Illusion update Tuesday 4 January 2022


Illusion 4 January 2022: Kabir ask kavya does she trust him?? Kavya replies how can he ask such question?? And say she trust him just like she trust vyom.. Kabir try to get up but have pain?, kavya ask him to lie down and rest, they can talk about it later.. Aarush come and hug kabir asking is he hurt??? He will be fine… Kabir think? how to tell them Vyom truth?? Will they able to bear it??

Amma scold? Jhanvi that Manohar was troubling her, and she didn’t inform.. Jhanvi cry?? that she was scared today for Ishani and hug Amma.. Amma make her calm down and shail say i shall see him.. Jhanvi remind him his work that he has to keep eye on 2 people, that people are Jai and Sonali, and she shall deal with Manohar as he is among revenge list who ruined her papa..Chanda dances?? when one of army??

officer come and she slatue him, officer ??inform that Kabir need to be present infront of army court within 48? hours, otherwise arrest warrent will be issued.. Chanda turn toward him, and remove her earphones.. Jhanvi comes and recived orders.. Kabir come, when chanda try to inform him, but Jhanvi ask her to practice.. In starting Jhanvi try to hide, but she give amry court orders to Kabir.. They both talk outside about how Vyom betrayed country.. Jhanvi inform she is aware, but everyone need to hear truth, specially Kavya.. She even praises Kabir for taking such risk while supporting Kavya and Aarush.. Kabir say but he feel he is cheating Country, and ask Jhanvi how to tell Vyom truth to Kavya??Dhurv shows PK poster ideas for election campigans, when Manohar ask for leave to crack deal about family property.. PK ask him to leave, and call him idiot.. Manohar watch Jhanvi cunningly??, which Kavya notice from upstairs..

Manohar come out and was about wear his shoes?, when jhanvi hit his shoes with Football⚽ and taunt him that shoes? went away by my practice.. Manohar warn her saying when we shall meet next, I shall have your whole truth, start gathering funds??..Kavya is lost in thoughts when Kabir call her again and again!! Kavya say that don’t tell you are not coming!! Kabir ask where?? Kavya say for aarush admission vyom!! And both realise it, she say I mean Kabir.. And goes to washroom, while Kabir think? why is unable to tell Vyom truth to Kavya?? They reach school ?for aarush admission..PK deny for any interview as he is on door to door campaign, and see he has gone to Dr. ashok place junu indore, and remember how he use to keep coming to that place for meeting Ashok..

Amma welcome PK and ask him for clean place, Jhanvi encourage him for this for getting vote.. He ask to call? commissioner, jhanvi put call? on speaker, where commissioner say he is not PK bodyguard, he is busy… Jhanvi and Dhurv wonder? what has happened b/w two.. But Amma praise jhanvi..Principal see aarush admission form and ask why father name is Vyom written?? Kavya replies that Vyom was her first husband an army officer??, and aarush father, who died while serving and Saving Nation and she is proud at him and want Aarush to become like him.. Kabir get tense?, he get up in anger?? and goes out..PK brooms roads campaigning for his mayor elections while media records. He looks at his best friend/Jahnvi’s father’s burnt house and goes into flashback where his friend informs he developed a formula to cure deadly disease.


PK says his company will produce medicine and they will earn crores. Friend says he wants to serve poor with free medicines. Out of flashback, Amma asks PK if he knows whose house it is. PK nods no. Amma says a doctor’s house. PK walks ahead holding broom. Jahnvi fumes hearing that and looks at her childhood scribbling made on road. She is about to ram a standing cycle while walking looking at PK when Dhruv notices and stops her, injuring his hand. She gets worried seeing his injury and scolds him. He asks if she cares him so much, she will fall in his love. PK ends his campaigning and requests people to vote for him to change their city for good. He slips and falls into cow dung. Jahnvi laughs and then walks to PK asking if he is fine. Amma taunts PK that he is totally smeared in cow dung and should take a bathe in someone’s house here.

PK panics, but acts seeing people and goes to take bathe at a nearby house. House owner praises PK’s kind heartedness. PK comes out after a bath wearing village clothes and yelling even if he bathes many times, cow dung stink will not fade away. House owner touches PK’s feet and thanks him for his monetary help years ago against evil doctor. Kavya and Amma get angry hearing that. Kayva returns home with Kabir after attending Aarush’s school admission interview and confronts Kabir for spoiling the interview. Kabir holds Kavya and says he cannot. Chanda cacha walks to them yelling they got intimate even in public and asks Kabir to drop her to beauty parlor. Kabir says he has some work. She start emotional atyachar and convincing him gets into car and calling Kavya margali chipkali/weak lizard orders her to close door. Kavya then walks into home. Jahnvi asks now was Aarush’s school admission. Kavya says bad and walks to her room. PK walks in with Dhruv and Jahnvi in village attire. Jay looks at him in surprise. PK yells and walks to his room.

Chanda’s birthday party starts at night. PK socializes with ladies and clicks pics with them. Jay enjoys soft drinks and says Kabir that party is boring without hard drinks and says mamma/Chanda will embarrass everyone today with her weird dress. Jahnvi walks to them. Jay says it is soft drinks. Jahnvi says she did not ask and asks him to go and be with Sonali. She then asks Kabir if he informed truth to Kavya. Kabir says he did not find courage. She says he has to.

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