Jodha Akbar update Sunday 14 November 2021

Jodha Akbar 14 November 2021: Salim comes to Anarkali and says i will tell Bhagwan that i cant marry her daughter, Anar says no, Salim says why not? i dont love her, i love you and i wanna marry you only, Anar says but Mann loves you, i feel guilty that i am snatching Mann’s love,

Salim says only you have right on my love, my parents think that i love her but that doesnt mean i love her, Anar says you said yes to this marriage, Hoshiyar who is passingby from there, listens their conversation, Salim says if we dont say truth then we will die, i love you and wanna make you wife only, i will talk to Jodha, Anar hugs him.

Hoshiyar says i will tell this news to Ruks, she will gift me, he strikes with Dammo, Dammo says cant you see, Hoshiyar slaps her and says dont you know who i am, i am special servant of Ruks, leave from here, Damo angrily looks at Hoshiyar.
all sit to have lunch, Laboni comes there, Jodha says we all were waiting for you, Laboni says i made dish for all, Hamida says lets see how you cook, Laboni says i will eat in Jodha’s plate today, Ruks says where is Hoshiyar, i sent him to bring juice, Hoshiyar comes there, he whispers in Ruks’s ears about Salim Anarkali affair, she smirks, Hamida praises leela’s dish, Jodha says let me see what she have made, Laboni shows her roasted chicken, Jodha is shocked, Jodha says we are vegetarian, Laboni says i didnt know it, i will take it back, Jodha says no you can eat it if you like, sit far from me, i am sorry, Laboni sit on otherside, she takes whole chicken piece, Salima says that much, Laboni says i love chicken, i like to eat from both hands, she eats chicken liek illiterates, all are stunned

Scene 1
laboni asks dammo why are you staring at the sun. She says this is poonam night. The mood will blossom and all your wishes will come true.

jalal has become horse for the young girl. She rides on his back and jodha smiles. Jalal says princess horse is tired. Jodha says hey horse our princess wants to ride more. She says ammi jan come as well. jalal says no horse can’t handle so much weight.

The magician says keep in mind laboni the you have to say the mantra in jalal’s ears. magician pulls the hair of the doll. jalal says princess don’t pluck my hair. she says i didn’t. The magician reads the manrta, jalal stands up and arham falls down. Jodha say arham are you okay? She picks her up. Jalal starts walking. Magician says he is coming you have to read the mantra in his ear laboni.

Laboni gets ready and wears her anklets. jalal is walking, she comes in and sits on the floor. jalal comes and sees her in shock. she says come in. She locks the door and comes close to him. She says lets have a game shahenshah. She says in heart maa asked me to read the mantra. She comes close to his hear, he says what are you doing? She says there was dust on your ear so i was blowing it away. jalal stands up.

Jalal comes back, Jodha says where were you? i found you everywhere. jalal says i will go wherever i want. This is what laboni is saying. Jalal is repeating whata she is saying to the doll. Jalal says i am the kind i will do whatever i want step away from my way. He leaves. Jodha is shocked.

Scene 2
Next morning, jodha does pooja and recalls jalal’s behavior. she says what happened to jalal last night? Please protect us. I should give him arti. Jodha sees maan and rahim pratising sword fight. They say hello to him. Jodha says where is jalal? Rahim says he didn’t come for practice. He is asleep. jodha says what? Maan says maybe he is tried.

jodha goes to jalal’s room and sits with him. She sits with arti. Dammo says how did the doll turn down? something is cutting my magic. Jodha touches jalal and says shahenshah. He wakes up in shock. He says thank God its you. the day will be good i saw your face. my head hurts. Jodha says you were talking weird last night? jalal says what i said? Jodha says you said stupid things and you made arham fall as well? where did you go? jalal says i dont remember where i went? i was playing with arham. maybe i went to dewan e khas. he says i think i should go to practice. jodha says the time is over. You have waken up lat. He says i think i should take a bath. jodha says maybe you drank something wrong.

Modi asks jodha to taste the prickle, jodha says i am not in mood to, i will taste it later. Laboni walks in. She comes to jodha. jodha says sit here leela. she says i like the prickle can i taste it? Jodha says yes. She says its really tasty.

jalal is taking the bath. dammo is doing her magic. jalal’s head hurts again. he stands up.

