Illusion update Wednesday 22 December 2021


Illusion 22 December 2021: A courier boy brings parcel and asks a man if this is PK Mittal’s house. Man says yes and asks to handover parcel to him. Courier boy says he will hand it over to PK Mittal itself. Ishani’s cousin Sonali introduces her as today is her engagement and she is eager to meet her fiance Kabeer. Sonali’s brother Jay records their video and asks if Jahnvi has booked a romantic dinner table for Kabeer. Ishani shies. Dadaji walks to them and asks if Jahnvi’s pooja is finished and when is she bringing Radha Krishna’s idol. Jay asks Dadaji how did he meet Daadi. Dadaji describes how he met daadi in a cinema hall and their eyes locked while watching Dilip Kumar’s video. He then sees courier boy and asks what is it. Courier boy says it is for PK Mittal.

Dadaji asks to call Prem. Prem comes down while speaking over phone and receives parcel. He opens it and is shocked to see his effigy head with bullet mark in the middle of forehead and message that next time it will be his real head.
Jahnvi gets ready to take Radha Krishna’s idol possession home carrying pots on her head. Her husband Dhruv records her video. She addresses Kabeer that he is getting engaged to her sister Ishani and she will be part of their family. Dhruv says Kabeer will be both brother and co-brother to him from hereon and asks him to come home soon for a surprise. At home Dadaji and Jay get concerned seeing PK’s effigy head and ask who must have sent it. PK jokes that cheap plastic material is used to make his effigy head, it does not resemble his nose and forehead. Dadaji asks to be serious. PK asks when is Kabeer coming, if they revealed about surprised. Dadaji and Jay say not yet. Kabeer asks when is Jahnvi coming. Jahnvi steps into home carrying pots with Radha Krishna’s idol possession behind. She slips on something and drops pots down.

Family is shocked to see that. Chanda Chachi shouts it is a big abshagun. Jahnvi panics and says it is a mistake. PK handles the situation and asks pandits to perform pooja and have asks Jahnvi to serve prasad to pandits. Senior pandit says they came to have prasad made by PK’s wife Suman. PK says she is unwell, but Jahnvi says she will Suman and ask her to prepare prasad.Jahnvi walks to Suman’s house who looks mentally unstable and nervously chanting slokas and praying for Kabeer’s safety. She asks Suman to prepare prasad for pandits. Suman agrees and walks towards kitchen when PK stops her and asks her to return back to her room as she is ill. Suman says she is fine. Jahnvi requests PK to let Suman prepare prasa and he agrees. Suman walks into kitchen. Jahnvi looks at fish tank and feeding food to fishes sings Machli jal ki rani hai iska jeevan paani hai haat lagaye to darjayegi, pani se bahar nikalo to marjayegi. Suman walks into kitchen and prepares prasad. Maid making angry face asks if she will prepare prasad. Suman nervously says yes. Maid walks away making jealous face. Jahnvi chats with Ishani and says she will be soon part of her family and get ready to meet Kabeer tonight.

After Suman prepares prasad, Jahnvi serves food to all pandits. Senior pandit starts food and finding fish in prasad shouts disaster…they mixed fish in prasad. Suman nervously says she herself prepared prasad and did not mix fish. Pandits walk out shouting and yelling. PK yells at Suman that he warned her, but she did not listen. Family drama continues. In the evening, family gets ready to welcome Kabeer. Someone informs Kabeer’s car came. Ishani with whole family walks out holding aarti thali. Kabeer walks out of car followed by a kid and a woman, and he introduces them as his son and wife Kavya. Family stands amazed.

Family eagerly waits for Kabeer holding aarti thali. Kabeer gets out of car with his wife Kavya and son. Dadaji asks when did he marry without family’s knowledge, Jahnvi was dreaming of getting him married to Ishani. PK angrily says he never changed and is still same. Jahnvi says it is not Kabeer’s mistake, else he would not have returned home. Family walks away fuming over Kabeer. Jahnvi asks Kabeer not to worry, she is with him and asks to come in. Kabeer’s son Arush asks him why everyone were scolding him. Jahnvi says nobody knew they would get such a pretty baby. She performs Kabeer’s family’s aarti and walks in saying she will return soon. She prepares for graha paravesh mixing some chemical in a thali in stead of red water and performs Kavya’sgraha pravesh. Kabeer tries to speak. Jahnvi says forget it and takes them to Kabeer’s room. Arush calls him Veer and says it is a pretty room. Jahnvi asks if he calls him Dev and asks Kavya to feel free as it is her room from hereon. Kabeer thaks her for supporting him after so much happened. Jahnvi asks him to forget everything and leave it on her. Once she leaves, Kavya and Kabeer look at each other’s face.

Ishani cries in her room vigorously while Sonali tries to console her. Jahnvi walks in. Ishani asks if she is so bad. Jahnvi says it is my mistake, I would have asked Kabeer beforehand. Sonali says it is Kavya’s mistake who cleverly trapped Kabeer, Kabeer was always open minded and came home each year since 6 years, but hid about Kavya. Jahnvi asks her to forget it and consoles Ishani.Suman in her room lies on bed with panic attack. Kabeer walks into his mother Suman’s room. Suman excitedly hugs him and says good he came back. Kabeer says he needs to speak. She says later and asks if he will not go again and will take over his father’s business. Kabeer asks why are her hands cold. Jahnvi enters and introduces Kabeer’s wife Kavya and son Aarush. They both try to take her blessings, but she backs off and confronts Kabeer that he did not came for her and asks to go away from here. Kabeer asks why mom is breathing heavily and having cold hands, what happened to her. Jahnvi takes Kabeer out and says maa is having high BP and she forgot to give medicine ot maa, he can go dining table and have food with family while she speak to PK.

Jahnvi walks to PK’s room with food where dadaji and Dhruv are also present. Chanda says whole family is behaving as if curfew is imposed. Jahnvi walks in and says dadaji is hungry since long. PK reacts and asks if she thinks it is normal. Jahnvi says whole city knows about Kabeer returning home, it is a question of PK Mittal’s reputation. PK angrily kicks flower basket and walks away shouting if they kept flowers for his funeral. Kavya picks flower and shows her villainous expression. She then walks into Kabeer’s room and says Arush will sleep with her while Kabeer and Kavya stay in this room. Arush says he wants to sleep with mamma. Jahnvi says she brought story books for him and takes him away.Kabeer and Kavya feel nervous alone in their room looking at flower decorated bed. Saath rahke bhi kareeb na rahe…song…plays in the background. Jahnvi takes Arush to her room and asks if he is afraid of chudails. He says no. She says he will get afraid of this chudail and frightens him with her expressions. On the other side, Kavya tells Kabeer he should tell truth. Kabeer says everyone hates him and mom’s is unwell, but he has to speak truth. Kavya angrily pulls flower decoration and cries. Kabeer asks to control herself, though it is not easy for her. He extends her hand towards her shoulder. Jahnvi frightens Arush and he runs towards Kabeer’s room calling mamma. Jahnvi tries to stop him. Kabeer opens door. Arush runs in. Jahnvi is surprised to see flowers on floor.



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