I’m On the Edge update Tuesday 6 September 2022

I’m on the edge 6 September 2022: Adhi is about to put sindoor on Kesar’s forehead but Devi comes there and says stop Adhi. Adhi comes there and says you here? Devi says you cant marry her, you married me that day, I was behind that veil, you were living with me all these days. Kesar says why you are lying? I have got happiness in life and you are doing this? Adhi she is lying, she have been lying, she didnt marry you, I married you. Devi says to Adhi that Maasa knows the truth, she saw my face, she wanted to swap me and cheat you. Maasa says how dare you trap my Adhi. Devi says enough, you women are watching a woman insult another woman. Maasa says stop your rubbish and get lost.

Adhi says to Devi that I hate you, I hate myself because I love you, I keep asking why I love you, I have become crazy in your love, I loved you too much, I only loved you and will always love you, its okay if you dont love me back, I just want to ask what you saw in that city boy that you left me? Devi says you think I dont love you? if I didnt love you then why would have I come to marry you? Adhi says how do I know it was you? Devi says didnt your hands shake when you married me? when I was living with you in veil, didnt you feel my presence when you touched me, you thought you are going near Kesar but you felt me, it was our love bring us closer, you always listened to others, trusted them thats why our relation had to give this test but now you have to understand that if we love each other so much then no one else should come inbetween us, just trust your love once and you will know the truth, she lovingly looks at him.

Maasa says dont listen to her, she is trapping you. Adhi stops her and says I trust you Devi but still I have some doubt, you wanted to marry Virat? I saw your wedding invitation. Devi says who sent it? Adhi says Virat sent it, I saw it myself. Devi says enough, how much you will blame me? why didnt you ask me, why didnt you want to know the truth from me? we could have solved misunderstandings even if you just looked in my eyes, that card was fake, Maasa’s plan but if you still want to get proof then fine, where is that card? Adhi says wait. He goes and brings an envelope. Devi says printer always want to print their names on card, she sees printer address and says Virat lives in Delhi but printer is Sujangarh, lets call printer and ask him.

Maasa says dont need to call printer, she says to Adhi that yes I printed card and got it here because you were blinded by Devi, she hurt you and you still were head over heels for her, I didnt want you in love with her when she was sleeping with Virat, everything was written in that letter. Adhi says I didnt say anything about that letter to anyone, I never talked about that letter, I didnt tell you what was written in letter and I tore it then how you know what was written in it? Maasa says to Devi that are you happy now? Adhi pulls her away from Devi and says enough Maaasa, I wont bear injustice with Devi now, I understand everything now, Devi is my wife, Adhiraj’s wife, listen no one will do injustice with Devi in palace, did you try to separate me from my love? Maasa says yes, i tried to make you away from that girl because I love my son, I got destroyed because of this girl’s family, I wanted to take revenge from her, I didnt want an educated girl make my uneducated son dance to her tunes, I wanted to make her puppet, I didnt know that my son would my enemy’s daughter, thats why I tried to separate you both, I tried to make you marry again because Kesar is right for you, not this educated Devi.

Adhi says I wont listen to your orders today, I did everything from childhood as you said, you were like my God and I did everything you asked but what wrong did this girl do? your animosity was with her family but this girl had to bear your attacks and didnt say a word in return, she put your slippers on head, you say you love me but you couldnt see your son’s love? love just happens and now no one will come between Devi and me, I will not listen to you anymore, I will be with her, take out your poison today because you will get another chance. Devi smiles and says to Adhi that lets forget everything and start a new life, you and me both, without any doubts and blames, we will start a new life.

Kesar says what about me? you showed me dreams for my baby, whats my value now? am I widow or Adhi’s not married wife? I am worried about my unborn baby, that will not get father’s love, Adhi you promised to give him father’s name, but what now? Maasa thinks Kesar is going right. Kesar says answer me Adhi. Adhi looks on.Kesar asks Adhi whats my value now? what about my unborn child? you said you will give him father’s name, what now? answer me. Adhi says I promised you and I still stand by it, I will give him name as father and Devi will be his mother, we will raise him nicely, we will not make him another Adhiraj, dont worry. Adhi hugs Devi. Kesar runs from there.

Devi smiles at Adhi. Adhi says I am sorry Devi, I doubted your lose, please forgive me. Devi says you were provoked, I knew true love would win, Adhi says now this love wont lessen, wait here. Adhi brings sindoor, he applies on her forehead. Adhi says to family that she is my wife now, and if anyone tries to come between us then I will kill them, he says to Maasa that your plans failed, he says to Devi that no one will come between us, we will live happily in this palace so I have decided that Maasa, Urmi will not live in this palace anymore, they will leave to asylum and live there, all are stunned. Devi says dont do that, acept your family, give them chance to repent, dont throw them out, its their house.

Adhi says let me tell you a story, one animal wanted to save a crab, he took him to cross river but at the end crab bit him because its crab’s nature, dont give them chance to separate us again, I am going to lawyer, I will name all my property to you, he says when I return, Maasa, Urmi and Basuri should not be in house, he says to Devi that I will return soon, he kisses her forehead and leaves. Devi touches Maasa’s feet and says you are more than my mother, you gave me love of my life, if you didnt make me marry Adhi then I wouldnt have got him, thanks a lot, she smiles and goes to her room. Maasa looks on.

Kesar says to Maasa that I tried to handle everything but.. Urmi says you dont have to leave, we cant live in asylum, Maasa do something. Maasa recalls how Adhi said he will name his property to Devi.Devi gets ready in her room, she wears jewelry and smile. All joke that she cant wait to meet Adhi. Devi says I finally got my love, I just have to wait for sometime.

Scene 2
Adhi is driving and says to himself that Devi I am coming back, I love you a lot, I will give you world, you just see. He sees some jeeps infront of him, he stops to see goons there.Devi starts dancing in her room. She dances on sajan, she dances with Adhi and her photo but suddenly photo falls and breaks down, she thinks this is bad omen, is Adhi alright? she leaves.Adhi asks goons who they are and who sent them? Maasa comes there and points gun at him, Adhi says you? you want to shoot me? I cant believe you want to shoot your son that fulfilled all your wishes, the one who left education for you, who married on your order, you want to shoot that son? if my mother wants to shoot me then I should die.

Maasa says enough, I am not your mother. She says we didnt have animosity because your father died but because I wanted animosity, your father didnt have kids with Sunanda so he kept affair with me, I was a dancer and thought I can become his wife but then your mother gave you birth and your father went back to her, I couldnt bear it so I killed your mother and married your father, I became Heera Rajawat from Heera dancer, I lived lavish life but then your father got to know my truth so I had to kill him too. Adhi is stunned to hear it. Maasa says to Adhi that I kept fooling you for years but you are her blood thats why giving property to your wife, I didnt kill your parents for you to take away property.

Adhi says you fooled me for years? if you wanted some money then you could have asked and I would have given it, I took you as God and you want to kill me? Maasa says you want to take away everything from me. Adhi says I want to kill you right now. Maasa says you know the truth so I ant keep you alive. She points gun at him and is about to shoot but Devi comes and pulls Adhi away. She falls down from mountain with Adhi. Maasa says Devi here? she asks goons to find them.

In jungle, Adhi hugs Devi and asks if she is fine? she nods, he says Maasa was behind all this, she wanted to keep us away. Devi says we are together. Adhi says I saw death closer, I want to live life with you, I dont want to die, I want to spend time with you.

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