I do update Saturday 30 April 2022

I do update 30 April 2022: All have gathered for rashid’s last site, before he is taken away for funeral. Nikhat too sees him from hiding. shirin prays by his side, for rendering him peace in his afterlife.

dilshad remembers her moments with rashid and how their lives took various tumultous turns. She gets up and goes beside rashid, while shirin is surprised. Before she can come closer, she is stopped by shirin, who says that she never liked her, not because she is bad, but because she was always scared of her, the scare that she would snatch everything from her. the entire family stands tensed.

She says that she knew rashid loved dilshad very much. Shirin tells dilshad that all his life, rashid had wanted them both to get along and be under the same roof, living together, but she couldnt do it, as she is the other woman in her marital life, and she couldnt digest this scenario. She says that rashid took this wish also along with him. tanveer and razia exchange evil glances. She takes dilshad’s hands while she is surprised. Dilshad is overwhelmed.

She says that now she wants to fulfill this wish of his. Zoya and nazma are tensed. She says that she doesnt even know if dilshad would comply now. dilshad hugs her emotionally. Shirin takes her hand and takes her to his dead body so that she can grieve before they can take him aaway. All are finally relieved. Asad is tensed to see zoya looking at her cell phone, while she is tensed that she is missing the lawyer’s phone. The ladies are distraught but they take away dilshad and shirin from there, and while all are distraught and crying, rashid is taken away by asad and haider and other male members.

Later, while haseena is lamenting at rashid’s death when she is shocked to see nikhat passing by. farhan comes in and asks why is she so tensed. haseena says that even she can see what sameera can, and tells about nikhat’s appearance, farhan is tensed and wonders whether she has gone mad too. They go the way, nikhat went. Nikhat meanwhile, is crying in shirin’s arms, lamenting and grieving over Rashid’s death. shirin tries to compose her. Meanwhile, haseena and farhan spot two women behind the pillar and think that its nikhat and someone else.

Nikhat asks shirin to never leave and she complies by promising the same. As farhan and haseena find noone behind the pillar, they are tensed, and haseena says that she wasnt wrong, and that she should go to find khushboo about it. After they leave, badi bi reprimands nikhat for letting go of her plan. she is frustrated and says that if they get to know, then they can, as due to them, she couldnt even grieve her father’s death properly. she says that she has borne enough and now its time to end their story.

badi bi says that they would do, but that wont happen which they have planned. badi bi says that today she has lost her son, but he never raised a voice against those who wronged him, but she wont let this hppen to nikhat and hence they have to get those people punished, and demands this one favour for her and for rashid. Nikhat gets emotional and complies.

later, asad calls nazma and asks about zoya. Nazma says that she hasnt seen her for a long time. He asks her to take care of dilshad. She complies. As asad turns around, he is tensed for zoya and calls up the driver and gets to know that zoya has taken him to the police station. he gets irritated and wonders when would she learn that the man isnt innocent but a murderer. meanwhile, Haider comes inside and gets an envelope, and gets puzzled. he opens it to find some of his pics.

Haider finds a photo, where tanveer is shown wheeling rashid out on the terrace, in the background. he remembers having given some pics for an interview, which also captured this moment. He is boggled and wonders whats tanveer doing with rashid at around the same time frame, that rashid was killed according to the police report of the post mortem, and comes to the conclusion that there’s a possibility that she mighht have killed rashid and mamu innocently got implicated for it. He is tensed regarding the same and wonders if zoya is right that mamu is innocent.

nazma asks dilshad to eat, while she asks for zoya. asad asks her if she wont eat if zoya isnt there, and asks her to eat something. Dilshad says that nothing has happened to her and she isnt hungry and whn zoya comes, she would eat with her. She leaves, despite asad’s insistence. But diloshad has a dizzy spell and almost faints before asad and nazma catch her. Nazma goes to get water, while asad gets dilshad to her room.

Scene 2:
Location: In the police station
Zoya tells mamu that he cant do this to the girls, and that there may hev been helplessness, but he cant do this with them and doesnt have the right to do so. Mamu says that he knows he isnt right, but then he also knows that he never was right. Zoya says that his daughter would never let that be. zoya tells mamu that she has had a talk with the lawyer, and they have a hearing the day after tomorrow.

She places her hand on his, and asks him to promise that he wont give any wrong statement to the police, uptil then. He says tht he is getting the punishment for the crimes that he has done, and he is willing to accept them in whichever manner they come. Zoya says that he cant pay this big a price. She says that she would prove that she didnt murder rashid. But she is shocked, when mamu takes away his hand from under hers.

He says that he cant do this and has left all on god. he says that if he feels the lord should punish him, then so shall he. The hawaldar comes in saying that the meeting time has ended. zoya again requests hhim to promise that he wont give any wrong confession and rest she would manage. she gives a last cursory glance at him and then leaves, while he stands tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
haider thinks that so what if mamu didnt kill rashid, but that doesnt mean he shouldnt get punished for his crimes. With venomous rage, he burns the pic, ythinking that he should get punished, for killing zoya’s mother and spoiling haider’s life himself and for the crime that he committed 17 years back, before it lands in someone’s hands and works as evidence in mamu’s favour.

Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat in her actual self, locks haseena, farhan and sameera in one of the rooms. they are all shocked to see this. She sprays petrol all around the room, and its glass door and window panes, and then lights up a matchstick to set them all aflame, much to their shock and horror. nikhat says that its good that they killed nikhat, and that now they would be able to go in peace while she stays as khushboo and not be scared anymore.

haseena says that they would give everything that they took from her. she says that its too late now, and its better that tyhey accept their punishment. they try to tell him not to do this, while nikhat rants about how she has been tortured by them, and today they shall have to pay the price for it.

haseena and sameera urgently tell that they would accept their crimes and go to the police themselves to hand them over. farhan also complies and says that she shouldnt do this, as they are ready to penance. Nikhat asks if they would confess their crime to the polce. haseena urgently says yes. Nikhat scares tehm but finally relieves them by dousing the matchstick. They are conscious of their evil plan, as nikhat opens the bolt of the room. They leap at her, and start cursing her that they would finally finish her this time. but before they can do anything, the police comes in along with badi bi and nazma.

the police congratulates nikhat for being so brave and setting an example for other women, after having arrested all three of them, as they all stand shocked. They eye nikhat with rage, as they are dragged out by the police. Badi bi and nazma comsole nikhat, for having finally accomplished what they wanted her to, and says that now rashid’s daughter has the courage to brave the world and can take care of herself. They are all happy for nikhat.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya comes to find dilshad sleeping. Asad catches hold of her strongly, while she is shocked, as he drags her out of the room, and doesn in the drawing room. she is shocked, as he begins to question her, whwre was she when dilshad needed her. She apologises, saying that she never know what was happening here. asad says that she went to a starnger when they, her family, dilshad and he himself, needed her the most. Zoya says that its her father.

assad says that he is a killer. zoya says that he didnt kill him. asad says that she is acting like a fool. He asks how can he ignore all the truth and facts that are evident fort all to see. Asad gets emotional and tells zoya that the time that he wanted to spend with his father, who he had misconceived notions about for such a long time, was taken away from him, by his untimely and heinous murder, and by her father, and he would himself send him to the gallows if need be. zoya asks him not to talk like this, as she understands that he has done various wrongs but now mamu has changed. Asad vehemently denies it, saying that mamu is an oppurtunist. Zoya says that she doesnt know how to make him understand. asad says that its she who has to understand this, or else….and then leaves. Zoya is shocked.

haider has his bags packed and is about to leave, when humaira steps in the room. Haider tells her that she is free and the mistake that she committed by masrrying him, can be rectified now, and he is setting her free niw, and leaving forever. Before leaving, he casts a cursory glance at her, while she is teary eyed. finally he leaves, while she breaks into tears, and collapses on the floor. Outside, as he sits in the car, he remembers his torture to humaira, and his connection to zoya, while humaira in her room, stands shocked and teary eyed.

Nuzrat comesb and finds her like this and is apalled. She tells humaira that their happiness has an evil eye cast on them, as everything that was going right is going wrong now. She tells about rashid’s death and how asad and zoya’s strife is leading to their divorce. Humaira says that her father is dead and now herr own father is in the jail, and the person she hated the most, is her sister, zoya. she says that she wants to hate her but she isnt able to, and haider, who hates her, she still is in love with him. she says that she knows that god wants them to meet who are so much in love, then what was her mistake to find such a fate. Haider comes in saying that it was his fault and not hers. Nuzrat stands tensed.

Humaira asks him if he left anything behind. he says that he left her behind, surprising him. nuzrat gives them privacy by leaving the room. haider asks for an apology and a second chace to be able to find a place in her heart. Humaira gets up and says that she cant give a small place, scaring him, but then rushes and hugs him, and says that she cant ghive any place as her whole heart is with him. humaira says that she is very scared, as if it breaks this time, she would die. haider cups her face and asks her not to talk like this.

humaira smiles at him, while he says that he doesnt know how much he loves her. she asks him whats going on then. he says that he was punsihing her for something and someone else’s mistake. She asks him why did he wrong her so much. He tells her that there was a reason for it. Humaira is shocked, as they are at a confrontational stand.

Asad is frustrated and enters his room. zoya comes and turns him around asking him to finish the sentence. he asks her who is she fighting for with him, the man who always wanted bad for her, tyheir family, the way he is ruining their relationship. zoya says that she is fighting for the man, who innocently took this crime on his head, to save their relation, and that they shall have to find the truth.

Asad says that the truth is out there, and she is blinded by her love of father, and hence all the evidences indicate to him, but she still doesnt believe it. she says that the evidences would be wrong. Asad tells zoya that he doesnt believ that mamu is her father but he firmly believes that he murdered his father, rashid. he asks her to have the belief too.

She asks him stoically what if she doesnt comply to what he wants. He says that their relationship would drown in the innocent blood of his father, and everything would be ruined between them, and she would lose him forever. She is shocked. (SAD MITWA) Asad says that her wish to save her murderer father is an insult to his father and he wont be able to tolerate that. He faces her with a terse face. He asks her to either let go of this whim or he would have to forcibly let go of their relationship. zoya eyes with a mixed emotion of anger, frustration, shock and grief. Tanveer overhears this and is evilly smirking. The screen freezes on her evil face.


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