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I do 26 January 2022: While tanveer gets to hide the parcel, wondering where to hide it, thinking about the bathroom, but not finding it satifactory, zoya increasingly progresses towards her room.

zoya comes in tanveer’s room, while tanveer is succefful in hiding it. Zoya is called by tanveer, who asks the reason of her visit. Tanveer asks what is she searching for. Zoya asks who was at the door. Tanveer says that it was the milkman, and asks zoya if she was expecting someone else. Zoya says that whoelse could she expect. She leaves. Tanveer thinks that zoa thinks that she’s very smart, but she’s way smarter.

DilshadZoya thinks that parcel is in tanveer’s room only, but only if she comes out of the room. Dilshad calls for zoya, and asks her help for the stool to be held so that she can work. As zoya sees tanveer, she feigns a sprain on her waist, and says that tanveer can help, so that she might be able to leave. Dilshad says that she’s hurt. But zoya says that its not very heavy work, and tanveer wont mind. Tanveer is at a loss to say anything and zoya says that she would rest, and would be alright. Seeing zoya run towards the room, tanveer is in suspicion. she is very tensed that zoya must be upto something. as she hastens the process, dilshad gives her more work, irritating her. After having done the work, tanveer rushes upto the room.

Meanwhile zoya gets into tanveer’s room and gets to searching for the parcel. She finally finds it in the bathroom. As tanveer enters, zoya comes out of her bathroom, empty handed. she asks zoya what is she doing here. zoya says that her bathroom didnt have water, and says that she hoeps that she didnt mind. seeing her bare handed, tanveer says that she doesnt mind. Zoya thanks her and saying that she’s very sweet, leaves from there. tanveer is relaxed that she didnt find the parcel.

As zoya walks out, its shown that the parcel was hidden in her shirt. she thinks that something is up, otherwise as zoya is plating the dishes, asad asks what is she doing after dinner. Zoya tries to make it a joke. But asad says that their talk wasnt over in the backyard zoya says that they should go to the white house for this asad starts off saying that they are very different, and zoya says that she knows this as hge remidns her this every second of the day. asad fumbles to find his words, saying that they are different but like the plate and spoon, and not like the human and alien as she suggested, who complete each as asad says incomplete sentences, she is again interrupted by dilshad, who asks if she has put the plates, and zoya says yes.

Seeing them and understanding, dilshad proposes that they would have dinner in the

At the dining table

Zoya asks what has she thought of reopening her burnt factory. Tanveer is startled at this, and starts coughing. zoya is pleased that this is the desired effect that she wanted.

Zoya says that tanveer is a very positive and courageous lady, and she had thought that she tanveer thinks that zoya didnt get any parcel Zoya asks if she’s sure. tanveer says that she’s sure. Zoya says that if thats the case, then howcome it delivered a kurti that she had ordered online, and takes out the cloth from the parcel, and also shows them the address. Tanveer is at a loss for an answer, while others are surprised.

Zoya takes tanveer and others in the room

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence

Haseena yet again to torture nikhat, comes to the house, and asks for water from nikhat, who hurriedly goes. Her relative comments on her dictatorship here. When nikhat comes back with water, haseena says that she went shopping, and went short on money, and didnt want to go all the way to her house, therefore she came here. Nikhat is very eager to give the money, but is shocked when she finds the sum to be 22,000 Rs. Haseena asks what has she asked for that is so shocking to her. Nikhat says that she would just go an d get it, and leaves. The relative yet again, comments on her supremacy here.

Nikhat comes back with the money, and is asked to go and get the haseena says that she’s very hungry after shopping, and demands for kofte. SAhe gives the thumbs up to razia, who also does the same. badi bi sees this and is surprised. Haseena says that she should hesrelf make the koftes and not by the servants who might burn them and give them the same complexion

The girls and nikhat are having a tough time, making the perfect kofte for her mother in law. They kleep being cautious at every level. Nikhat hopes that she likes it. Meanwhile haseena tells her sister that the food may be as delicious, but she is supposed to find out faults about it. Haseena gives her advise regarding the same badi bi understands what she is upto, and thinks thyat she wont let it happen. She goes into the kitchen, and asks the girls to go and give sherbet while she messes with the food, putting in too much of black pepper, smirking at her plan.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad asks what is all this. zoya says that this is just a genuine question and she’s just curious, despite asad getting angry about zoya’s interfernce. Tanveer says that she had a factory, which got burnt, but her partner started work

She says that she doesnt have asad asks if she’s satisfied now. Zoya says that she has more questions, and she needs answers for thaat.

