Guddan Zee world update Tuesday 11 October 2022


Guddan 11 October 2022: Dadi says to Guddan, AJ doesn’t talk about Antra to anyone. Guddan says why are you telling me? dadi says don’t take anything to your heart. For him, this restaurant is everything. Antra askedd him to open this restaurant and leave his job. That is why this restaurant is very special to him. I am sorry on his behalf. Guddan says don’t apologize to me. I will fix everything. Dadi says you are very nice. No one knows your value here yet but they will now. Guddan’s phone rings. Dadi says you shouldn’t let this opportunity go. You should take this audition.

Guddan lights the candle on Antra’s photo. AJ comes. Guddan says I know it was my mistake. You could be less angry. Now i know what this restaurant means to you. Guddan says I ruined everything. Aj takes the flowers she placed on Antra’s photo. He says Antra likes white flowers. He puts white flowers there. Guddan calls them back and says I am coming for audition.Datta calls Perv and says she is coming.Guddan leaves the key on side. She says Kathor I am leaving it here. You have to take care of it till I come back. Guddan leaves. Saru sees her leaving and sneaks in Guddan’s room.Guddan comes to that place. It is very dark. Lights turn on. GUddan says who is here? someone says sit on the chair and starts the audition. Lights will turn on after audition. Guddan stands in front of the camera. She recalls what AJ said.

Guddan says if a saas can make mistakes, she can fix them too. If I damaged your name, I can get everything better too. the person comes in light. It’s datta. Guddan says what are you doing here. He asys I will make the picture and direct your husband’s life. He will do what I ask him to do because you are in my trap. SHe says you are so disgusting. This is why AJ sent you to jail. This time he wont leave you. He grasps her hand. Guddan says leave my hand. She shoves him. His men stop Guddan. Guddan says don’t dare stopping me. Datta slaps her and she faints. Perv comes there.He laughs and says what if AJ is angry and doesn’t come to save her? He laughs. He says times up.

AJ comes to the room. He sees many white flowers under Antra’s photo. dadi comes and says you can never control your anger. She is alone in this house. still she went for audition. AJ says she can do what she wants. Dadi says you dont’ care about anyone. AJ gets guddan’s video. AJ says Guddan where are you? Datta comes in te picture. AJ says datta how dare you. He says I showed you what can I dare. See how she is silent and fainted. AJ says don’t you dare touching her. Datta says don’t be so angry. I can even kill her. AJ says don’t touch her. Datta says do everything I ask and don’t go to police. DO everything I say.

AJ looks the files in tension. Everyone asks him what is wrong. He tells dadi that datta has kidnapped Guddan. He wants all my files. He will kill her if I tell police. He wants everything. Dadi is worried. She says guddan.. Laxmi gives her water. Perv says to AJ is everything okay? He says I am looking for datta. AJ says I will see you later.AJ is on his way. He says she is so stupid. They called and she went without investigating.Guddan sees Datta. she says you are so useless. Datta you do disgusting things. He says your husband is coming with restaurant papers. After that I will kill you both together. Guddan says he will come and teach you a lesson. Datta grasps her face. They put a tape on his face. Gudan says I hope AJ doesn’t cme here. Datta will harm him too.

Data prays for Guddan. Durga swipes her tears and says nothing will happen to Guddan. Don’t worry. Dadi says I know you dont’ like her. Durga says yes I don’t but I can’t be imhumane. I know she is in trouble. She is our family member. Please go and rest and leave it all one . Dadi leaves.Saru and laxmi laugh. Saru says you acted so well. Durga says you think I am that disgusting? I dont’ want anyone kidnapped by datta. I am a human. Laxmi says you can never understand her.

Scene 2
Aj comes to that place. He looks for Guddan. Datta puts gun on Gudan’s chest. Saru says to kathro eat some food and give me that key back. Kathor sits on top of the door. Saru tries to take keys from it.
Datta says welcome. Why are you so worried? Are you in love? AJ says I have what you wanted. Guddan tries to say no. AJ says leave Guddan. Datta says so you can give up that easily? Things love can do. AJ says don’t dare touching Guddan. Datta says then do what I ask. AJ says I have the papers you wanted. Take them and leave Guddan. Datta says you have to bow down to me and rub your noes. Guddan says no. Datta says I will take revenge for my insult in the party. He takes off Guddan’s tape. Guddan says don’t do all this. I will slap you. You can’t do anything. She says AJ you dont’ have to do this. Datta puts gun on Guddan. AJ says I am doing it. He bows down. Guddan says no AJ. Datta says now you are at the right place. In my feet.

