Jodha Akbar Update Friday 23 April 2021

Jodha Akbar 23 April 2021: Jodha ask moti that jalal was saying that he didnt touch me, is it true? Moti says why not? Why will he lie to his wife, and who can stop him? Jalal has no fear to say a lie and if would have done that then it was his right, you are husband and wife.

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Here ruks says you played a lot, sad now jodha will lie in some corner of palace, jalal ask arent you jealous? Ruks says this not the 1st time you spent night with other wife, why would i be jealous? Jalal says you should be as a wife. There jodha says what i am wife 1st he need my permission now think it as my arrogance.

Here ruks says she was arrogant now she will cry for whole her life, she leaves, jalal says i cant understand these women, they are something else as friend and behave otherwise as a wife whether its jodha, salima or ruks.

Scene 2
Jodha comes to hamida and greets her, she says thanks to hamida and says whom should i trust not you. Hamida says jalal, yes he is protecting you when he gave you right to change religion or not as hubby’s decision is important in this matter, jodha says but you protected me also, hamida says 1st religion is humanity, you saved rahim, moti and jalal, jodha says you were always there with me, hamida says if i werent there jalal would fullfil his promise, jodha is thoughtful.

Scene 3
jodha comes in kitchen and says today i will make food for jalal, she make different dishes, moti says its good if wife prepare food for hubby, love develops, jodha gives her a look, moti says if husband wife eat in same plate then love would grow more, jodha ask her to shut up otherwise will burn her, salima comes and talks mandir fiasco and says i am happy that you are preparing food for jalal, jodha says its wife’s duty, moti smiles, salima says i never saw so generous on jalal before.
Ladies says that you talked good about jalal thats why she is making food for her, hamida says i want to see her presenting food to jalal.

Ruks says what value she has now preparing food for jalal, make his nights colorful, maham should have seen it, she ask hoshiyar when maham is returning from her visit to other state? He says cant say anything

Scene 4
jalal discusses political issues with adka and says we have to control rajvanshis to make india one, servant informs that jodha is waiting for you on dinner, jalal that means she..

Scene 5
jalal comes to jodha, jodha prepare his plate for dinner, jalal looks at her and says i hope food is not spicy as you, jodha says eat it and then say, hamida says to ladies that we should leave them alone, they all leave, jalal ask why this generosity? Jodha says everyone has different way to show their happiness, jalal ask which happiness? Jodha says you fulfilled your promise by allowing me to follow my religion, jalal says but.. Jodha shuts him up saying dont you know that one should not talk while eating, jalal says eat with me, jodha says i will bring another plate, jalal says eat in same plate with me, jodha remembers moti’s words and says i dont eat this food, jalal says ok i will eat what you eat, bring another plate, jodha dumb stuck but goes to get it, she brings food of her, both looks smilingly at each other, jodha sits in front of him, jodha says 1st i will taste.

Jalal says you prepared it and i trust you completely, jodha is impressed, jodha says i am thankful that.. Jalal says your thankyou is accepted, he eats food and compliments it saying daily you prepare food for me i like your this quality, jodha says if hamida didnt took my side then. Jalal says then i would be with you jodha is stunned, jalal says i gave you words and i follow my words you know it(ishq hai wo ehsas plays)

Scene 6
Sharif uddin is furious with the priests for being weak after the letter from chishti and now All the non islamic powers will get stronger. They feel it was an attack on their religion and they all get together to do something about stopping hinduism from spreading in agra, sharif is happy that now priests are against jalal.

Scene 7
In Salima’s room rahim is being taught by salima, jodha comes to rahim who is reading she ask the meaning which is with anger and hurry nothing can be rightly done, with slow and thoughtful move everything can be done even snake can come out from hole. Jodha says we have same thoughts salima says maybe religion are different but true things come from heart, rahim says you didnt tell me story and leaves, jodha ask for that line again from salima, salima says you like to learn so from now on i will things about your religion and you will about our religion from me.

Scene 8
Ruks is informed about jodha cooking for Jalal by Hoshiyar .. Hoshiyar tells ruks that otherwives would be jealous once they learn the jodha was cooking for jalal ruks tells hoshiyar that ruks never waited for jalal but it was Jalal who waited for ruks always.