Zoya takes tanveer and others in the room saying that if her partners are running the zoya is shocked to find everything clean underneath. tanveer is happy at her plan being successful. Asad asks zoya to stop this nonsense. Asad asks zoya if she’s accusing tanveer of lying. At that, zoya is at a loss of an answer, but she thinks that tanveer is lying, but she doesnt know why, and knows that definitely something’s wrong. she is determined that she would bring out the truth about tanveer in front of everyone, and very soon too

Location: Asad’s residence and Rashid’s place
Alkl are confused as to what zoya is trying to say. zoya finally says that tanveer is lying, as she knows it. Asad says that tanveer is under a great stress, for various reasons, and she is accusing her. Zoya says that she’s definitely hiding something, and only tanver can tell them what is it. Tanver pretends to be very upset, and crying, she runs out of the room. Asad, giving a tough look on zoya, goes out of the room.

Dilshad says that it isnt that she’s doubting zoya, but tanveer is his best friend. She gets Rashid’s phoen, asking her not to disconnect, and she knows that she doesnt want to talk, but its his responsibility and right too to know about asad’s marriage preparations. dilshad cancels his phone. Asad comes in and says that she’s crying incoherently, saying that if everyone feels that she’s lying, then she would leave the house right away. Asad asks zoya her issues with tanveer,. and why is she accusing her. Zoya says that because she is. she says that she saw the bills, which showed tanver’s involvement.

She says that tanver is definitely hiding something. She tells that tanveer hid the parcel in the bathroom, and told lie about it too. Asad says that he doesnt want to hear anything else from her, except for a sorry, as he cant let her go on an incoherent rant. Asad says that he wants zoya to apologize to tanveer, which she would have to do, and that she wont repeat it again. Zoya looks at tanveer, who is evilly smirking away. Tanhveer says that it isnt needed. Aasd says that it is, and goes to zoya saying that she may be right, but until she has the evidence she cant be believed, and hence he cant confront tanveer for the same, telling her that she wont let insult his friends like that.

Dilshad, saying that asad shouldnt prolong this now, apologizes for zoya, to tanveer. Zoya asks her not to do this, as if this is what asad wants, then she would do it. Tanveer is satisfied. She goes to tanveer, passing by asad, and facing her, says that she’s sorry and she apologizes for her mistake. Asad too isnt happy about this. Dilshad gets rashid’s call and again receives it, when she thought that she had cancelled it. Rashid thinks that this was zoya’s voice and hence there is a problem. Asad goes to tanveer and asks if she’s okay, and holds her hand, but she flinches it away saying that they still hurt after burn wounds. As asad takes tanveer away, to her room, zoya is very hurt.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Badi bi asks haseena and her relatives to try the koftes. The sister says that they indeed are very good, and is about to praise her when asked about her opinion. haseena says that she would try and tell how wrong and distasteful they are.
As she tries them on, haseena is shocked at such bitter taste. Badi bi asks her to take more, and not eat so less, only then would she be able to enjoy it. The sister says that they are very disgusting. Razia too comes in and says that there’s a beautiful delicacy spread out here. But haseena, having tasted the bitter taste, says that nikhat doesnt know anything about the kitchen.

Razia says that nikhat should know whats her fault and what does she like. Ayan too comes in. haseena says that numbers would fall short enumerating her wrongs. Haseena senses a stomach upset, and rushes to the bathroom, boggling everyone. then her sister too rushes there. Haseena sits back, after having come and then feels the need to go again. this continues both for her and her sister. Nikhat says that this happened because of her, and she would be blamed for this too.

