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It’s not easy to love 16 February 2023: Shubham comes to Girish and says you shouldn’t take stress, I can talk to Sid and we can convince him. Girish says I don’t need your support to talk to him, you were an orphan so remain within your limits. Dadu comes there and hears that. Shubham tells Girish that Sid listens to me, I can convince him if you allow me. Girish slaps him and says I have told you many times to not act like my son when you are an orphan, get lost. Shubham leaves from there. Dadu brings some papers to Girish and says you should remember your status before bringing Shubham down.

It’s not easy to love 15 February 2023

Apeksha comes to Mithai and says stop planting ideas in Sid’s mind, you are an uneducated woman so you won’t know how to do this business. Just enjoy free money from this house and stop playing. Mithai says I am paying back to this family. Sid comes there. Mithai tells Apeksha that you are Sid’s friend so you should show the right path to him. Apeksha shouts at her. Sid asks them to stop fighting.
Girish looks at the paper and says you still have this? Dadu says you are my son but I never trusted your intentions so I kept this birth certificate of Shubham. Girish is about to tear it but Dadu says I have many copies. I see how you keep hurting Shubham but let me remind you that Shubham is your illegitimate child and not an orphan.

Girish says be silent. Dadu says it was Aarti who accepted Shubham as her own son. Girish angrily says you forced Aarti upon me. Dadu says but I didn’t force you to cheat on Aarti and then not even be loyal to that woman. Don’t force me to bring the truth out to Shubham, our one son already hates you so be careful. He leaves from there. Girish lights up Shubham’s birth certificate and thinks I will lose all my relationships if this truth about my life comes out. Girish calls Pramod and says I am in your plan. He gives him some instructions.

Pramod calls Abhishek and says Girish agreed to the plan. Abhishek says then I am in also. Pramod ends the call and is excited. He calls Agarwal and says I have convinced Girish so let’s go as per the plan and own their property. He says my name shouldn’t come up in anything. Agarwal nods.Mithai tells Sid that if you don’t understand how sweets are made then how will you handle this business? Apeksha says don’t teach him when you are a nobody. Mithai says I am a sweets seller, I can tell everything about sweets. Dadu comes there and asks what’s going on? Apeksha says this uneducated girl is trying to teach us.

Mithai says because I have worked on the streets. Dadu says she is right. He asks Sid to go with Mithai, your education with Mithai’s street knowledge will be the best formula. Sid says Mithai is right, I am educated but I don’t deserve this business. Dadu knows why I hate this business but I took up this challenge so I don’t need anyone’s help. I will handle things alone. Apeksha says what about Singapore? Sid says I took up a challenge so I won’t go anywhere before fulfilling it.Apeksha comes to Sid and says I still want us to go to Singapore. Sid says I am sorry but I can’t leave right now.

Apeksha says I want to help you. Girish comes there and thinks she is perfect for him. Sid tells Apeksha that I have no clue about this business. Apeksha says we can start with accounts, we have knowledge of that. Pramod comes there and says if you need help related to accounts then let me know. Sid says Apeksha will study the accounts first and if we need help then I will ask you. Pramod thinks I will cheat both Sid and Girish soon.In the morning, Mithai is offering tea to everyone but everyone is ignoring her. Dadu says it’s just tea so take it. Sid is leaving.

Dadi asks where are you going? Sid says I am going to the workshop where sweets are made. Mithai wishes him luck. Dadu blesses him and says I trust you. Abha calls Pramod and says Sid left for work so wake up.Mithai is leaving for work when Dadu asks for sweets. He offers money to her, Mithai says I won’t’ take it. Dadu says you are doing a business so take it. He says I am happy that Sid is handling the business now. You have done all this. Mithai says everyone is silent since Sid took up the job so I am worried. Dadu says they must be plotting something so you have to be around Sid to protect him. Dadi comes there so Mithai takes their blessings and leaves. Dadi asks Dadu to stop eating sweets.


Sid comes to the sweets shop and asks questions from the workers. A cook asks him to taste some sweets but Sid finds everything smelly. He sees a man mixing a powder in the batter and asks what’s this? The man says this powder is for color. Sid nods and leaves. The man calls Agarwal
and says Sid didn’t know anything so I have added the powder that you gave me to the sweets.Sid is in the market and sees people throwing trash on the road while Mithai is selling sweets there. Sid comes to Mithai and asks why are people throwing trash on the road? Mithai says I am sorry, I will clean everything up once my sweets are sold. Sid glares at her so Mithai picks up the trash and asks buyers to throw the trash in her basket.

Mithai tells Sid that you can go now. The man brings sweets to Dadu’s shop after mixing some powder in it. People eat sweets and they start fainting. Sid and Mithai rush to them. The man leaves from there in a hurry. Ambulances arrive there and take patients away. The man calls Agarwal and says work is done. Agarwal tells Pramod I did your work so you have to fulfill our deal now. Pramod says I will do my side of the deal. Agarwal thinks he couldn’t be loyal to his family so I can’t trust him. Pramod says as soon as I get the shops and house then I will give the shops to you, you will become number one then. Pramod thinks I am playing a game on both sides so let’s hope everything goes according to plan.

Agarwal asks him to keep an eye on Girish. I can’t believe that he had to do a deal with me to control his own son. Pramod is stressed and leaves from there.Pramod calls Abhishek and says work is done, Sid will learn now. Abhishek ends the call and says I don’t feel good. Abha says we are doing all this for our kids.Mithai and Sid are helping the patients in the shop when police arrives there. The inspector says people ate your sweets and became ill so we are arresting you. Mithai is shocked. Sid is taken away by the police. The reporters are saying that he mixed poison in the sweets. Some people say it must be a plan against them.

Dadu tells Dadi that Mithai has brought Sid closer to the business and family. I just wish God would do something to bring them together. Dadi says they fight like cats and dogs but they make each other work for the better. Dadu says you are right. Dadi says maybe there will be a way for them to become one? Dadu says I hope so. Mithai arrives there and screams. She says the police arrived at the shop and they arrested Sid. All are shocked. Dadu asks what happened? Mithai says some buyers had food poisoning after eating the sweets so the police arrested Sid. Shaurya shows them the news of Sid getting arrested and all the shops of Hari Mohan sweets having poison in their sweets. Dadu gets stressed seeing all that. Girish says don’t worry, I will bring Sid back home. Dadu says to do something for Sid.

The doctor checks Dadu and says he shouldn’t take the stress. Dadi says I am fine, he asks them to go and bring Sid back. Girish says we will free him, don’t worry. Girish, Shubham, and Abhishek leave. Mithai looks on.

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