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If you were not there 17 August 2023: Abhimanyu informs he is coming to drop Nidtiya, so can she send him the address of her house since he knows the location but not that particular address, Sulochana gets really worried because Nidtiya says that she knows the location of the house so there is nothing to worry about but Niyati replies that he must not come to the house since she is not here and he must drop her from where he picked her, Abhimanyu ends the call with a smile mentioning that they are going to meet, Sulochana if not in the house then she will still come face to face with Abhimanyu in the market.

Abhimanyu is driving while Nidtiya is constantly looking at him when he asks what happened, she apologizes because he remembers his baby, she just desired to talk with him but instead made him remember her, Abhimanyu explains

there is no need to apologize since he has finally got someone with whom he can talk his heart out, and is really happy, but sometimes he feels lonely, Nidtiya replies he would not be lonely anymore since he has his friends, he thanks her when she replies they should not talk like this, he doesnot understand so she explains her mothers favorite movie of Salman khan is the one in which eh says no sorry no thank you, so he must take back his thank you, Abhimanyu agrees smiling when she exclaims that he is even more handsome when he smiles so asks if he has any photo of her, Abhimanyu recalling the events from six years ago exclaims that he did not had the chance to see her properly, Nidtiya exclaims there is nothing to be worried about and he can look at her since she would be just like his daughter, he replies he feels his daughter would be like her. Nidtiya questions what about his wife as she was not in the house, he exclaims they should not talk about her, Nidtiya questions if she also doesnot live with them like his father, Nidtiya assures she will not talk with him about his wife but there is just one problem, it is that she gets bored if she is asked to remain quiet, so he should tell her an interesting story, like a movie filled with love.

Abhimanyu starts telling her about the first night when he met Niyati, revealing he fell in love just as they met each other, Nidtiya exclaims like Prince charming and Cinderella, she questions what happened next, he reveals they became friends and met each other a lot of times, they fell in love with each other even when a lot of people tried to get rid of them but they finally got married, she asks if they lived happily ever after, Abhimanyu exclaims they were happy for sometime but then got separated, she asks the reason, Abhimanyu explains that he doesnot know the reason.

Angad is drinking when he receives a call so questions who is she, the beggar exclaims she has to remind him every month because he gave her a girl to train her as a beggar but now, she wants the fees but Angad ends the call. he then dials the call to the inspector explaining this beggar is constantly asking him for the money at the start of every month but it has been enough so he might kill her, Inspector replies they should not talk about murdering in front of the police and it is better that he pays the beggar because who knows she would have also kept some proof as the ward boy. Inspector even asks for his share of money, Angad gets furious thinking they all are beggars but he is going to teach them a lesson after the case is over.

The beggars are talking when she explains she has been taking money on the same of the child from him, even when she had out the child on the steps of Mandir the same night, she doesnot know what he would do to her when he finds out the truth, her friend questions if anyone has found out till now so there is nothing to be worried about, she should just ask him for money.

Niyati sitting on the bed informs Sulochana that she kept Nidtiya away from the Panday family so that she doesnot find out the truth but then she herself came in front of Abhimanyu, he felt as if she is her daughter from the second marriage so who knows what he might do to her. Abhimanyu calls her explaining h e reached the location from where he picked Nidtiya. Niyati wonders what should they do now.

Abhimanyu sitting in the car thinks she is a really beautiful daughter so her parent would be very lucky. A women comes to the door of the car explaining that Nidtiya’s mother sent her to pick Nidtiya, however Abhimanyu recalling the kidnapping of her own daughter refuses to allow her to take Nidtiya, he dials the contact of Niyati asking why did she not come herself as some other lady has arrived, Niyati after changing her voice explains she was about to come but twisted her ankle so is not able to walk, she knows Uma Bhabhi who is their neighbor, Abhimanyu after asking her name is still not convinced so he suggest to have a video call so they can confirm it.

Abhimanyu reveals six years ago he witnessed an incident when his daughter was kidnapped, Niyati thinks she can understand because this pain is for the both of them, he is all alone while she still has Nidtiya, Abhimanyu explains he lost his daughter because of his wife so he cannot trust Nidtiya with someone like this, Abhimanyu apologizes to Uma before handing her Nidtiya.

Uma Bhabhi comes behind the trees asking if Niyati is fin since she did not go back when she explains that she is a nurse so was able to take the medicine.

Abhimanyu reaches his room while Niyati also sits beside Nidtiya who is sleeping, she recalls how Ram forced her to accept taking the divorce from Abhimanyu she starts thinking about all the beautiful memories that she has with him and is weeping.

Abhimanyu in the room sits on the bed after drinking the water, he lies down constantly thinking about Nidtiya who is such a beautiful girl, and became his friend in such a short time. He is not able to forget thinking about her.Nidtiya asks Niyati if she went the uncle of kavya and her dashing friend so questions why did she not wake her up because she wanted to hear them both talk, Niyati informs she did not meet him because she had some work and so was not able to go. She advises Nidtiya to hurry because they might get late but Ram comes saying that she must stay back as today her Grandmother would drop her off, Nidtiya questions why when Ram explains that he has some important work with her mother, Nidtiya agrees on the condition that she will not scold her and even buy a chocolate, Sulochana agrees leaving with her. Ram mentions today she has to fulfill the promise which she made yesterday, he hands her the divorce papers along with the pen asking her to sign it, Niyati is left stunned as tears start filling her eyes.