Rub your noes now. Guddan says now. AJ bows down and is about to rub his noes. Guddan is in tears.AJ rubs his nose on the ground. Guddan says no AJ gets up and kicks Datta. He beats his men. He says to Guddan are you okay? Datta’s men come near them. AJ puts gun on Datta and says step back. Guddan takes his papers back. They run.Saru gives keys to the gardner and says get them duplicated. Durga says AJ’s phone is off. Dadi is really worried.

AJ says sit in the car. Guddan says no I can’t leave without teaching them a lesson. AJ says we can’t stay here for long. I can’t risk your life. Guddan takes the gun and goes back to them. She says how dare you call me for fake audition. And then you called AJ and insulted him? Guddan Datta. She fires in the air and says I can shoot. there are no bullets. Datta gets to know. Guddan says why did you bring fake gun. Datta takes out his gun. AJ says why did you have to say it loud? She says why did you bring fake gun? He says do I look like a thug? Datta points gun at them. Guddan throws the tent on them. Datta shoots towards Guddan. AJ saves her. They both run. Guddan is falling. They both run and hide. Guddan hugs AJ. The thugs and datta are looking for them. They go forward.

Guddan says there is a spider. He says be quite. GUddan says there is a tomb. Let’s go there. He saved us and God will save us next too. They enter the temple together.Guddan’s dupatta falls. AJ picks her duppatta and makes her wear it. They enter the tomb. Guddan and AJ pray together. Datta comes there and puts gun on Guddan’s head. His thugs start beating AJ. Guddan says leave him. AK is injured. Guddan cries and says leave him please. AJ beats the thugs. Datta says stop or I will shoot her. AJ stops. The thugs beat AJ. Guddan says leave him please. A thug hits a rod on AJ’s head. He faints. They all beat him with hockeys. Guddan is crying. Guddan says AJ get up please. Open your eyes. Datta says no one can save you now. He takes Guddan from there.

Datta is pulling Guddan. Guddan says you can’t give up please get up. AJ opens his eyes. He gets up and shouts Datta. Datta runs pulling guddan’s and. AJ looks for them everywhere. Guddan says let me go. Guddan shoves Datta and runs. AJ sees her. AJ hits Datta’s thugs. He beats datta and recalls what he did. AJ keeps hitting him. Guddan says please stop. He will die. AJ says you aren’t doing all this alone. Tell me who is with you or I will kill you right now. AJ hits him more. Perv comes there with rest of the police. Datta says inspector this man will kill me please save me. Perv whispers there is just one way to save yourself, do your work. He points at his gun silently. Datta takes the gun and points at AJ. Perv says stop Datta just to pretend.

Datta is about to shoot but Perv shoots him. Perv says I didn’t have another option. Thank God you two are safe. I am glad to see you both safe. Let’s go home. AJ holds Guddan’s hand and her to he car. Perv says sorry datta but I had to play this game. I have freed you.Guddan and AJ come home. Dadi hugs them. She says how did this happen? Are you two okay? Perv says I handled everything on last moments. Datta was about to shoot them, so I shot him. AJ says someone was helpin him in the jail. Guddan says yes this phone was found in his pocket. There was someone helping him. Perv says give me the proof.

Police should have it. Guddan says I have to check who was ordering him. She dials the number saved by the name of boss. The phone rings around them. Laxmi says Perv.. Is that your phone? Everyone is dazed. Perv takes out his phone. Guddan says so he was talking to you? were you commanding him as the boss. AJ says answer Perv. Perv says you should be in police.Datta ran from the jail someone was helping him. He stole a constable’s phone. This is that constable’s phone. From this phone I tracked your location. Saru says my brother saved you and you are doubting him? perv says no no they can. Dadi says thank you Perv. She says to AJ and guddan go and rest.

Guddan comes to Durga and says dadi said you were worried. When I am in front of you, you are always angry. Durga says AJ’s life was in danger because of you. Dadi was worried and sick because of you. All you cared about was that audition? You are respect of this family because your name has Jindal in it. I don’t care about you. I only care about this name. Guddan says didn’t know. Durga says that’s the reason you don’t know anything. Look at these keys. Come I will show you how are lives are related with these.

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