Jhanak Starlife update Tuesday 25 June 2024

Jhanak 25 June 2024: The Episode starts with Jhanak saying I got this saree as a blessing in a temple, that’s it. Dadi says fine, but these things can’t be there with an unmarried girl. Jhanak says I will leave these things in water. Bipasha says you are ready to do that, but won’t speak up. Jhanak says no. Anirudh recalls Jhanak’s words. She leaves.

Its morning, Jhanak comes to Anirudh and says I have some work. He asks did you get the books list. She says no, just sway this saree and sindoor in the waters. He says its not needed. She asks what shall I do then. He says you are overthinking, family was shocked, its new for them, the situation is strange. She says yes, why did you get me here. He says things won’t change if you say the same thing again and again. She says no one is happy. He says yes, it was imp to get you to a safe place. She says you think I m safe here. He says sorry for behaving strange, others’ behavior isn’t in my control, I promise, I won’t get angry on you, this house is safe for you, do things what you like. He asks what solution do you have. She says I have to go from here. He asks where. She says Kashmir.

She begs him. She says I know if I go back, I have to stay caged by Tejas. He asks do you want this. She asks is this life lessen than any cage.

He asks seriously, you are comparing my house with that life, we had no option, try to understand, I m trying hard that you become independent, you have to help me, study, prepare for exams, focus on big things, you are made for big things, when I can trust you, can’t you trust yourself, you aren’t a kid, trust me, I m with you. She asks what if you weren’t there, then I would have not been safe, Tejas would have married me, this was my fate. He says you have no problem in marrying Tejas now. They argue.

He says you don’t need to think about my marriage, I will plan the surprise for Arshi’s birthday, I will fulfill responsibility towards you. She asks when did I become your responsibility, I just want you to leave this in the waters, I can’t leave it anywhere else. He says you don’t believe this marriage, you won’t care what I do with this. She says it doesn’t matter to me, does it matter to you. He looks at her.

She says you shouldn’t care, sway this in the water. He thinks sorry Jhanak, I don’t know what’s its value, but I will keep it safe. He keeps the saree and sindoor box in his cupboard. He comes to Shrishti’s house to meet Arshi. He asks where is she, she isn’t answering my call, she is upset with me. She blames him for troubling Arshi.

He says Jhanak’s life is shaken, I m just supporting her, you don’t like her, you have a family issue, you always scold her, I felt she is fine in my house, she stays happy with Appu, she will adjust there. She asks why, can’t she adjust here, are we bad people, you will know Jhanak, I don’t want to say but Jhanak’s character. Vinayak says Shrishti… She says let me say, Bharat told me about her friend, Rahul. Anirudh says I know him, he came to ask my help when she was in problem. She says wow, he gave his responsibility to you. He asks what. She says he is Jhanak’s BF. Vinayak says who knows if this is true or not. She says Bharat knew this thing, Urvashi and Jhanak used to work there, Anirudh is getting cheated. He asks why didn’t Rahul help Tejas. She says maybe he got scared of Tejas, they have taken an advantage of your innocence, she came with you for her safety. He says she stayed there in Jammu, I forced her to come. She says she changed her mind, I told you about Urvashi, Jhanak is her daughter, I m scared that you and Arshi might have problems. Vinayak says let him meet Arshi. He asks Anirudh to go to Arshi’s room. Shrishti gets angry and thinks I will fill hatred in your heart, you won’t like to hear Jhanak’s name.

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