Badi bi goes to her and says that Nikhat asks what happened. Haseena says that she mixed Jamaalghota in the dish, and now is asking what happened. Haseena tries to force feed nikhat, what she has made. Ayan tries to stop her, but Her sister asks her to leave. She doesnt even let razia stop her. Badi bi thinks that

Ayan smiles.

As razia goes off to leave haseena and her relative

Ayan asks if she’s okay for this long journey, hinting at his digestive problem. Chandbi says that she has forgotten all

Ayan tells imran to take care of Nikhat as they are leaving her on his faith. razia leaves them off, telling chand bi to take care of the kids

Badi bi, coming from outside, is scared to see nikhat go. She asks

Badi bi says that its very far and the road too isnt nice.

Razia says that nikhat is with her inlaws, and if she feels they wont take care of her. Badi bi is speechless.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Imran’s car breaks down on the road. Waiting in the heat, Imran and Nikhat are getting restless. Imran offers to go and see what thed river is upto. But chandbi stops them, and goes herself. The driver, with the bonnet of his car up, is asked by chandbi, if he knows what he has been paid for. He says that he knows and that he wont mend the car till late evening. She asks loudly how far is the dargah from here. He says that its 2, 3 hours away. Chandbi goes and tells the kids that they should go on feet, and cover the 4,5 kms on foot only, despite imran being surprised at that. She insists them to start rightaway, saying that she doesnt have the strength to cover this distance on foot, and she would come aftre getting the car mended. She also takes the mobile and bag from them, saying that they wont be needing them as it is. After they are gone, chandbi thinks that haseena always is upto something, and involves her too in it. She calls up haseena to say that her work is done.

Scene 4:
location: Asad’s residence
As dilshad makes zoya choose jewellery, she finds zoya lost. she asks if she’s still upset about asad’s anger. zoya says that its not about the anger, but the trust that he never has on her. Dilshad says that its not that asad doesnt trust her. She says that asad is very emotional, and whenever there are any issues with people he is close to, he cant bear it, and zoya is the closest to him. She tells zoya that asad just wants her to get along with tanveer who is his best friend since childhood.

Tanveer is at the dining table. As nazma excitedly takes tanveer’s hand, and drags her to the drawing room, where jewellery is being selected, zoya remembers that tanveer had flinched the last time, asad held her hand, saying taht she hasnt recovered yet from the burn wounds, but she seemed unfazed, when nazma held her at the same spot. She is surprised and tensed as to what might be the cause of this, and her mind sets to work. zoya thinks that she would find out what is tanveer upto.

Part 1

Ayan calls on Nikhats moby n its Haseenas sis who receives the call! Ayan asks if that hope that Fatty lady is not troubling her..! (Chand bi) Haseena’s sis says..even if disrespectfully .. nice to speak to him..! Ayan feels guilty..! He asks of Nikhat n.she replies that she sent Imran-Nikhat alone. to visit Dargah. as car had broken down! Ayan asks sent them alone ..as they cant keep the visit incomplete! Ayan ends the call! He shares the details with Badi Bee! .. Badi Bee suspects something is wrong n Ayan is worried!

Asad asks Dilshad why Zoya is acting like a ki d n Dilshad says..that poor gal.. n Asad says..she is not poor gal..! Dilshad says.. Tanvir has hid a lot from them too ..so anyone else would doubt too! Asad says..he understands but ..she can ask proplery . .why misbehave! Too childish! Dislhad says.. its not childishness. .its care n concern..for their family! She makes Asad sit and says.. what will Zoya gain by finding more about Tanvir? She is doing it for him..! read full updates daily with pics only at desitvbox.com Dilshad tells Asad that Zoyas methods might be wrong but intent is good .. n who doesnt make mistkaes? She says.. AsYa have to spend long time together.. sometimes..he n sometimes she will make mistakes..! But it dun mean he socld her before all … miya biwi fights should be between them! She asks Asad that he will understand..1 She says. her bahu is very nice n Asad smirks..! Dilshad syas.. I m sorry n I love u .. will do the trick..! She says.. 3 words will do the trick but dunno why he is taking ages? Asad says..he will go n talk to her..!

