It’s not easy to love update 10 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 10 January 2023: Mithai puts sweets in Sid’s snacks. She asks Kirti to take it to him.Apeksha tells Sid that you never allow anyone in your room but I saw that Mithai’s mother wss in your room now, I am also finding out you fought the goons for that girl? Sid says that goon was harassing her so I just helped her. Apeksha says you are getting deeply involved, pull yourself out of this matter. Kirti brings snacks there and is stressed. All others are outside his room and hiding. Rajeev asks Sid to eat and try the snacks. Sid eats it and realizes it’s sweets. They all run from there.

Karishma tells Rajeev that Sid would be angry now. Rajeev says let’s ignore and just celebrate holi. They all come to the venue and celebrate holi together. Rohan and Karishma play together.Mithai applies colors to Dadu and Dadi. Mithai says I made Sid eat sweets today. I fulfilled my mission before leaving.Sid is angry and comes to the holi venue. Mithai is running around and bumps into him. She starts leaving silently but Sid says stop.. come here. How dare you joke with me? I never ate sweets so how dare you make me eat it. Dadu says but.. Sid says don’t try to cover up for her. You know I don’t like these kinds of jokes. Mithai is holding colors and trips, the colors fall on Sid.

He is fuming with anger and says I will talk to Indu. He leaves. Mithai says my mother will scold me now.Sid comes to Indu’s room to complain about Mithai. He finds Indu lying on the floor, unconscious. He rushes to her and calls a doctor. Mithai comes there and gets worried. She asks what happened?The doctor checks Indu. Mithai says what happened to her? Indu says I am fine. Mithai says you should have told me about your sickness, I have no other than you. Indu says I am fine, just bring your kaada. Mithai goes to make kaada. Indu asks the doctor what’s her illness? Don’t tell anything to Mithai. The doctor does her check-up and tells Sid to consult with a heart specialist soon.

Indu requests Dadu and Sid to not tell anything to Mithai. Mithai brings kaada for her. The doctor asks Indu to take a rest and leaves. Sid tells Dadu that we shouldn’t tell anyone in the house about Indu. I will talk to a heart specialist. Dadu says Mithai’s whole world is her mother, she won’t be able to survive without her. You know what it’s like to lose your mother. Sid recalls losing his mother. Mithai comes to Dadu and asks if her mother is fine? Dadu says don’t worry, everything is fine. We will take your mother to a specialist. Mithai says are you hiding anything from me? Dadu says don’t worry, you just have to give her medicines on time and she will be fine. Mithai nods and goes to pray in the mandir.

Sid looks on. all family members come there to pray for Indu’s health.Sid is in his room. Subham comes there and says it’s good to see you in colors. You should start living your life filled with happiness.Sid comes to Indu’s room and says we have to go to the doctor tomorrow. Indu says we are worrying you people. Sid says it’s not like that, just take a rest. Indu says please don’t let Mithai know about my health. Sid says don’t ignore your health. My mother did the same mistake. You should think about your daughter, I will take you to the doctor tomorrow. He leaves from there.

Sid is in his room when Apeksha calls him. She says we have a meeting tomorrow, Sid says I won’t be able to attend the meeting. I have some personal work. Apeksha says what personal work? Sid says I can’t tell you right now and ends the call. Apeksha thinks he never hides things from me. Mithai comes to Sid’s room and asks if Maa and Dadu are hiding things from her? Sid looks on.Mithai comes to Sid’s room and says I think Dadu and Maa are hiding something from me so please let me know if there is anything to worry about my mother’s health.

I am sorry for throwing color at you but tell me if my Maa is alright? He says I will take her to the doctor tomorrow and then tell you. Mithai thanks him and leaves.In the morning, Ginesh gets a call from a businessman who wants to collaborate with him for franchises. He tells Dadu that our business will grow more now, he leaves. Sid comes there and says I will go to the doctor with Indu. Mithai comes there and says I will come with Maa. Dadu tells Mithai that you don’t need to go, I will go with your Maa and tell you what the doctor says. You just make delicious sweets for us and we will make Sid eat them too. Mithai says okay, I will cook and wait for you all. She tells Indu to go with Dadu to the doctor and I will wait here.

Dadu, Sid and Indu leave.Apekha’s mother asks if Sid is not coming for the meeting? Apeksha says he has some work so he is not going to attend the meeting. Her mother says I will drop you to the office.Apeksha and her mother are in the car when they see Sid going to the hospital with Indu. Apeksha says Sid is getting too involved, I will stop him. Apeksha’s mother says with which right you will stop him? Apeksha says he is my best friend. Apeksha’s mother says yes but you need to clarify your relationship with him first before showing any right. They drive away.Mithai cooks for Dadi who says you make delicious food. Chachi comes there and says you never praise me. Dadi says I want yo praise you always, I just want Indu to be fine so she and Mithai can go back to their village and Ginesh can calm down.

Mithai is cooking in the kitchen and says I just hope Maa is fine. Karishma tells Kirti that I don’t have a photo with Rohan so I can’t post it online. Rohan arrives there. All tease Karishma that he is here for you. Rajeev asks Mithai what is she cooking? She says I am making sweets. Karishma says I want my photo first. Mithai says let’s take a photo in the garden.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Indu and tells Sid that we have to do some tests. Dadu asks Sid to go to the office and he will take Indu back home.Mithai is clicking Rohan and Karishma’s photos. She makes them do Bollywood poses. Karishma says we should pose naturally. Mithai says let me think. She screams mouse and Karishma trips in fear. Rohan catches her and Mithai takes their photo. Karishma says this is the perfect click, and she thanks her.

Sid comes to his office and finds a rose and a gift there. Apeksha comes there and says the meeting went well. Sid opens the gift and it’s a chess box. Apeksha says remember we met fo the first time in a chess match 10 years ago. Sid says I don’t remember it, cheers to our friendship. Apeksha says you know how I feel for you, it’s not just friendship for me. We have been together for 10 years and I don’t mind saying that I love you so much, I want to make us official. Sid moves away and says I don’t believe in marriage and love. You are my best friend but I can’t love you, I don’t want you to compromise because of me. Apeksha is hurt and leaves from there.

Dadu and Indu come back home. Mithai asks what did the doctor say? Dadu says some tests were done and we will get the reports in the evening, everything will be fine. Mithai says I have cooked dishes for you.Sid is in his office and is worried about Indu’s health. He calls the hospital and asks if the reports are ready? I am coming to pick them. He recalls Apeksha’s confession and says I need to talk to her.Apeksha is crying in her room. Her mother comes there and asks what happened? Apeksha says I love Sid a lot, I shared my feelings with him but he just takes me as his best friend. I really love him. Her mother says just relax. She finds Sid calling and takes the call. He asks if Apeksha is fine? Her mother says she is hurt. Sid says you know I don’t believe in love and marriage, I am just her best friend.

Her mother says I respect your feelings but best relationships are made from best friends. We should take decisions after taking time so think about it. Sid says okay and ends the call. Apeksha says he doesn’t feel anything about me. Her mother says he doesn’t want to commit so you have to do something which will make Sid close to you. Sid is close to his Dadu so mingle with his family more, Sid can look tough but he is an emotional person so you have to make a place in his heart by winning over his family.Sid comes to the doctor and takes the reports. He says what is this? The doctor says yes, Indu has lung cancer. Sid is shocked to hear that.

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