Guddan Zee world update Sunday 19 February 2023

Guddan 19 February 2023: Guddan is about to eat. Guddan says wait. Antra is there as well. Let me give it to her. Guddan says Antra eat it. Antra says no no maa made it for you. And Alisha.. Guddan says we can’t say no to food. Guddan says to eat. Antra says I don’t to eat. AJ says if someone says no to gajar halwa it’s an insult to it. I will eat it. He eats the halwa with raisins. Antra is scared. AJ coughs. Antra gives him water and says are you okay? AJ says yes why are you so nervous? Are you scared that I might die from the poison you added in this halwa? The one you added to kill Guddan and her child. Guddan says I ended your game before it started. Dadi says what? AJ says Guddan told me Antra killed Alisha. I was shocked too but then I realized we are talking about Antra.

The Antra who killed her brother. I planted CCTV cameras in the whole house. I won’t repeat the mistake I did. Here’s the proof. Antra ordered these raisins and added them in the halwa. He says I changed the halwa. Hence, we are all alive. Guddan says you played the same game? AJ says she can never change. Dadi says my curse will ruin your life. You killed my granddaughter. You will never live happily. Guddan says she will cry because she killed our daughter. AJ says the inspector, arrest her. Guddan says we will get Alisha justice. AJ says get out of here Antra.

Scene 2
Guddan hugs Alisha’s photo. AJ says do you feel better? We got Alisha justice. And you protected our family and baby. Guddan says if you weren’t with me we wouldn’t get Alisha justice. AJ says I am always with you. Guddan hugs AJ in tears. AJ says no more crying and stress. Everything is good now. Guddan says till you’re with me no one can harm us. AJ says I always trust you. Just take care of yourself and our baby. I am at your service. Now time for some good. He brings food in candlelight and makes her eat in music. AJ reads Guddan books. Guddan sleeps in his lap. The song tum dena saath mera plays.

Scene 3
At night, Antra wakes up. AJ turns on the lights. Antra says all good? AJ says yes. AJ says thank God you told me everything on time. Antra was leaving. AJ said where are you going? Antra said Guddan thinks I killed my daughter. It isn’t her mistake. Who would trust me. Now she’s pregnant. She has a cranky time. Why sis hse saying all that? AJ says she would never accuse someone falsely. Antra said please see this. Guddan said to Antra I will kick you out of this house and send you to jail. Antra said anyone would think this way. I can’t let Guddan take the stress. Alisha isn’t in this world anymore. You should think about your future. I should go. AJ said if you leave, Guddan’s stress won’t reduce.

And Alisha wanted you to live here. It was her last wish. Antra said if I can do anything for you please let me know. AJ said get arrested.AJ said thank you for helping me in my plan. According to Guddan you’re arrested for killing Alisha. She can live without stress now. You’ve to leave this city now. I will arrange anything. You should leave this country. I will be good for my family. Here’s some money. Antra said I could do something for you and your family. That’s all that matters. AJ leaves. Antra says wow I fooled him again and he trusted me again. He is going to fulfill her last with who wasn’t even her daughter. When Guddan finds out AJ helped me, she will hate you. I will ruin your lives. Guddan was challenging me.

Now everyone will say, Guddan’s husband is falling for his first wife again. A woman can never let her husband help another woman.Guddan is sleeping. Antra comes there and picks her baby. Guddan’s feet are tied. Guddan screams and says leave my child. Leave my baby. Antra says I told you I will ruin your life. I will give you tears to live for only. Guddan screams Antra. Leave my baby. Guddan wakes up. It w as a nightmare. Guddan cries. Guddan says I saw a bad dream. Antra took my baby. AJ hugs her and says calm down. She is far away from our baby. Let me get you water. Guddan says no please don’t go anywhere. AJ says relax, you’re safe. Guddan calls the police station and asks if Antra is still in jail? AJ takes the phone.

Inspector says no Antra is here. AJ says thank you. AJ says the inspector said Antra is in jail. We have to move forward for our baby. Guddan hugs him. AJ says relax.

Scene 2
Durga says this Antra can never change. We have to keep an eye on her. AJ says enough. You’re pregnant yourself. We have to focus on our good future only. We have to keep Guddan stress-free. Why don’t you all move on and forget Antra. Dadi says don’t worry. AJ says Guddan keeps taking stress. I don’t want my child to be born in this stress. We all keep thinking about Antra only. Is it that difficult for us to focus on good things? Dadi says we’re all with you. Dadi says where is this Saru? I need to keep an eye on her.

Saru says I should go for shopping. Antra calls her. Antra says are you with me or that stupid Guddan? Saru says I am always with you. Antra says I just had to confirm if you’re the same. Now start using the brain. Saru says tell me what to do. Antra tells her the plan.

Scene 3
Guddan comes to her room and sees a box. She sees a talking cat in it. It repeats what Guddan says. Guddan laughs. She asks who brought you here? The cat repeats. She reads a note if you liked it wear the dress inside the box and come to the pool. Guddan takes out the dress and comes to the poolside. It’s all decorated. AJ hugs her from behind. AJ says did you like it? Guddan says read my eyes. AJ says when I see your eyes, I forget the whole world. He says will you dance with me? Guddan and AJ dance together. AJ hugs her and sprinkles petals on her. AJ says the world will change, you will get fat, and I will get older. I will still love you and keep you in my arms. Always safe and happy. We have been through enough. Just give yourself to me. Nothing would ever create problems for us. Guddan says I am all yours. I trust you the most. AJ says let’s cut the cake. AJ brings the cake. Guddan says did you make it? It’s so colorful. AJ says I want to fill all these colors in your life. Guddan says let’s cut the cake together.

They cut the cake and make each other eat it. AJ says our relationship is so perfect. Our baby will benefit from it. AJ says let’s make some promises to our baby. Guddan says like we made promises to each other. AJ says are you ready?AJ takes Guddan around the fire. AJ says you and my child will always be my first priority. Guddan says I will never let any harm come to him/her. AJ says I will give him love and trust. Guddan says I will make him strong like you. AJ says as you taught me, I will teach him to live life to the fullest. Guddan says I till teach him how important trust him. AJ says I will teach him to respect you. Guddan says I will teach him to respect you. AJ says I will always be with you. I will never let you both go away from him. Guddan hugs him.

AJ says this is a new beginning. You have to promise me you won’t take any stress. Our life would only revolve around happiness. Guddan says I never imagined this day. It’s the most beautiful day of my life. Guddan says I will tell my child about this day. AJ says every day would be special. It would take us closer to our baby. I am going to the restaurant. You take care. No stress. He leaves.

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