, nisar can catch us, we have to leave from here, Jodha says you are right, they plan to leave the sight, talk is muted.

Scene 2
soldier comes in English man’s room and finds him dead, he shouts, other soldier comes and see him dead. soldier comes to Nisar and tells him about english man’s murder, Nisar says who dared to do it? he was important person, we will have to pay for this murder, who was with him yesterday night? Nisar says that women Phulwa went to his room, nisar ask to call everyone here.

Soldiers come to Jodha’s room and doesnt find anyone, they say it means they have killed him and ran away to save themselves, they search their room, soldier finds swords in room and says women having weapons like these?
Maan and Fazal comes out of tent and finds soldiers running here and there, they ask one soldier, soldier tells them that women killed english man and ran away, Fazal says we should tell jalal, Maan says no he is already stressed, Fazal says ok we will investigate first.

Soldiers come in jungle to find Jodha and Rahim. Jodha alongwith Rahim and Moti are running from jungle, soldiers are behind them, Rahim says to jodha that they are near us, we have to hide, jodha says ok, they hide behind bushes, some soldiers come there, jodha and Rahim fights, they kill soldiers, Rahim says more soldiers must be behind us, we should leave, they leave from there, Moti falls while running and gets hurt in feet, Jodha and Rahim stop, Jodha ask what happened? she checks her feet and takes out prick from her feet, Jodha says she cant walk, we have to stop here,

Moti says no you both leave from here, your life is more important, jodha says wow, you gave all your life to me and now asking me to go, i wont, she ask Rahim to find safe place near, we will stop there.
Jodha alongwith Rahim and moti come to some isolated place, Rahim says this is safe place, we will leave after moti gets fine, jodha says to Rahim that i have to tell you something, i saw Murad with Nisar, Rahim says what was he doing with him? jodha says dont know,

Scene 3
Salima ask Hamida to not worry much, Jodha is very brave, i believe she will come out of all problems, dasi comes and says Jodha has returned with Rahim, Hamida gets happy, Jodha comes in with injured Moti, she greets hamida and hugs her, jodha says we couldnt find jalal and Maan there, she ask Salima where is Murad? she says he returned but left again for some work, Jodha ask Rahim to call every minister.

Jodha says to ministers that you have find every clue related to Jalal, keep an eye on Nisar and his men, ministers leaves, Rahim ask why you didnt tell Salima about Murad? Jodha says we dont have any proofs against him, i give you this responsibility and till we dont find any proof against him, dont say anything to Salima, Salima comes in with Todar, they say one problem has happened, Salima tells that in statement we got date of exports after one week but according to exporter date is of today, Jodha is stunned.

Todar tells Jodha that export date was after one week in statement but according to exporter it is today, Jodha says how can we send it so soon? she ask Todar to send letter to turkey that weather was not good so we couldnt send export, this time Jalal is important, we have to find him, Jodha thinks why all problems are cropping up, she says to Salima that someone is creating problems, Jodha says to Todar that i will myself send letter to turkey and ask for time.

Dasies of ruks are running, they strike with other dasi, both start fighting, moti comes and ask why you both are fighting? Ruks dasi says i had to take hookah to ruks on time, now i will get scolded, Moti recalls that she saw same dasi near godown, she thinks this means she changed her outlook and went to godown, she thinks to tell Jodha.

moti tells Jodha that i saw Ruks dasies as farmer near godown that day and today i got to know that they are actually Ruks dasies, that night only cartons got destroyed, Jodha says why would Ruks do such a thing? she recalls how Hamida said that sometime people are your own but cheat on you, she says we cant blame her directly, we have to first find proofs against her, i have one idea, she looks at Moti.

Scene 2
moti comes in kitchen and says to one worker that Jodha got to know who destroyed spices that day, they were 2 dasies of palace, Ruks dasies are working there only and gets shocked listening it, moti says Jodha is going to punish them hard, dasies get tensed.

Jodha starts bhajan of Kahna and does aarti, Moti comes there and says your work is done, i have informed those dasies and i have asked your dasi to keep an eye on them, Jodha says weldone, i hope Ruks is not involved in all this, jodha’s dasi comes and says and says those dasies have gone to Ruks, Jodha says to Moti that time has come, call Hamida, Salima and Rahim.
dasies come to Ruks, Ruks ask what happened? she tells Ruks that day we opened windows that day of godown, Jodha has got to know about it, i am afraid, nobody will question you but jodha will not leave us, Ruks says you are my dasies, nobody will hurt you, leave and one more thing, dont you tell anyone that i asked you to destroy spices and i gave fake keys to you and it was only me who set spices on fire, this secret will remain secret, Jodha comes in and says all know it now, Hamida, Salima and Rahim are there too, Jodha says i never thought you will stoop so low, to hurt me you played with innocent farmers, Hamida says i am ashamed of you ruks, Jodha says i praying that you are not involved in all this but i was wrong, countless times you tried to put me down, you have hurt me many times but everytime i would forgive you as my elder sister but today i wont as its about mughal saltanat and farmers today, because of you Mughals are insulted in foreign countries and i will punish you today, i will not stop today, she slaps Ruks hard, Ruks is shocked.

Hamida says you cant be forgiven, jodha says she has done crime against Mughal saltanat so Jalal will punish her but till then i order her to house arrest her in her room, without my permission she cant go outside her room nor can meet anyone, she ask Rahim to take care of her arrest, Ruks fumes in anger, Jodha stares her in anger too, she leaves.

Scene 3
Murad is drinking wine and recalls how soldier said to him that they will get throne, if you dont take opportunity then they will choose someone else. Soldier comes there with letter for Murad, its nisar’s letter, it says time has come, we have prepared to snatch throne, you be ready, jalal is our custody, Murad thinks what to do, how to snatch throne, Salima comes in so he hides letter, he says you here? he greets her, she says see i have brought gift for you, this is picture of girl whom you are going to marry, she shows it to him and says when jalal will return, we will marry you, i am so much happy, Murad says enough, he throws away picture and says enough, i dont wanna marry, Salima says this is not you but your wine speaking, she tries to snatch glass from him but letter falls from his hands, she takes it and reads nisar’s letter, she is shocked to read it, she says you conspired against Jalal?

she slaps him hard, she says you conspired against your father, arent you ashamed, she slaps him continuously and says i am ashamed at my upbringing, you didnt think about me and my lovE? how dare you do all this, say whatever you want to Jodha, i will not listen to you, she pushes him, he leaves, she cries.

Murad comes to Jodha, she says tell me what you wanna say, i am your mother too, Murad says no you are just queen, she says you have drank wine? he says yes it gives me peace, Jodha says its not good for health, Murad says what good happened in my life? first i was given title of heir, but then it was snatched, now when Salim and Jalal are not here, you are taking responsibility of everything, Jodha says thats all? you are angry for such small thing? i thought you are young so let you enjoy life before you take over politics, if you want then tomorrow in court i will give you duties, he is surprised and says you will do it for me? she says yes, you are my son, and mother leave everything for their sons, he is stunned at her love, he sit on his knees and says why you are so nice? she says because my son Murad is very nice, he says no your son is not nice, he is sinner, Jodha says why you are saying this? Murad says you think about me so much and i thought nobody thinks about me, i did a big sin, forgive me, jodha ask what sin? Murad says i got in trap of english men and did a conspiracy, she tells her everything related to Jalal going with them and Murad taking over throne, he cries and says i didnt want to do it, Jodha thinks you dont know you have put Jalal in problem.

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