Scene 9
jalal is going when papers falls on him, its jodha’s papers who says weather is very good with this beautiful moon, jalal comes and says beautiful looking at jodha, she says yes moon is beautiful, jalal what moon? He looks at moon and says its time waste looking at moon, jodha says one get peace looking at moon, its really peaceful, jalal sits there, jodha ask why you are sitting here when its waste of time jalal says i have right on peace also, jodha is learning mughal’s religion, jalal says i didnt ask you to learn it, jodha says i like to learn about different religion, jalal ask so what did you learn, jodha says with anger and hurry nothing can be rightly done, with slow and thoughtful move everything can be done even snake can come out from hole, jalal says subhanallah, jodha says in jalal’s voice now dont says i like your this talent, they have hearty laugh, jalal says true i would have said it and in this way only. Ruks thinks today jalal made me wait so much where is he? ruks sees them talking and is burning in jealousy.

its morning, ruks is in bath tub and remembers jalal and jodha talking, hoshiyar says jalal did wrong he should have, ruks says you are adding get out of here, he goes, jalal comes and put water on her , ruks says you dont have to do this, jalal says i have as i cant stand against your anger so putting cold water on you, jalal ask the reason behind anger that he didnt spent night with her or was with jodha? Ruks says i have no if you spend nights somewhere else but it was my night and somebody snatched from me, jalal says are you jealous of her that jodha have snatched me from you, ruks says she dont have this capability, jalal ask then why angry? Ruks says my wish, ruks
ask why you spent night with jodha , jalal says my wish and goes, ruks thinks that jalal cant hide anything from me.

Scene 2
jijianga is telling humanyun’s story and praises her relation with her husband and mughal kingdom, javeda comes and says i also to tell story of maham to make book on her, they says yes maham had many credits in her life, she took care of jalal well so book can be written on her, javeda says i know many spicy and hidden things about her and we cant separate from each other, they are to write a book, javeda leaves happily.

Scene 3
moti is making jodha’s hairstyle, jodha says i was outside all night so hairs are like this, moti says you both were entangled in talk or hairs? Jodha ask her to stop, moti says there must be something important jodha says no we were talking generally, moti says Then there must be lots of sweetness in their discussion everything is sweet in your life whether food or talk, jodha says my changed behaviour for jalal is for his goodness, 1st he made sukanya marry then fulfilled his promise that didnt force me that means there is goodness somewhere in his heart,. And if someone is good, i am good with him its my teaching.

Scene 4
adka discusses with jalal priests are against jalal, they discuss political strategy Jalal orders to invite the priests to special court then jalal sees jodha in garden, jodha outside meet rahim who is angry that jodha didnt tell him story, jodha says sorry, jalal comes and says to rahim you made her learn our religion so she should tell you story, jodha promises, rahim leaves, jodha also start leaving but see there is no anklet in her feet, jalal sees it and picks it up he remember ganghaur anklet and looks at jodha, jodha comes to him and ask for anklet, jalal says its for feet so i will make you dont worry i will not stretch, jodha says hubby dont touch wife’s feet.

Jalal says i wanted to see that this anklet is same as that of amer that you lost in ganghaur its your old habbit, jodha says its your habbit to steal my anklets, jalal ask moti to her wear it and ask jodha that if she want that anklet then come and ask him as its safe with him (ishq h wo ehsas plays) he leaves, moti teases jodha with anklet.

Scene 5
Sharifuddin confronts jodha and asks her why was jalal so generous on her first he gave her sister the fort and Now he allowed her to retain the religion
She replies that he knew jalal longer than her so he should be knowing better. Jodha replies all the inside news she knows about his planing with adham khan and She knew all his plans about fort, Sharifuddin is shocked and scared and She orders him out of the way.

Scene 6
jalal comes in court where all are there, jalal ask what problem all you have, priests says you are inclind towards other religion, you are 1st muslim then king, you have practice it in which you failed, jalal ask if someone insults king on his back then he is right? Priests says he is betrayer and you should give punishment to him, moti says jalal is intelligent, jodha says yes he is and know what to talk on time.

