Jodha Akbar update Monday 17 May 2021


Jodha Akbar 17 May 2021:  Jalal looks out for the hint that there is a wild animal in the vicinity, he spots a tiger, about to kill it when Jodha tells him that she has removed the baarood from the gun,Jodha lights a mashaal and goes in front of tiger but the mashaal goes off.

Jalal comes in front of the tiger, a fierce battle ensue between tiger and Jalal, Jalal gets very hurt but kills the tiger with the dagger and he also loses conscious.

Jodha gets hysterical, she pours water on Jalal, he regains conscious and both have a talk. Jodha takes him on the horse but in the mid way, he falls down, Jodha tries to talk to him, asks him to get up but eventually Jalal gives up.

Jodha breaks down thinking how will this news be taken in Agra. She finally picks up Jalal and puts him on horse when the commander and some soldiers come and they take him to Agra. The hakims start their medical treatment on Jalal, MA tells the chief minister that she will command the army in place of Jalal, Hameeda comes and faints on seeing Jalal.

Hameeda is hysterical, Salima tries to contain her. Hameeda asks Jodha how did the tragedy happen and she tells her the entire thing and owns up that she is responsible for Jalal’s state. Hameeda gets angry on Jodha, tells Salima that no one should get a whiff of what Jodha has done especially Ruks. Hameeda says that Jodha has no idea what will happen to the empire if Jalal is not there.

MA addressing the Mughal army, apprising them of the situation that Jalal got hurt during hunting and to be on full alert. The cries of Shehenshah ki Jai rent the air.

Salima asks some begums to hide the fact about Jodha removing bullets from Ruks but the very next moment it travels in all directions.

Hoshiyaar also decides that Ruks should not know of this fact. Jodha comes and says that she will be the one who will tell the truth to Ruks as she deserves to know about it.

Jodha comes to Ruks chamber and tells the truth. Ruks gives 2 slaps and gets furious and again slaps her. Ruks throws Jodha to the floor and rushhes off to see Jalal.

AK is rejoicing with his people that he will soon be the emperor of the Sultanat.

Ruks on way to Jalal’s room recalls all the FB scenes of their chhildhood days.

MA, Hameeda, all key ministers, Jodha and Ruks at Jalal’s room. Ruks gets hysterical on seeing the condition of Jalal and asks him to get up. The hakim says that the wounds were getting worse. Everyone prays for him to get better.


The news spread like wild fire across Hindustan and the enemies start plotting against the Mughals.

Jodha is preparing some lep(especially to treat wounds from cheetah’s claws), gets a FB how she learnt to make the same from the hakim when Sujamal got hurt. Hameeda comes and tells the baandhi to take the lep to be applied on Jalal, also she cautions Jodha to be alert as everyone is thinking her as a traitor and some one might attempt on her life too to get even with her as she is responsible for Jalal’s state.

MA and others are waiting for hakim when the baandhi comes with lep, MA says that H still trusts Jodha, Gulbadan gives the lep to hakims and they apply it and tell that its a superb medicine as its started showing results.

The hakim tells that the medicine has a side effect as Jalal is running a high temperature. Ruks and MA talks ill about Jodha, the hakim tells that now its only dua which can save Jalal as none of the medicines is working on him.

The hakim tells everyone that the next 24 hours is very crucial for Jalal’s health, a maid informs Jodha that her medicine has not worked and Gwaliors’ hakim has not arrived as yet. Jodha prays to Kanhaji that why does all her actions have a opposite effect. Hameeda comes and tells Jodha to come alng with her to a safe place, Jodha is reluctant but Hameeda orders her to follow her.

Salima asks all the begums to have the last food of their life as Jalal is fighting for his life, Ruks comes and says that she will be the first one to consume poison as the enemies will take undue advantages of them once Jalal dies.

Javeda asks AK how can he rejoice when the king is in danger. Some begums gather the valuables and are trying to escape the palace.

Sharifuddin comes to AK and hears that AK has planned to kill the shahi hakim. He tells AK to choose between Agra and Delhi and both strike a deal.

All the ladies (Ruks, Salima, Hameeda, Gulbadan) are praying for Jalal. Even Jodha and her maids start singing bhajans. On the other hand, the shahi hakim is attacked by some men but he tries to escape.

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