Jhanak starlife update Saturday 6 July 2024

Jhanak 6 July 2024: The Episode starts with Anirudh thinking go ahead, Jhanak, say the truth in front of everyone and free me. He says Jhanak, if you want to say, then fine, tell everyone. She says I got married. Everyone is shocked. Bipasha asks who did you marry. Tanuja asks what’s your husband’s name. Anirudh worries. Jhanak cries. Shubh scolds her.

Arshi asks what’s his name, I want to know his name, you have hidden this big thing from us. Jhanak says you don’t know him. Lal says we just want to know his name. Shubh says your husband left you here. Jhanak says I had no option, no one will accept my marriage. Tanuja asks who did you marry and when.

Arshi asks who did you marry. She asks Anirudh do you know. Tanuja asks why did you get after my son, you could have gone with that guy. Arshi asks what’s his name. Jhanak cries. Bipasha and Lal ask about Rahul, is she lying. Jhanak says I m not lying. Shubh asks how did he send you so far with a stranger. Tanuja says maybe she trapped him, who is that guy, tell us. Jhanak says villagers forced us to marry so that Tejas doesn’t marry me. Shubh says it means that guy was also forced to marry. Arshi asks what’s that guy’s name. Jhanak stumbles and asks what will you do knowing the name, give me some time, I will go to Srinagar once I get fine. She falls down the stairs.

Anirudh runs to her. Appu asks why isn’t she talking, did she die. Anjana goes to get water. Anirudh says we should call the doctor. Shubh says relax, she will be fine, put water on her face. Anirudh asks can you forget your hatred for sometime. Anjana says she isn’t opening her eyes, she might have internal injury. Tanuja says send her to her husband, if anything happens to her, then he will file case on us, we should send her to Srinagar. Arshi says you are responsible for all this, my life has become hell. Anirudh asks do you want to fight now. Arshi says yes, why didn’t you tell us, don’t you trust us. He says its her personal matter, how can I say that. She says there is something missing. He says look at her condition, shall I leave her. Bipasha scolds him.

He lifts Jhanak and takes her upstairs. He says she will go when she gets fine. Arshi says he has changed. Tanuja and everyone explain her. Shubh says I will talk to Shrishti and fix marriage date. Arshi says marriage won’t fix this. He says things will get fine and you will get peace once you get married to Anirudh, I agree he helps people and gets loss for himself, you will stop him from doing all these things.

She says I will go. Anirudh calls the doctor for Jhanak. He says I have called the doctor. Shubh says you always do what you want. Arshi says I m leaving. Lal asks Anirudh to go to office and drop Arshi home. He says I will attend the doctor. Anirudh says no, my meeting is postponed, I will talk to the doctor, I have to be here. Arshi says okay fine, you stay with Jhanak, I m going. Everyone gets angry and goes. Dr. Ghosh comes. Anirudh tells about Jhanak.

He asks him to come and see Jhanak. Tanuja says Anirudh got her from the road and made her our maid. Dr. Ghosh says Anirudh said she is a guest. Tanuja says she is a maid. Anirudh asks him to check Jhanak. Dada says she should get fine first. Doctor checks Jhanak. Anjana asks Appu to calm down. Everyone comes and looks on.

Doctor says she isn’t conscious, we can’t give her medicines, she isn’t well, I will give her an injection. He treats Jhanak. He says if she doesn’t get conscious in 5-10 mins, then it means her life is in danger, there might be internal bleeding.

Shrishti says I knew it, you can’t do it, don’t do anything. She scolds Arshi and Vinayak. Arshi says Jhanak is married. They are shocked. Shrishti asks who is her husband. Arshi says she didn’t tell the name. Shrishti says think what you want to do. Arshi asks what. Shrishti says she isn’t telling the name, was Anirudh there. Arshi says yes, she said Anirudh knows everything, she fainted and there was chaos, he said its her personal matter and he doesn’t want to get involved. Shrishti recalls Anirudh’s words.

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