I’m On the Edge update Sunday 14 August 2022

I’m on the edge 14 August 2022: Devi is in room. Adhi comes there. He recalls everything. Devi says I have to tell him that there was poison in bottle. Kesar says to Bansuri Devi will now live in Adhi’s room. Kesar comes to their room with milk. She leaves..

Jeet Gayi
Masa is angry in her room. Urmi says adhi is taking that girl to his room. Bansuri says kesar is helping her as well. We will all be outside this house. Heera says go from here. They leave. Bansuri says there is something for sure. Urmi says we have to know what game are they playing now.
Devi says i have had a long journey between these rooms. He says a lot happened that I didn’t expect and now.. She says now? Urmi and Bansuri are trying to overhear. Adhi says what are you trying to say. He says you are my wife thats the only truth I know. Devi says I can’t do this. Saradh comes outside and says what are you both doing here? Give them some privacy. Urmi says no we were just walking.
Devi says I can’t say this lie. He says what lie? Adhi drinks the milk. He takes his kurta off. Devi says this is too early. He says okay i understand. He says I felt like there was an insect in my kurta. He leaves. Devi sleeps on the floor.

Urmi says what is happening inside?

Pretty calls Urmi. urmi says that devi is trying to get my Adhi. She has crossed all the limits. I don’t know what to do. Masa is just silent. Urmi says take care everything will be fine.

Adhi brings Devi to jungle. A storm rages on. Devi is asleep. she opens her eyes and says where are we? She says you wanted to surprise me right? I am so happy. This is such a pretty place. Is this our first romantic date? Adhi is in a shock. devi says our journey will be so beautiful together. Lets sit on the swing. Adhi and Devi sit on the swing. She says everything is so pretty. Devi falls from the swing but Adhi holds her. Devi says lets go home. Thanks for today. Adhi says in heart why couldn’t I kill her? Devi takes his hand and says letss go.

Urmi says to Bansuri hide this poison. No one should know this was Masa’s game. devi overhears it and is in a shock. Devi says Masa drank poison to prove me wrong. I wont hide this truth from Adhi this time. I will tell him.
Masa says to all the mails go and clean the house.
Devi comes to Masa. Devi says I know you very well now. I know the reality. You drank the poison yourself. Don’t misuse your son. you will lose your respect. My husband loves me. Heera says your confidence will shatter. Devi says stop this hate. Heera says he is my son before being your husband. Devi says then don’t do things that will take him away from you.

Adhi says comes to Heera. Heera says you didn’t kill her yet. I don’t know what your plan is. Do you love her? Adhi says no masa. Adhi says I will play like her. Heera says until you dont’ wash my hands with her blood I will keep reminding you of your father’s death. Adhi says its a promise. I will kill her tonight.

Devi comes to Adhi. Devi says no I wont come. He says don’t worry nothing would happen. Lion would run from you. Devi says you are a lion as well. You don’t run. Adhi smiles. Adhi says you have to come with me. It will be fun. All the people are going to see the lion. I brought this dress for you. Devi smiles. She says for me? He says yes go and change.
Teja calls Devi. Devi tells her that she is going out with adhi.

Devi waits on the tree for Adhi, who goes back to the vehicle saying that he has forgotten the torch there,she hears the tiger’s roar,Adhi ,who is hiding in the bushes nearby,waiting for the tiger to come and attack Devi,takes a shot at the makeshift platform on which Devi is sitting and the rope snaps.The platform crashes down and along with it Devi to the ground.As Adhi waits with bated breath ,to Devi’s horror ,the tiger slowly advances.Devi calls out to Adhi but as there is no response,she slowly gets up and without taking her eyes off the tiger,climbs up the tree again.As this goes on ,Adhi leaves Devi to the tiger and goes back to his jeep but as starts the engine ,he remembers that he has left his gun somewhere in his hideout and decides to go back.

The tiger ,after trying all possible means to reach Devi,finally loses interest and leaves.Devi ,after a few minutes,tries to climb down the tree but slips and falls .As she screams out in pain ,Adhi comes back in search of his gun and the tiger ,hearing the commotion ,also comes back to find Devi on the ground.Adhi finds his gun and excitedly waits for the tiger to kill Devi.At the same time he becomes restless and puts his finger on the trigger.

As the tiger pounces on a terrified Devi,Adhi pulls the trigger.Devi falls back and tiger runs away.
When Devi opens her eyes ,she finds Adhi standing at the bushes and thinks that she was saved by him.As she hugs Adhi ,he wonders what is that that is saving Devi.in the meantime ,Teja comes there with the villagers and gets introduced to Adhi.Devi assures Teja that as long as Adhi is with her,nothing can harm her.
In the haveli,masa goes into a frenzied dance and thanks the goddess for blessing her with a son like Adhiraj.She thinks that finally the day has come that she has been waiting for and Adhi will be coming at any time with Devi’s blood.

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