Happy hearts update Friday 8 April 2022

Happy hearts 8 April 2022: The Episode starts with Harleen yelling at Happy and making her away. Happy tries to explain. Harleen scolds Honey too. Rocky comes and looks on. Happy says this is happening because you never gave mum’s love to Honey, you stayed busy in proving that you are Rocky’s wife. Honey cries. Happy says he needs rest, we shouldn’t talk here. Madhu comes and looks on. Kumar says we will keep the function in Rocky’s hotel, we are taking care of security this time. Minister agrees. Jyoti thinks why is Kumar taking risk, I have to talk to Rocky.

Meenu sees Harleen and thinks I have to enter Rocky and Happy’s lives. Harleen says even women are staring these days. Meenu comes to her. Harleen asks what do you want, who are you. Meenu says there is a bad shadow of some woman on you, your past,your marriage is in problem. Harleen asks how do you know. Meenu says its written on your forehead, your sorrow has come in form of Khushi. Harleen asks how do you know all this, its true, what’s the solution. Meenu says there is a solution. She calls Charlie and says our work is complete, Harleen doesn’t know that she is working for us, her enmity will work for us. Happy thinks to make food for Honey. Madhu says he will eat parathas prepared by me. Happy says you are annoyed with me.

Madhu scolds her. She asks Happy to get out. Meenu asks Harleen not to leave this chance else she will lose everything. Harleen says I will try this. Meenu asks her to do as she says. Harleen reads the long list of tasks so that Happy loses. Meenu says if you do this, some bad thing will happen with Happy, I can see the coming tomorrow, I have power to change it too, you will know it today. Meenu thinks I have to keep you busy here so that Happy executes our work. Honey and Happy play. He wins. Madhu gets food. He asks Happy to feed it to him. Madhu goes angrily. Happy feeds Honey.

Kumar comes to meet them. Honey says I m happy since Khushi came to me. Kumar praises Happy. She says I m here until Happy gets fine. He says but if you stayed here for long, you would have done my work too. She says I would be happy to help. Rocky asks when did you come. Kumar jokes and says I wanted Happy to come to my office. Rocky asks why, you can talk here. Happy says I will come anywhere to help you. Honey asks her not to go. She says I will finish work and come.Meenu calls Kumar and says Happy and Harleen don’t have any idea about our plan. Kumar turns and sees Happy. He worries. Happy asks shall we leave. They come to the office. Happy says I want to help you, I didn’t manage any event before, it will be tough for me. Rocky asks why do you want to take big risk with Happy. Kumar says I got the news that someone from our dept. are with the terrorists, I can’t trust any outsider, I trust both of you.

Rocky asks who can it be. Kumar says Happy will be safe, she has a right to refuse. Rocky says this thing has much risk. Happy says I want to support you. They go out. Rocky worries for Happy. She says I have decided it, I will do this. He asks what if anything happens to you.She says it doesn’t matter. He stops her and wipes her tears. Humdum mere….plays…. He asks her not to say any nonsense, he can’t lose her again. He says I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to you. He asks her to think about Sandhya. She says you would be there to take care of her. She goes. Jyoti says I need to talk to you. Happy says Rocky is upset with me, but Kumar did many favors on me. Meenu goes to hit her with the car. Jyoti says Kumar is taking strange decisions. Rocky says I also doubt, Kumar wants Happy for the function, its big risk, Happy agreed.

Jyoti says Kumar convinced minister not to cancel the event, I feel that he…. He gets a call from Happy. He says she just left, why is she calling. He answers and gets shocked.Rocky taking Happy home. Happy says I was careful while crossing the road, but the car was speeding and hit me, what are we doing here, Honey must be waiting for us, we promised him. He says take your stuff, you and Sandhya will stay with me. Happy says we aren’t going. He says I don’t care what mom and Harleen think about it. Harleen is busy in the tapasya get rid of Happy. She gets Madhu’s call and says headache. She says what, Rocky got Happy and his mum home, what’s wrong, I have to tolerate Happy and now her mum too.Jyoti comes to Kumar. She asks where is he going now. Kumar talks to Meenu. He says everything is going as per the plan, our mission will complete. He burns something. Jyoti gets shocked.

She says Kumar and Meenu are together, I respect him, it means Kumar got that chip in Honey’s body, I have to tell truth to Rocky, but will Rocky believe me, he trusts Kumar, I have to collect evidence. Madhu says Sandhya won’t stay here. Rocky says she is ill, don’t increase problems for me. She says they can’t stay here. Rocky says fine, I will take Honey and them to the hotel. Madhu scolds Happy. Jyoti says there is no video.Kumar snatches her phone and asks whom are you sending the video. Meenu points gun at her. She ties up Jyoti and says we have to kill her. Jyoti says yes, kill me, if Rocky doesn’t contact me, he will suspect you. Kumar says you can help me, I can put the traitor tag on you and Happy. Kumar says you both are traitors, your end won’t be good. He says once my work completes, I will kill you. Honey hugs Happy and asks will you stay here with me, I m very happy. Happy says Rocky, I think we shouldn’t stay here.Rocky says ignore Madhu’s words, take rest. Kumar says you will be here. Jyoti asks why are you doing this, I supported you. Kumar says we have to give a bitter medicine to end the bad disease, we have to end the ministers who support the drug racketeers. She asks will you use innocent children in this.

He says someone has to make a sacrifice. Honey asks Rocky to go to office. He asks how can I leave you alone. Honey says I m here to take care of you. Rocky comes to Kumar and asks did you see Jyoti. Kumar asks him to sit. He says you won’t share this with anyone, stop looking for Jyoti, I have sent her for special mission. Rocky says Jyoti and I are partners, why didn’t you tell me. Kumar says I m your boss, trust me, Jyoti is safe, don’t worry for her, anything else. Rocky goes.Honey says if Rocky knows you are working. He stops Happy and asks her to take rest. Harleen gets angry and goes to them. Meenu stops Harleen. Harleen says Happy got hurt but she has come here. Meenu says she is ordering your staff, she is a poison, think if you want to be foolish or destroy her, just do as I say, its better to befriend your enemies, go and befriend Happy. Harleen asks what. Meenu smiles. Harleen goes to Happy. Happy asks her not to create scene. Harleen apologizes to her. She says everyone likes you, I got jealous. Happy says Rocky will just be yours. Harleen says I want Rocky to love me. Happy says I will help you. Harleen thanks and hugs Happy. She thinks to ruin Happy. Meenu says everything is set, now Happy will bring our plan in action. Honey smiles and says wow, mom and Khushi have become friends. Happy says yes, happy now. Harleen says I will do my work and come. She goes.

Rocky comes. Happy says Harleen didn’t do anything, she came here to apologize and befriend me. He says something is wrong, she can’t forget things easily. Madhu looks on and thinks why does Harleen want to become friends with Happy. Happy says its not Harleen’s fault, she was afraid that her husband and child will go away. Madhu comes to Harleen and says I m trying to make Happy away, she isn’t your friend, but enemy. Happy says Harleen is your wife, she has a right on you. Rocky says you left me, Madhu forced me to marry Harleen, I don’t love her, its not my mistake, everyone deserves one chance, which you didn’t give me. Happy says its not right to doubt on Harleen forever.

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