Part 2

Asad is talking to himself that its only three words.. how difficult can it be? He resolves to tell Zoya today! Zoya is climbing on a ladder to Tanvirs room..! Asad comes out and asks her what she is doing? Zoya loses balance and falls and lands on top of Asad.. .! BG- Mitwa..! AsYa eyelocks..!

Asad gets up. .feeling shy and Zoya gets up on her own! She asks him..is it way to push someone? Asad is tryign to explain! Zoya says.. is it way to respect someone? Asad says..she fell on him so no time to respect! He asks her what she is doing here? Zoya syas..din have time to bother..! Zoya says..she came to check on Tanvir.. as her room door was closed! She informs Asad that she is alseep..! Asad asks her to go sleep n she tells him to sleep n she goes n Asad too!

Zoya goes back to sneak into Tanvirs room!

Imran-Nikhat are walking..! Nikhate tells him that legs hurt..cant walk! Imran says.. phone is in car..n car cant come to them.. they have to reach .on their own! Nikhat tells him not to worry n that they are near by! Nikhat tries to get up..but she is not able to.. n falls down! Imran tells Nikhat that guess she wont be able to walk ..! He sees a hotel n says..they can go n wait.. there and he will call his aunt n she will come there! Nikhat hesitates but agrees!

Zoya enters Tanvirs room ..! Tanvir turns in her sleep n Zoya ducks..! Zoya self thot that m sure.. Tanvir is lying about many things n the proof of it is here.. so need to search..! Zoya starts to flip thru tanvirs file n her hand lands on Zoya.s. n Zoya removes her hand..! She checks Tanvirs hand nwondrs whree the burn marks are …n says..thats why she din feel pain when Najma pulled her hand..! She says..she saw herself.. then where did it go! Zoya sees the burn skin patches lying on Tanvirs dressing table.. n is shocked..! She deduces that Tanvir is lying about having burns!

The hotel manager welcomes Imran-Nikhat … ! Imran asks to call up his aunt..! The hotel manager gapes at Nikhat..! He sings ‘Hot raseele’! Ayan reaches that hotel and asks for Imran.. n Nikhat.. but hotel manager refuses to give straight answer..! Ayan leaves from there..! Imran – Nikhat wonder what to do..! Imran assures he will do something..! He asks if they will get a taxi? Hotel manager says..they will get a room not car..! Imran says..they have to spend night here… n asks for two room ! Hotel Manager says.. only 1 room there..! Nikhat feels freaked..! Hotel Manager says..better to wait.. there n leave in morning..! Hotel Manager asks to take Nikhat to room no. 8 … !

Hotel Manager informs Razia. .that they have arrived n she smirks.. saying trap is laid.. just the bird should get trapped.. n then Ayan will do all to save Nikhat..as per her wishes..!

Next day morning… Dilshad is talking about Zoyas mehendi n tells to write Asads name on Zoyas hand..! Najma complaints about old designs! Asad comes in the hall ..he is on the phone! Dilshad calls Asad to come ncheck the designs..! Asad says busy but Dilshad says nothing more imp that wedding! Dilshad shows Asad the designs! Mehendi lady is asking if she should write his name in english on her hand..! Zoya gets idea n asks Dilshad that Tanvir should be there too! Dislhad asks Najma but Zoya says she will bring tanvir! Tanvir is looking around for the fake burn patches. . n conlcudes Zoya must have done all this..n that she must have told all ..! Zoya come to Tanvir.. n asks why so scared? She says. .no reason..! Zoya tells Tanvir .. Dilshad is asking for.her ..!

Part 3

Najma shows Zoya the design she chose..! Zoya says its very nice…she asks Tanvir to select from her side..! She then teases .. n says.. oh her hand is burnt.. badly..! Zoya says.. still she should select.. coz injuries heal overnight! Dilshad says.. burn injuries dun heal so fast! Zoya says..they do… especially when the injuries are fake..! Dilshad asks Zoya what she means? Zoya asks Tanvir to show her hand . .to everyone n show how deep her burn injuries are! Asad asks whats the new drama? Zoya says.. Tanvir is doing drama. .she is lying n she has proof against Tanvir..! Zoya shows everyone the fake burn skin patches..! Tanvir falls silent..!

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