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Jodha Akbar 9 May 2020: Jalal and ruks are lying down in bed in tent, jalal is not getting sleep, he gets up and comes out to see jodha sleeping on sack. Jalal’s soul talk- he says you were very far from me that night but i was feeling very close to you, i was physically with ruks but my soul was with you.

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jodha’s soul talk- I also found you too close to me in that journey, it was like i got you in that journey. Soul talk ends. Jalal is lookins at jodha smilingly. ruks get up from sleep and finds jalal missing, she comes outside and sees jalal standing beside jodha who is sleeping on floor and is in difficult situation, jalal is looking at jodha while ruks look at him shocked.she leaves. Jodha gets up from sleep and sees jalal standing infront of her. she is stunned.

Scene 2
Adham ask about their mission, soldier informs that they went to kill jalal in disguise of thieves but jalal killed all, adham says till when you will keep yourself safe from me,

Scene 3
Jalal, jodha and ruks comes back to agra palace, ?Hamida greets them and says it seems you got peace, jalal says yes it was very good journey, he slightly looks at jodha, ruks says it was good but had to work and walk alot. Jodha says i enjoyed alot, i got to know my people and got to do work for jalal, maham says it clear from your face that you enjoyed alot, Jalal says i am going to atgah, hamida ask both begums to go and take rest, jodha slightly nods to jalal that she is going, he nods back, she leaves. Jalal says to atgah that i want to discuss some important matters and problems which i got to know in this journey, adham panics.

In jdoha’s room, moti says you are looking fresh seems journey was good, jodha says it was indeed, she remembers how jalal said that jodha did great thing by saving jalal, how he had lit fire for her, how they tied thread, how they ate together, moti says i was worried that you were going with jalal, did he taunted you? jodha says no, even when i talked with him rudely he didnt gave me answer, jalal is not that bad which i thought to be, moti says views are changing,

jodha says yes my views about jalal has changed because i am getting to know why he gets angry at time, i am understanding him, he is very conscious about his position, about his duties, Jodha says he appreciated me infront of everyone, he did work of common man and he eat after short interval, moti says so you enjoyed the company of person more than journey, jodha says seriously he is very mature and very good shehehshah.

Scene 4
Jalal is in shahi bath tub, he remembers how jodha was making roti for him and how chisti said that she will become mariam uz zamani, he is all smile.
Hamida makes sweeter for her grand child, salima says your wish will soon come true, jalal and jodha’s relation is very unique. Jodha comes there and ties sacred thread on their hands. Hamida says i was skeptical sending you with jalal as you were ill but seeing the peace on your face i am happy, did jalal teased you? jodha says no he was very kind and supported me at every step, jodha becomes shy and leaves. Jodha thinks that what is happening to me when i talk about jalal i get conscious, shy. Salima comes and says to tell more about journey.

Jodha says i have to give this thread to bakshi bano then we will talk, salima says you cant meet, once jalal approves anyone as convicted of any crime then nobody can talk or meet her, it will considered as crime, jodha says then i am ready to this crime as bakshi also came and prayed for me when i was ill and i will give this thread to her. she also deserves it.

Scene 5
In court, jalal tells about the thieves incident at todal mal’s place, jalal says our nation is happy for me but they are suffering because of these thieves. Jalal says the question is why these things dont reach to us, why my people are suffering, jalal gives responsibility of finding these questions to adham khan.

Scene 6
Ruks’s legs are paining and says i had to walk only because of jodha, jodha had major tragedy before even then she was running in journey, bandhi says its the quality to rajvanshi queen, they are strong, doesnt drink hookah and take care of thier health, ruks kicks her and says to get out. Maham comes there and ask about journey, ruks says i was successful in distancing jalal and jodha.

Maham says you stopped them from physically coming closer but they have become one by soul, they are easily seen in each others thought, imaginations, eyes. ruks ask what do you mean? maham says you may not allowed jodha to become special from common but she very cleverly made you common from being special, she made you wear common cloths, made you make rotis and do all things like common women, now she can make you common by snatching your position, be careful.

