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Guddan 15 January 2023: Alisha says ask me as well if I want to be her daughter? So you made food for the entire neighborhood? AJ says she made all of this for you with love. Go get fresh and eat with us. Alisha says jail only had water from 5 to 6 so I don’t have timings like you. And we are not eating together. We never got food in these fancy plates. We would get in these stell plates. Try food in it. Guddan says if you want, we will eat in steel plates. She gives Alisha’s plates to everyone. Alisha picks bread from everyone’s plate. She places it on the floor. She says in jail we would fight for it. So do the same. AJ says what is this now? Come and eat on the table. Guddan says if Alisha wants that, then be it.

AJ says you don’t.. Guddan says it’s okay. I canget it from Alisha for everyone. Let’s play this game and decide the rules. If I win you will eat with everyone on the table and never disrespect food. Alisha says if I win you will all eat on the floor. Guddan says sure.Saru takes Durga to kitchen. she says this girl will ruin Guddan’s life. It would be so much fun. Durga says Guddan will put a full stop on her. Guddan won’t let her misbehave with anyone. Have some shame. Saru says yes I have no shame. Guddan will defeat you and that Alisha.

Alisha says I would make 10 people sleep hungry. What would you do now Aj’s doll? Guddan says Aj’s doll doesn’t lose.
Guddan tries to pick the bread. She takes it all from Alisha. Guddan says you fell Alisha? get up now. Let’s go to table and eat with everyone now. Alisha sits on the table. Everyone starts eating. Alisha says okay fine. Guddan says welcome to Jindal house. We all sit and eat together. Alisha says I am done. She leaves without eating. Durga says she is so problematic.AJ says no Guddan we can’t let Alisha what she wants to do. Guddan says we are speaking to her in her language.

If someone comes from a foreign country would you not try learn their language? I am doing the same. Trust me. Aj says but this way.. Guddan says this is the only way we have. Don’t worry about Alisha. AJ says okay.

Scene 2
Alisha drinks. Guddan says you drink? She says yes, you drink too. Would my dad kill me if he finds out his doll is drinking? Gudan takes the glass and drinks it. Alisha is dazed. Guddan says it wasn’t about winning or losing. It was to bring the family together. Alisha says you talk like an old woman. Guddan says I can also talk like a friend. Alisha says who would I find then? Alisha spits it. She says it isn’t even good. Gudddan says you can’t even gulp a sip and talk so much. I added carrot juice in the bottles. I don’t let AJ drink either. So I do this. Alisha throws it on the floor. Alisha says don’t try to act smart with me.

Alisha says you have an enemy who is AJ’s blood. You have to fight AJ’s blood. You took my mom’s place. You brought trouble to her. Guddan says what would you get? She says the peace you got from taking my mom’s place. AJ is always on your side but what if I am on the other side? You have lost this battle already.Everyone is in hall. Some guys come in and dance. Alisha dances with them. Everyone is shocked. AJ is angry. She dances vulgarly with those men. AJ says what are you trying to do? He shoves the guy and says how dare you? Alisha stops his hand.

Alisha says if they go out, I will go out too. They are special, they are my boyfriends. Saru says 4 boyfriends? She says I just got free. This is my house, I can do whatever I want. Do this father acting from tomorrow. AJ says it’s boyfriend, not boyfriends. Just one, and none of them deserves to be your boyfriend. Get out. Alisha says to do this acting later. Let me live like you let me live all these years. Your age is gone, and your wife’s age you ruined it. AJ says get out. Alisha says if they go, I will go to. Now you decide if you want peace or a daughter. Alisha dances with them. Guddan comes downstairs in a short dress and says won’t you introduce me to your friends? AJ is shocked. A guy says now I know where all hot girls of the city are.


Guddan says let’s dance. Guddan dances with them. Saru says what’s going on here. AJ is in shock. Dadi says I know your anger AJ, but I trust Guddan. I know what is she doing. Alisha says now you want to take my boyfriends too? Go dance with your husband but he’s old. Guddan says they’re your boyfriends? Tell me their names. You don’t know the names of your boyfriends? Guddan says you all, do acting with passion. Such cheap roles. Get good roles. Go now. A guy says now you will give us a lecture. Guddan twists his ear and says get out now before I call the police. They leave. Alisha goes to her room. AJ goes to his room as well. Dadi says Guddan is wise. She can do anything.

Guddan comes to AJ and says I am sorry. I did this to stop Alisha’s drama. AJ holds her and says I want to kill them all. Guddan says you’re jealous? He says this was your way. Guddan says they were kids. He says they were all your age. Guddan says yes. But the truth is, I don’t like guys of my age. I like a guy older than me. A little mature, and boring. He says but you like to dance with me? Guddan says they have more energy anyway. AJ says let me show you the energy. AJ dances with Gudadn on tujhe kitna chahnay lagay. Guddan says you took it to heart. He says want to see more? He says wanna know how boring am I? AJ takes her to bed. Guddan says done with the romance. He says you look hot in this dress. Guddan leaves. AJ says I hope your way is working on Alisha.

Alisha breaks things in her room. Guddan comes and eats ice cream next to her. Guddan says I eat ice cream in stress. She says never had ice cream in jail. Sometimes they didn’t even have food. So don’t have expensive habits like you. Guddan says it’s never too late to make habits. Guddan says why are you hurting the family and yourself? Alisha says who are you? Guddan says this is my family. You are mine too. You can consider me friend, if not your mother. We all love you. Why can’t we live in peace? Alisha says there would be no drama. I have one condition, you leave this house and AJ. Guddan stands up.

AJ comes and says this won’t ever happen. Guddan won’t’ go anywhere. Alisha says I was just testing. I know Guddan is more important than me. AJ says I care for you equally. Alisha says stop lying. He says what should I do to prove? Alisha says to choose between me or AJ. AJ says I can’t choose. Please try to understand. I love Guddan as well. I love you too. Alisha says you know how to lie. She leaves. To hell with your love. AJ sits down. AJ says what should I do. Guddan says I know it’s tough. But affection would change Alisha. AJ says I want to give her all my love. I would do anything to stop her hatred. Guddan says she hates us but she doesn’t know only love can heal her broken heart. We have to be affectionate towards her. AJ says I hope you’re right and she understands. Guddan says she is stubborn like you. She would understand.

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