Jalal comes to priest and ask what punishment i should give you, you spread this news in people that i am not following islam, i dont deserve this throne, but i am a true muslim and i dont need to prove it. I talked with biggest priest(mufti azam) and he said that i am innocent, jalal says even then you dont care for your king, they say we have to see whether all things, jalal says your work is to give me suggestion which you didnt and did politics, other priest agrees with jalal that one should not combine government with religion, jalal says they did this crime, priests says sorry, jalal says its religion’s insult, priest says you are doing that by taking jodha’s side, didnt force her, jalal says i would have gone down in god’s eyes by doing that and that islam could not be forced.

he declares the priests as betrayer and ask them to leave india as punishment. And was doing a favour to them by not imprisoning them and not beheading them. as “Mazhab ke naam pe siyasat karna gunaah hai ” (doing politics in name of religion is sin).

He further declares that it is his duty as the shehenshah to take all religious and administrative decisions and That he would not consult any priest hence forth. he makes this declaration. jodha praises him and says he is educated but lil twisted in his words.

Jodha meets ammi jaan, jijianga, gulbadan bano , hameeda offers jo her favourite khas ka sharbat. Hameeda wants to examine Jodha, she wants to know what exam. Hameeda wants to know what was her opinion on the desicision taken by jalal in the DEK today

Jo replies that shehenshah had not consulted his elders and his ministers before declaring his decision . The country would think jala was belagaam and rash in descision making and this would go against him. All are impressed .. She had passed her exam

Ruks confronts jodha about her snatching away the time that should have been ruks’s.. Jodha replies that jala had spend several nights with her while on the way to and from amer and also while at amer

Ruks taunts jo on her nafrat of jalal .. She was hating his touch. Jo wants to know how did ruks not know what did jala do with her that night … She was suposed to be knowing each every thing about him !,

Jo then tells her how nothing happened betwen them he had not touched her .. He had kept his word .. And jo adds that she would have sent jalal to ruks if she knew that it was her turn to spend time with him and she was waiting .. Jo assures ruks that she jad no interest in snatching jala from ruks or spend nights with him .. He jad come to her himself … On his own accord ..
Jo leaves a stunned ruks …

Jodha is in her room retiring for the night … She gets a message that jalal was waiting for her in his khel room. She refused to go and Moti warns that she should not have refused .. He was her pati ..Jo replies that she did not want to take him Away from his other wives.

Jala comes barging to jo’s room demanding to know why had she disobeyed his orders .. Jo says khel room was the place where he had played with ruks since childhood .. And she did not want to displace ruks from khel room jala assures her that she would never do that ..
Jala then comes to know that ruks her expressed her displeasure for not spending the night with him …

Jala then tels her that that he was requesting her to play with him .. Jo says that she was disobeying the shehenshah .. Jo accepts her gunah and accepts what ever punishment he gave her. Jala asks her to sing for him right then ..Jo sings ..bhajan..” Hey natnagar hey manmohan ..hey damodhar ..hey muralidhar “.. In her melodious voice .. Jalal is lost in her voice .. Her beauty .. Her expressions ..

Jala declares that jo was not just begum but hunar ki mallika .. He is super impressed …He wishes her shabba khair and leaves …jo is surprised n pleased ..

Next morning .. Jala is seen offering namaz as the sacred prayers are heard in Background, His agtah khan comes with urgent news that Abul mali husband of his cousin sister …Was preparing to attack agra. Jala orders agtah khan that even before he can attack the moghul army should destroy the attacker …Agtah khan acepts ..

Jo is in her room preparing for puja when jala comes there .. Jo asks him if the punishment given last night not enough .. What had made him come to her room so early in the morning .. Jala says he had left something in her room last night .he then locates his khanjar .. He jokes that it was amazing the there were do do tez talwaar in the same room last night and nothing happened ..

Moti bai wants to celebrate jo’s birthday .. Jo tells them that there was such a drama on going to temple now she did not want any birthday celebrations .. As all were annoyed with her …

Jalal meets rahim in the garden .. But rahim avoids him .. Jala comments that was rahim so busy that he could not even say salam to his shehenshah
Rahim says he did not want to leak the info that it was choti ammi’s birthday amd only close ones had permission to celebrate and wish her and give her surprise gift
Jala learns about jo’s birthday.

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