Ram informs Niyati that Abhimanyu cannot love anyone else besides his mother, he has always defended her even when she was wrong but her hands are trembling to get divorce from such a person, he snatches the papers from her hands threatening to do what he stopped yesterday, she however stops him taking the papers from his hands, Ram apologizes for forcing her like this since he knows it is wrong but this is the only way he can save her from Abhimanyu, Ram asks her to sign them as it is his responsibility to take the signatures from Abhimanyu after which he is going to submit them in the court.

Niyati starts thinking about Abhimanyu, how they both met and he explained that it is Niyati because of which they tend to meet, she had made her perfect like with him but it all changed when he refused

to trust her and eventually throw her out of the house.
Mr Panday talking with Abhimanyu explains that he has witnessed a lot of problems in his life but the worries in the past six years are something else, Kavya comes running asking for a favour from him, Meera tries to stop her but Abhimanyu explains that this is between the uncle and his niece, she explains that tomorrow is her birthday, Abhimanyu asks if she wants a gift but she replies she needs a birthday party, Abhimanyu replies that she and her mother herself say there is no need for the birthday celebration. Kavya explains the real reason is different when Meera tries to stop her, Abhimanyu questions her so she reveals that since today is the death anniversary of his daughter then how can she celebrate the birthday party, Abhimanyu asks Meera if this is the lie which she told her daughter when Meera questions how can she allow a birthday party when just a day before they have the death anniversary.

Niyati finally signs the divorce paper dropping the pen on the ground when Ram picks it up mentioning how he knows it is really difficult for her but this is best for her since today she lost her daughter, Niyati recalls that horrible day when the police brought the box filled with her clothes, he explains Abhimanyu blamed her for the death of her daughter so now today after six years she is going to be free from him, he blesses her before leaving with the divorce papers.

Rupali comes asking Meera why does she not allow her grand daughter to celebrate the birthday because of that girl, she threatens to complain to Karan when Mr Panday questions why is she talking like this to her daughter in law, Rupali replies he must not interfere since she is her daughter in l aw, Abhimanyu assures they are going to celebrate the birthday of kavya, hearing this she starts jumping with excitement when Abhimanyu explains they are going to invite all of her friends including Nidtiya, she agrees when he asks if she doesnot want to go to school.

Nidtiya is with Sulochana when she exclaims she also wants to see her classroom but Nidtiya replies that she should not come inside as this is a school, Sulochana exclaims today she should not go anywhere because she had a lot of fun yesterday, Nidtiya explains she indeed had a lot of fun but her dashing friend also lost his daughter when she was young so he got really sad but then was able to be relieved when she talked with him, she asked him another question about his wife hearing which he got angry when she made him laugh by talking with him, she even prayed that he be reunited with his wife so that they both live a happy life, Sulochana exclaims she has started talking as an elder so must go inside, she leaves while Sulochana starts crying.

Abhimanyu is heading towards the car with Kavya who explains she has become an old girl so wants to have a Cinderella birthday cake, he agrees to all her wishes assuring they would be completed so asks if they should leave , he is about to open the car door when Ram stops him explaining he will not go anywhere, Abhimanyu apologizes with what happened to him that day, he assures that he still respects him because of the teaching’s which he has however Ram replies a person like him can never fulfill any relation which is why he has come to end them all, Abhimanyu orders Bitto that he is sending Vidhi with whom Kavya will go to school.

Ram places the divorce papers in front of Mr Panday seeing which everyone is shocked, Ram reveals Niyati has signed them and he should also ask his son to sign them so that he can submit them in the court, Angad is smiling because there would be a new drama, Mr Panday is shocked when Ram replies that he must not be so shocked as this relation ended six years ago but this is just a formality. Ram replies that he doesnot care as the life of his daughter is being ruined, Devi and Rupali both say that Niyati was the one who was wrong, Abhimanyu comes in front of Ram and taking the papers starts reading them, Ram asks him to read the clauses carefully but Abhimanyu starts smiling questioning what is this drama for when his daughter has already married, Mr Panday is shocked when he asks Ram, who thinks that this mistake of their family will end this relation. Angad coming from the corner exclaims Niyati married someone else after filing a case against them. Angad questions why did he not tell them when Abhimanyu replies that he did not tell them anything s there was nothing worth saying, Ram in anger warns him to sign the papers.

Abhimanyu explains they got scared wondering what will happen if he interferes in the married life of Niyati, Angad pressurizes Abhimanyu saying if he has any self-respect then should sign it, Mr panday replies this is their family matter but Abhimanyu says he is right since they brought the divorce papers, he takes the pen but starts thinking about the beautiful memories spent with Niyati when he starts getting angry thinking about the day when his daughter died, he also signs the divorce paper, warning Ram to tell Niyati that he has divorced her but now forgiven because of the pain which she has given him, he will not let her forget it.

Abhimanyu leaves when Ram also rushes after him threatening that he lives in his house like a servant so what will he do to his daughter.

Niyati in the Mandir is performing the pooja for the ease of her daughter while Abhimanyu is also distributing clothes for the same purpose, Niyati walks out of the Mandir when Pandit jee comes informing that she forgot the thali, Abhimanyu snatches it questioning why is she performing the pooja when she got married after leaving him, Abhimanyu asks the reason for this drama when Niyati asks why is he saying this all as today is really painful for them both, he asks since when did they become one. He threatens to file a case against her for murdering his daughter just like she filed a case against Angad and his mother, Niyati is shocked hearing his threats.

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