Guddan Zee world update Friday 3 February 2023

Guddan 3 February 2023: Guddan peeks in the room. Vikrant sees her. He says Alisha I request you please end this marriage, It would ruin lives. Guddan comes in. Vikrant says I was telling her to end this marriage. So many lives are stake. Please sign the papers. Alisha leaves. Guddan leaves too. Vikrant saw Guddan coming. Vikrant looks at his wife’s photo and says I have started our revenge. Our child is not in this world because of AJ.Years ago, Vikrant said to bhehali (his wife) let’s go. We are getting late. She said I have to tell you something. He said we are getting late. AJ is waiting. Bheshali said a surprise. Vikrant said tell me. AJ came in and said let’s go. We are getting late. They got inside the car.

AJ says did you like the trip? Vikrant said your bhabhi was going to give me a surprise and you brought me here. AJ said I will get to know the surprise too. Vikrant said what is it? AJ looks back. A man on a bicycle comes in front of the car. Bheshali said AJ.. AJ hits the car in a tree. AJ said is everyone okay? Vikrant said Bheshali are you okay? They came home. Vikrant said the trip was fun. You said there was a surprise. Bheshali screamed.. She said our child. She held her stomach. The doctor came and said, you have lost your child. This is a miscarriage. You lost your child. Vikrant says AJ took our child from us. He killed our child. You couldn’t come out of depression and eventually, you left me too. My family, my love isn’t with me because of AJ. I will take my revenge now.

I will ruin everything. I will show how it feels when you lose your children and family. I will ruin his life using his daughter.AJ says to Guddan Alisha won’t ever listen. Vikrant is a nice man that he is still trying to convince Alisha. We have to save Vikrant. Alisha comes there. She recalls what Vikrant did. Alisha is in tears. Guddan says Alisha.. Is everything okay? AJ says are you making a new plan? A new lie? Alisha leaves. AJ says let her go. She will do what she wants to. Guddan says something is wrong she looked worried. AJ says she worries people.

Alisha says how will I tell Vikrant’s lie to everyone? Who will believe me that I am trapped in all this. There is one person who will trust me. Guddan says there’s something that’s troubling Alisha. She looked scared. What could it be? Should I go and ask Alisha? Alisha comes to Perv’s room. She says Perv you have to help me. Vikrant is a fraud. He made me do it all. It was all his plan. Perv are you listening? He is psycho. I don’t know what to do. Guddan and AJ will take his side. It’s Vikrant instead of Perv. Vikrant shoves her and says I told you not to tell anyone. He grasps her face. He says be scared of me. Alisha says I have seen a lot like you in jail. She puts a knife on him and says don’t you dare to mess with me. He shoves her and faints her. Vikrant says I will show you what can I do.

Vikrant puts Alisha in a bag and takes her out of the house at night. Guddan is coming to the hall. Vikrant hides Alisha in the hall. Guddan says you’re worried? Vikrant says I am worried about Alisha. Guddan says I will talk to her. Guddan says have you seen her? Vikrant says no I haven’t. Vikrant says I am taking you somewhere after which you will only listen to me.Alisha opens her eyes. She says please don’t lock me here. I am really scared. I don’t want to live here. he says all criminals are scared of jail. Alisha says I am sorry. I get scared here. I can’t live here. Vikrant says live here for one night so you get your punishment. Vikrant says now they won’t know where their daughter was all night. Vikrant says to constable take her inside the jail. Alisha cries and screams no please.

Guddan is cooking. She thinks about Alisha and cuts her finger. Laxmi says are you okay? Let me get a bandage. Guddan says Alisha is hiding something. She looked worried. Now she isn’t even home. Her phone is off too. Laxmi says you should talk to AJ. Guddan says he won’t listen. He’s really hurt. But I am a mother. I am worried. Laxmi says she does what she wants.Alisha cries and says please don’t take me in dark. Please open the door. She cries. Vikrant asks the constable to keep her closed till morning. He says give her food. Don’t hit her. I only have to scare her not harm her. Alisha says please get me out of here. I will do what you ask. Vikrant says from tomorrow you will be my puppet not Alisha Antra Jindal.

Alisha says I won’t tell anyone. He says I won’t be sure to trust you. So tonight you have to stay here. You might learn a few things here. I will tell you how to take revenge. You will scream here out of fear and your parents would be worried there.Guddan wakes up in the hall. She says when did I sleep? Did Alisha come home? Dadi comes and says Guddan you slept here? Guddan says did Alisha come here? Dadi says she must be sleeping in her room. Laxmi says no she isn’t in the house. She was out all night and not back yet. She goes out with her friends. So I wouldn’t want to ruin your sleep. Guddan says my sleep is more important than her coming back home? Why didn’t you tell me. She might be in trouble. AJ comes and says what happened? Why did you sleep here? Guddan says Alisha didn’t come home all night. It’s morning. She might be in trouble. I am really worried.

Vikrant comes in and says yes she was in trouble and she invited it. She was drinking all night at the bar. My friend saw her and called me. She was about to pass out when I went there. AJ says Guddan you saw? you couldn’t sleep all night and she was drinking all night at the bar? Laxmi says she will never understand your love. Guddan says Alisha were you at the bar all night? Alisha recalls Vikrant said don’t say a word. Alisha says yes I was. Guddan says tell me the truth. Alisha says I was at the bar and I can go wherever I want. I don’t need your fake love. She leaves. AJ says thank you Vikrant for always being there. Thank you for bringing Alisha back home. Vikrant says you’re my brother. Vikrant says in heart I will return how you ruined my family and life.

Dadi says Guddan I told you. Your motherly love makes you think she is in trouble but she only wants to trouble us. She was drinking all night. She can’t come on the right path. Let her do what she wants. Guddan says in heart Alisha is in trouble and I will find out.Alisha comes to her room. She is scared. She locks the door. Alisha recalls the jail. Guddan comes in. Guddan says Alisha you aren’t alone. I am always with you. Tell me what’s going on? What’s troubling you. Alisha says I was drinking and my husband brought me home. Guddan says I know you didn’t drink. I am your mother. I am always with you. Something is troubling you. You’re not the same Alisha who wanted to annoy me. Alisha says I don’t need your permission. I will do drama when I want to.

Go from here. Guddan says I only want you to see me as a mother or a friend. You can tell me anything. I am always you. Guddan leaves.Vikrant comes in and locks the door. Vikrant says a good job with the acting. Don’t be scared of me. I only want to hurt AJ, not you. I want him to go through the same torture. But if you come in my way.. Alisha says I won’t tell anyone. I just don’t want to go back there. Vikrant says what’s up with Guddan? How did she read your face. She cares more about you than your real mother would have. She might find out. You have to annoy them to distract them. I want them to focus on you only. Alisha says I will do what you say. Just don’t send me back there. Vikrant says good girl.

Revati says Alisha did right. All of this would hurt AJ and Guddan. Perv says her behavior is different. Saru says yes she looks different. Revati says stop thinking. Perv says let’s talk to Alisha. Saru says Alisha.. Did you get scared? It’s us. Alisha says you came all of a sudden. Revati says what’s on your hand. Alisha says I wore bangles. Revati says is there something? Alisha says in heart how do I tell them I am being played the game I was playing. Revati says she looks different. Saru says she must be planning something big.

Some men come in with decorations and gifts. AJ says what is all this? Who ordered this? Alisha says I did. She asks them to keep it on the table. AJ says what is all this? She says this is my wedding night’s decoration. Everyone gets shocked. AJ is about to slap Alisha. Guddan stops him. AJ breaks it all in anger.

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