His mistress child update Friday 18 August 2023

His Mistress Child 18 August 2023: The Episode starts with Krishna telling Yashoda that he doesn’t know where did they lock him, everyone stare at him. Yashoda says I have come to save you and even the lawyer will save you. She says until you tell us, whatever happened in orphanage, how we will help you and calls him beta. Krishna sees Mala in her. She asks what happened there? Krishna tells her everything about Lalita stealing the groceries, selling the kids every month and was planning to sell Krishna inexchange of Hemu. Yashoda tells Ashok that Lalita is so cruel. Krishna tells that the boys in juvenile was telling that Judge will punish him. Ashok says just as chotu gives statement, you will be freed. Krishna asks if he will be fine. Ashok says we have to win this case depending on his statement. Yashoda says she will go and meet Chotu. Ashok says he is unconscious still. Yashoda says he calls me good aunty, I will tell him that they need his help. She asks Krishna not to worry and goes.

Kamini asks where did yashoda go? Amma tells that Yashoda went to court after doing all the work all night. Kamini talks to Bansal, why did Yashoda go? He says may be for some work. Mahua informs her that Yashoda went for Krishna’s case. Kamini thinks Krishna is Yashoda’s child and thinks to go and check.

The case hearing starts. Lalita bribes a doctor to give poisonous injection to Chotu so that he can never gain consciousness. The doctor is about to come there, when Yashoda comes there and doctor stops and Lalita hides. Yashoda talks to unconscious Chotu and tells him about Krishna being framed in wrong case. Ashok defends Krishna while the prosecutor lawyer cooks up a fake story that Krishna pushed chotu from the terrace. Yashoda asks Chotu if he thinks that Krishna can harm him and asks him to get up and tell the truth. Ashok says illegal activities are done in that orphanage and the children are sold there. The prosecutor lawyer speaks ill about Krishna’s father, which angers Ashok and he shouts. Judge asks him to follow the court rules. Yashoda asks Chotu to gain consciousness and tell the truth in court. She says Krishna needs you. Doctor comes there and asks what are you doing? Yashoda says why he is not coming in his senses. Doctor says he has slipped in coma. Yashoda sits in shock. The judge rejects his bail plea and gives verdict that Krishna is sent to remand home for 7 days. Inspector asks Krishna to come. Krishna asks Ashok to call Yashoda. Ashok is shocked. The guy who acted to be a doctor informs Lalita that Chotu is in coma. Lalita gets happy.

Krishna hears the car sound, pushes the Inspector and runs. Yashoda comes there. Krishna hugs her and tells that he don’t want to go there. He asks her to save him. Yashoda asks Ashok. Ashok says bail plea is rejected, he has to go to remand home for 7 days. He asks about Chotu. Yashoda whispers to him that Chotu went in coma. Krishna tells Yashoda that he don’t want to go. Yashoda asks him to have strength. Krishna asks how is Chotu? Yashoda says Chotu is fine. Krishna says call me for giving statement, he will give statement. Yashoda says just now he gained consciousness, we will bring him here when he is fully fine. Krishna says let him be fine first, I will stay in remand home till then. Yashoda says I will not let you there for more days. Kamini hears them to spy on her. She tells Krishna that he is not alone, and Mala is with him. Krishna says even you are with me. Yashoda says yes and asks him to go and says this dangerous dream will break soon. Inspector takes him. Kamini looks on. Yashoda tells Ashok that she has lied for the first time in her life. Ashok says this thing will help him spend the time in the juvenile home.

Kamini seeing Krishna hugging Yashoda and thinks she is a big conspirator and h as not given birth to the heir as she already had a son. She says they are innocent and couldn’t identify her. She says she will not let anyone snatch Sonu’s rights and thinks to expose and humiliate Yashoda. She thinks Mahua will do her work. Ashok asks Yashoda to handle herself and says the lie which is said for someone’s betterment is not a lie. Yashoda says I lied, but how he will spend time in juvenile. Ashok says he has hope given by you and he will spend 7 days there. Yashoda says very soon, we have to take him out from there.

She says we should have tried to free him today itself. Ashok says he tried his best, but matron showed so many proofs against Krishna that he couldn’t

get bail. Yashoda says if you had tried fully then. Ashok gets upset and asks what do you think that I didn’t try to free him, only you are feeling pain and not me, what do you know what relation I have for Krishna. He then stops. Yashoda asks if his eyes asked your eyes for some fondness. Ashok says no, but you have promised and that’s why I have relation with Krishna. She says we have to take him out from there. Ashok says trust me, I will use all my power. Manoj asks how will you do this? Ashok says Krishna will get bail and tells that some proof must be missing and we have to think what is it and how to search her.
The boy is about to beat Krishna for not eloping from there. Krishna says Yashoda Madam has promised that she will make everything fine. Bablu scolds the kids and pretends to be good with Krishna. He says Krishna will have a new birth in 7 days. Arvind is in his shop. Manoj and Ashok come there. Ashok asks him to come with him. Arvind asks who will handle the shop. Ashok asks Manoj to handle the shop. Manoj handles the shop and says order order. Ashok tells Arvind that he has to do his work and for that he has to adopt a child. Arvind says he is scared of Mahua.
Sonu runs behind Sonu and Aastha and scare them with the gun, he is holding. Nupurtells Aastha that if they had a brother then he would have protected them from Sonu. Aastha says then Dadu would have loved him more. Sonu calls them coward. They come out of room. Sonu runs behind them and falls in water. Arvind says he understood but. Ashok asks him to just act, and asks him to go to Lalita and offer bribe to adopt a child. He says this way we will get her caught. Arvind says he can’t do this. Ashok says he would have asked Manoj to do this, but Lalita knows him. Arvind says I will take permission from Mahua. Ashok says you shall not tell her. He says he don’t want anyone to know about this.

Kamini blames Aastha and Nupur for trying to harm Sonu. Amma says they were playing. Kamini says he can’t take breath and asks Amma to make hot raita. She scolds the girls. Yashoda comes home. The girls tell her about Sonu. Sonu says he didn’t fall by stepping on the toy. Yashoda asks him to retain his innocence. She gives them gifts and asks them to go and play.

Mahua comes and asks how is my saree? Kamini says laal pari and married. She taunts her. Mahua counter attacks on her. Kamini gets angry and thinks she has to know the secret through her. Yashoda asks them to calm down. Kamini indirectly taunts Yashoda. Yashoda goes. Kamini then instigates Mahua against Yashoda, and says you will not understand. She says today she had gone to court for some work and saw something. Mahua asks what? Kamini says I am worried for you. Mahua asks why? Kamini says Yashoda was getting emotional and crying hugging Krishna. She says who hugs the stranger kids and cries and says there must be some secrets associated with her. Mahua thinks what could be her relation with that orphan child.

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