Illusion update Saturday 12 February 2022

Illusion 12 February 2022: Pooja sees Chanda types cleaning god’s idol and asks if she can help. Suman asks Anuradha to warn Pooja to stay away. Dadaji asks why she is stopping Pooja from gathering punya, she bravely saved him yesterday and has already faced a lot, so he as an elder requests her to let Pooja participate in pooja. Guruji enters and Suman introduces his family and then Pooja as Kabir’s wife. Pooja takes his blessings. Guruji says he had come here when Kabir was very young. Guruji starts pravachan while Suman gets into kitchen to prepare food for Guruji. Pooja asks if she can help, but Suman as usual yells at her and sends her away.

Guruji continues his pravachan when Suman asks if she can serve him food. He says after sometime. During lunch time, Suman asks again and Guruji agrees. Suman with Chanda types goes to kitchen. Chanda sees fish in daal and asks Suman if she added fish again for Guruji. Suman says she didn’t last time and even now, it was Pooja last time and even this time. She calls Kabir and yells that Pooja did it. Guruji asks Suman if she served food. Suman stands nervously. Guruji hears Pooja singing bhajan and walks to her. He gets mesmerized with her voice and asks her to continue her bhajan. Pooja sings O palan haare..bhajan. Once she finishes, Guruji finishes lunch and says he will come again to listen Pooja’s bhajan and leaves.

Kabir asks Suman what she has to tell about Pooja now, she saved our family again. Suman yells Pooja added fish in daal. Rani smirks hearing that. Kabir says let us check CCTV footage and asks Jay to bring footage. Rani gets tensed thinking why didn’t she think about CCTV. Kabir plays footage and sees blank screen. Rani gets happy seeing this. Suman continues verbally abusing Pooja and says until Pooja is in this house, there will be problems arising, so she should leave this house soon.

After sometime, Pooja informs Kabir that she deleted CCTV footage as she saw Rani adding fish in daal. Rani walks to her and yells that she is acting as good to impress Kabir and will never succeed in her plan. Pooja challenges to change Rani soon. Once Rani leaves, Kabir and Pooja’s romance starts. They enjoy food romancing each other.Kabir gets romantic with Pooja while is busy cutting vegetables in kitchen. Pooja cuts her finger, and Kabir worriedly checks hr finger cut. Chanda types notices them and informs Suman that Kabir and Pooja are romancing. Suman walks to kitchen angrily and sees Kabir scolding Pooja that she incurred a small cut and shouldn’t create a havoc here. He asks Suman if she needs anything. Suman says nothing and walks away. Chanda types tells Suman that she really saw Kabir and Pooja romancing. After sometime, Kabir takes family out of bunglow and shows Premkunj nameplate saying everything is back to normal now.Dadaji gets happy and says Kabir did right. Kabir says it is not his idea and walking to Pooja, who is hiding behind chair nervously, holds her hand and says it is her idea and if they can’t see changed Pooja. Dadaji says he is right and asks Suman to change her mindset regarding Pooja as even he sees changed Pooja.

Suman doesn’t deter though and yells that she is waiting when Pooja will leave this house.Pooja walks to Anuradha and asks when she used to get worried even for a slight injury in childhood, why can’t she forgive her. Anuradha yells at her. Kabir walks to Anuradha and asks as a mother if she cannot understand her daughter’s feeling. Anuradha says she doesn’t want to talk about it, why is he so kind on Pooja even after she troubled his family. Kabir says Pooja is his wife, though they have filed for divorce. Kabir asks if she cannot see her daughter’s tears and sad face. Anuradha walks away saying again that she doesn’t want to talk about it.Rani brainwashes Chanda types and Jay that Pooja has completely trapped Kabir and will make him transfer whole property in her name. Chanda types yells and says she will ask her children’s share. Rani says Kabir will not give so easily, so Jay has to act as joining Kabir’s factory and in lieu of getting documents signed get property documents signed. Jay agrees and walking to Kabir tells him that no college wants to admit him after he was debarred from college in copying case, so if he can work in Kabir’s factory from grass root level and learn all the processes with hard work. Kabir asks him to complete his studies first and then think of job. Jay insists. Kabir says he can join office from tomorrow. Chanda types walks to them and says good Kabir gave job to her son, there is nothing left in studies.

Pooja meets Kabir and says she doesn’t to separate from him and he should do something. Kabir says even he doesn’t want to and will do something. Suman fumes thinking Pooja is tricking Dadaji and Kabir. Anuradha walks to her and says she feels she needs to give Pooja a chance seeing her sad face and teary eyes and changed behavior. Suman says as a mother its obvious to think like this, but she knows Pooja has not changed at all and she wants Pooja to divorce Kabir soon. After sometime, Jay walks to Kabir and asks signed company documents, hiding property papers in them. Kabir is about to sign papers when Pooja stops him.

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