I’m On the Edge update Tuesday 19 July 2022

I’m on the edge 19 July 2022: Devi is cooking in the kitchen. She is making sweet. Urmi says I have to stop this. She says what did you make? no one wants to eat your food. No one would eat it. I am not saying it. Masa would say it;. She makes lassi for adhi. Kesar says what will you do now devi?

Devu scares urmi with a rat. She gets scared. Devi replaces her lassi with hers. Urmi gives the lassi to Adhi. He screams and says it is so spicy. Who mixes spice in lassi give me water. Urmi runs to get water. Devi comes. Adhi takes the sweet and eats it all. He says I feel better now. he says what is it? She says dessert. She says I made it and it filled the ritual. Adhi says in heart maybe she mixed spices.
DEvi says to Kesar I told you I would do my ritual.

Masa says to Adhi I will go for pooja today.

Adhi says this girl is very clever you are going to pooja keep an eye on her. Masa says I wont take her i will take bansuri. You focus on work. He says I have always been working since dad’s death.

Devi makes rats eat. She says your master will understand my importance too.
Masa is going for pooja. Bansuri says should we take urmi too? urmi says I should stay home to keep an eye on Devi. Masa says yes stay home. They leave. Saradh comes. He says where is adhi? Busy in his wedding night? Urmi says he won’t even touch his wife. He has just married her for his mother. Saradh says but they are married now. They have to do these rituals now. Urmi says yes maybe. He goes to meet Adhi.

Kesar serves Adhi food. SAradh comes and sits with him. He says congrats on winning th case. Adhi says I won because of you. Saradh says maybe your wife brought this luck. Today is your wedding night.
Devi comes to Urmi’s room. Urmi says you look pretty. Its your wedding night. Every bride dreams of love from husband and in laws. I have to get you ready for adhi.
Adhi says I came here as servant for my mom. I have nothing to do with her.
Urmi says I know you don’t want it but adhi asked me to get you ready. He can’t fear you other way so he thought maybe this way. I can’t do anything. Maybe he wants to break you this way. Devi is scared.

Urmi says I have to get you ready for your wedding night. she says here is your dress. She makes her wear the jewelry. Saradh says she is your wife. Adhi says enough.
Saradh says to Kesar the food is good. She says I hope after today Adhi will change. saradh says he is not ready to accept her.
Urmi says wedding is completed after this. He can do anything for his anger. He doesn’t consider you his wife. Kesar says this.. Urmi says Adhi asked me to get devi ready. Kesar says don’t worry devi. I am sure after today he will come close to you. She takes DEvi to her room. Urmi gives Devi a knife. She says no one can touch a woman without her will. Even her husband. Keep this with you. Devi sits on the bed. The knife is under the pillow. Urmi leaves.

Urmi saays to Saradh where is Adhi? Please send him to the room. He has married devi. Adhi comes. She says where were you? I dont know how to ask. The relation between man and woman is weird. I have heard that spider woman eats her husband after mating. He says what are you asking? She says I am not educated. I wanted to know. He says yes thats true. urmi says Devi is in room waiting for you. She must be challenging your manliness. Adhi comes in room. Urmi says maybe she wants to compel you with her beauty and then make you a pupet. She says devi called you namard once. Adhi goes in room..

Urmi calls Masa. She says you recognized her right. SHe is getting ready for wedding night. Masa says listen what to do. She cuts her phone and turns it off.
Adhi comes to room in anger and locks the door. Devi grasps the knife. He says you have decorated this room and dressed up. Nice. He drinks. He says have you been waiting for me? It must not be a man who would stop himself after all this. You thought.. he takes off her ghughat. he breaks her bangles and says you thought this beauty will seduce me? You wanna do this wedding night? You would never be successful. you wanna celebrate wedding night? This night will be the night of hate for you. Devi is taking the knife out.

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