Bakshi is vomiting, jodha comes there. Bakshi greets her and ask how are you, she says i know you prayed for me when i was ill, bakshi says after everything you faogave me, you are great but you should not have come here jalal will nto like it. Jodha says yu only loved your husband and you are a family member for me, jdoha ties thread on her hand, bakshi feels like vomiting, jodha ask what happened. Bakshi cries and tells her that i am pregnant, jodha says its a good news, i will tell all. Bakshi says jalal will ge angry as sharif is culprit for jalal, she ask jodha to promise not to tell anyone, jodha agrees. Bakshi says i am a wife of betrayer who is in jail, jodha says i will try to ask jalal to free.

Outside atgah informs that rajvanshiz are disturbing in mewat, jalal says to change minister and to shift sharif to another jail, atgah says there is corruption in trade of things like steel and all, jalal says to find about the persons and deal with them, atgah ask about abbas bahadur, jodha in mandir start singing ‘hey man mohan’.

jalal sees her from outside and keep looking at her, he comes towards her, he comes there, takes off his shoes and sits there smiling, jodha finishes her puja, jalal says will you give me parsad, jodha says why you came here, jalal says was doing work but listened to you and couldnt stop myself from coming here but if you dont like it i will then, he is about to leave but jodha holds his hand and stops him, jalal looks at jodha holding his hand, she takes her hand back and says sorry for holding hand, jalal says nothing is wrong if you hold my hand but why did you leave it then. they sit.

Jalal says to jodha that it was beautiful journey with you, jodha says i also enjoyed alot, jala ask what you like more the journey or my company? jodha is speechless, jodha says i was with you only, jalal says to tell directly, jodha sees cut on jalal’s foot and calls moti, jodha says will she answer my question? jodha ask moti to bring hot water, she brings, jodha says you went on a long journey.

She puts his foot in water tub, jalal says whats this thought that husband cant touch wife’s feet but wife can touch husband’s feet, jodha massages his feet, jalal says you are tickling me, jodha smiles, jodha says there is one friend of mine who is separated from her husband, jalal says i can understand you well and i know you want to say something so say it without hesitation, jodha says i went to meet bakshi, jalal gets angry and takes his foot back, jodha says she prayed for me, jalal says you did a sin meeting her, jodha says she is pregnant, jalal gets happy and says i am becoming maamo(maternal uncle), he is about to leave, jodha stops him holding hand and says to forgive bakshi and sharif, jalal takes his hand back and says i will not forgive him, he leaves, jodha says sometime you become too good and sometime too angry.

Scene 2
In jail, sharif is fuming that he didnt expect this from jodha, he helped her but she is not taking him out, his man comes and informs him that he is going to be shifted from here, he tells him about bakshi being pregnant, sharif laughs and says when a women love someone then his fate shines, he says you have given me a good news now i will be out of this jail, he says there are emotional fools out there

Scene 3
Jodha comes to hamida late night, jodha says sorry for coming late, hamida says no problem and ask what happened, jodha says i dont know how to tell you, its about your daughter bakshi, i went to her to give her sacred thread and got to know that she is pregnant, hamida gets happy then remembers her slap to bakshi, hamida says i dont whether i should be happy or not, her husband is not with her, you should not have gone to her. Jodha says i told this to jalal and asked him to forgive them but he didnt agree, you do something.

Hamida says he cant forgive betrayers and when they are their own then it hurts him even more, jodha says when i forgave her for what she did then why jalal is not forgiving, hamida says they plotted against you, tried to manipulate things, jalal will not forgive her. Jodha says i know what happened was wrong but bakshi is very sorry for that and that can be seen from her face, i want this family to be united, bakshi is like my sister, please ask jalal to forgive, jodha cries. Hamida hugs her and says we got you in return of all our prayers, you are pure soul.

Scene 4
Hamida calls jalal and everyone in her, jalal ask what happened, you need anything, hamida says you do everything for but i want you to forgive bakshi, jalal says i cant forgive a betrayer who tried to defame my wife, all looks at him.

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