Jodha is tensed, Laboni ask what happened, tell me i am your sister, Jodha says Jalal was behaving weirdly yesterday, he pushed Aram away too, i think he was drunk, Laboni says you love him alot so cant listen his anger, dont worry, she ask Jodha to eat prickle, Jodha tastes it and says its sour, Laboni says husband wife relation should be like this only, it should not be sweet only only but sweet sour, Jodha says you have grown up, she hugs Laboni, Laboni thinks you cant even imagine what i can do.

Pratap says to his soldiers that i am staying to misguide Jalal, he will think i am here and will attack but we will win this time, soldier informs him that Salim will be handling war with you this time, Pratap says this time i will arrest Salim so Jalal will lose too.

Salim says to Rahim that what Jalal couldnt do, if i done then i will be caled great, i have to win over Pratap, Rahim says its not so easy, he doesnt fight for land or wealth, he once got our ladies of Harem but he returned them without any harm, its impossible to catch him alive, Salim says i will make it possible.

Jalal is discussing politics with Jalal, Jalal is not able to listen and imagines Birbal saying some black magic lines, Jalal shouts what are you doing, why are you reciting mantras, all are stunned, Birbal says i was discussing about politics only, Jalal leaves, Todar ask what happened to Jalal? Birbal says maybe he is tired.

Scene 2
Dammo says to Laboni that i saw statue’s direction changed today this means black magic is not working on him, once his relation with Jodha breaks only then he will be yours, you have to make Jalal’s body yours tonight only, dasi comes and says Ruks have called Dammo, Damoo does magic on statue of Jalal and leaves.
Dammo comes to Ruks, Hoshiyar says i was talking about this dasi only, Ruks ask Dammo you know who i am, Dammo says yes you are special royal wife, Ruks says even then you misbehaved with my servant, you cant think what i can do with you,

Dammo says this will not happen again, Hoshiyar says dont do this again else Ruks will not leave you, even Jalal cant speak infront of Ruks, Dammo does black magic on Hoshiyar, Hohiyar starts speaking Ruks, he says you are witch ruks, you always come inbetween Jalal and Jodha, Jalal cant even make you his sister, leave aside his wife, you are not near Jdha’s slipper, Ruks ask how dare you, Hoshiyar says you can show orders on us only but have no value, Ruks beats him, she ask Dammo to leave, Dammo smirks and leaves, Ruks says are you in senses Hoshiyar.

Aram comes to Jodha and says i wanna play with you, Jodha says i have some work, Jalal comes there and says play with her if she is insisting, he says to Aram i will play with you, Aramm doesnt talk to him, Jodha says you pushed her away last night while playing, Jalal says i dont even remember that, he says sorry to Aram, Aram says i accept your sorry, she says i will play hide and seek with Jodha, Jalal closes Jodha’s eyes and ask Aram to hide, Aram leaves from there, Jodha ask Jalal where is Aram, Jalal says i cant cheat, she says ok i will find her, Jalal says if i tell you then what reward i will get? Jodha says nothing, i will find Aram myself, she is searching for Aram, Aram comes in Dammo’s room and hides in secret room,

she finds Jalal’s statue there and says its nice, i will take it with me, she takes statue in her hands, Jodha says Aram you can hide anywhere but i will find you, Dammo is shocked to see Jodha in her room, she is tensed and greets Jodha, she ask Jodha you here? Jodha says i am finding my daughter, she is playing hide and seek, Aram runs from there, Jodha goes behind her, Dammo comes in secret room and finds statue gone,

Laboni comes there and ask what Jodha was doing here? Dammo says its not important, important is that my black magic staute is gone, Dammo says to Laboni i think Jalal’s daughter Aram took statue from here, Laboni says what will we do now? she says how many statues we have?

Jodha finally catches Aram in Hamida’s room, Ruks is there too, Ruks sees statue in her hands and ask from where did you find it? Aram says i found it in Dammos’ room, Jodha ask did you took her permission before taking it? Aram says no, Jodha says bad manners, Laboni comes there with Dammo and says i have brought more statues for Aram, she shows her statues, Aram throws Jalal’s statue and ask can i take these other statues? Laboni says why not, she takes Jalal’s statue, gives it Dammo and gives other statues in return to Aram.


  1. I don’t understand: this Laboni angle is yet to be aired in the scenes!! I know I’ve missed a couple of episodes, but no reference made so far.

    • i have missed a whole lot of episodes since August, do you or does anyone know when Jodha and Akbar is returning to ZeeWorld after the season finale on the 23rd of November ? i want to watch it all over again.


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