It’s not easy to love update Sunday 12 March 2023

It’s not easy to love 12 March 2023: Apeksha tells Mithai that she will throw her out of Sid’s life. Mithai says this is my last request otherwise I will show you the power of a person who was raised on road. I am requesting you to go and tell everything to Sid, he will forgive you. Apeksha says you think he will trust me? I should get ready to tell him the truth right? She shits her head on the wall and falls down. Apeksha injures her head and says Mithai you did this. Mithai is shocked.

In the morning, Dadu asks Sid to take Mithai’s trophy to the room. Sid asks Shaurya to do it. Dadu asks Sid if everything is fine between him and Mithai? Sid says yes. Dadi says you are newly married so you should spend some time with Mithai instead of going to work. Indu arrives there and says I was bored at the hospital.Dadu asks if she is okay now? Indu says yes. Apeksha comes there, running to Sid. She says Mithai came to my house and tried to hurt me. I did the mistake of trying to help this family. Sid is shocked. Apeksha says I am scared of her, she tried to kill me.

She runs from there. Mithai tells Sid that she is lying about this. Sid says enough, you are doing all this to hide your cheating? You got your trophy so leave me and my friend alond. Dadu says Mithai is not wrong. Sid says the truth that she is took my victory by cheating, he leaves from there. Mithai is hurt.Mithai comes to her room and wipes her tears. She looks at her and Sid’s photo sadly.Sid arrives at Apeksha’s house and asks her to open the door. Apeksha says go back to your wife, happy married life to you, I can’t fight against your violent wife.

All family members come to Mithai. Abha says Mithai you are strong so don’t cry, we all trust you so that Apeksha can’t make us against you. Girish says I know what kind of a girl she is so don’t worry. Dadu tells Mithai that you can’t become weak. Girish says he is trusting a wrong person but you will bring him on the right path. Dadu says we will bring out the truth together. Dadu is calling Sid but he doesn’t take it.Sid is begging Apeksha to open the door, he says I need your friendship. Apeksha says no, I can’t bear more. Just leave me alone. She takes some whiskey and pours it on herself.

Sid breaks a window and enters the house. Apeksha takes a match-stick and says I will burn myself before getting insulted like this. Sid tries to stop her and asys don’t do this. He takes the match-stick from her, Apeksha hugs him and acts like crying. Mithai arrives there and asks Apeksha to stop lying to him. Sid asks why are you here? Just leave. Mithai says it’s our wedding today so I have come to take you. Sid says my friend needs me. Mithai says she is just pretending to need you. I will show the truth and then you can decide. Shubham brings the manager that Apeksha bribed. Mithai sasy I will bring the truth to you. The host says Apeksha gave us money to change the position in the list. The other man says she paid me to lie about your wife. Apeksha is scared. Mithai says she is injured so let’s go to the doctor.

You pretended like I abused you but the doctor will clarify if you were hit or if you did this yourself. Apeksha says I don’t want to go anywhere. Shubham says Apeksha is lying. Mithai tells Sid that I proved my innocence, now you have to decide between your friendship or your marriage. I will wait for you in the mandap so when you come there, come with complete faith in our relationship as I don’t want to start our relationship with dishonesty. Sid looks on.Mithai tells Sid that today is our wedding but I don’t want to start a new life with broken trust so if you come there then come with full trust in me now, she leaves from there. Sid glares at Apeksha and says I want to punch you right now.

Mithai was right, you can’t be my friend, I was a fool to trust you. Why did you do this? I trusted you but you tried to fool me? Why did you lie to me? He tries to leave, but Apeksha stops him and cries. She says you are important to me. Sid says you tried to make me hate Mithai. Apeksha hugs him and says I love you. Sid pushes her away and says you are a crazy woman. Apeksha grabs him and says Mithai doesn’t deserve you, I am prettier than her, what does she have that I don’t? Sid says you want to know what Mithai has? Mithai has honesty in her and you reek of lies. Mithai reunited me with my family but you tried to separate me from my family. You used my father against me but Mithai brought me closer to him. You are a home wrecker and Mithai is the one who brings people together. You are a fraud but Mithai.. you won’t understand.

Mithai is getting ready for the wedding. She recalls her words to Sid and thinks if Sid will come with trust in me? Sid calls Mithai and says I am sorry. I know it’s not enough, I do so many mistakes but you keep forgiving me. I am silly to be fooled by Apeksha. I am coming there with full trust in you. My anger and ego is my enemy but today I will accept you as my wife in front of everyone. Nobody will break us apart now Mrs. Mithai Sidharth. I am coming soon. Mithai says I am waiting for you. He ends the call and tells Apeksha that this is our last meeting, you won’t interfere in my life anymore. Apeksha thinks Sid is mine, no one can snatch him from me.

Mithai gets ready as a bride, Abha and others tease her that she is waiting for Sid impatiently.Sid is trying to leave Apeksha’s house but she hits him with a vase and he faints. Apeksha says I am sorry for hurting you but how can I let you marry someone else? You are mine and will be mine only. She sees his head bleeding and says I will dress your wound. I will take you far away from Mithai now. We will be one now. You are my Ram so I will take you awa. She drags him from there.Girish is doing the decorations in the house and puts Aarti’s photo there. Dadu praises him. The family brings Mithai there. Dadu, Girish and others bless her. Dadu says I will do her kanyadan.

Mithai says you will be my father today. Shaurya says let’s have some fun now. Abha says we have prepared something for our Mithai. Girish says my Sid and Mithai’s relationship started on a wrong foot. The family members mimic their bickerings, Mithai laughs seeing that. Pramod and Gitika mimic them. Mithai says it was a good performance. Girish says let’s see about their friendship now. Dadu and Dadi mimic their friendship. Mithai hugs them. Girish says let’s see about their love now. Mithai looks on.

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