Guddan update Wednesday 9 November 2022


Guddan 9 November 2022: AJ says you have such a big heart full of love for everyone. You can’t do all these mistakes. You wrote them so you didn’t have to argue with your mom. As your husband and friend, I am asking you for something.

Hold my hand and remove these notes of pain forever. He holds her hand and they remove the notes. Guddan recalls Kaushaliya insulting her. She cries. AJ holds her. They pick notes one by one. All of them are on floor. Guddan sits down crying and sobbing. AJ caresses her face and says they have no room in your life anymore. Guddan hugs him. AJ hugs and consoles her.

Revati says Angat you make such good cake. Perv comes ad says you two are friends in such short time? Angat says she is so nice. Angat goes out. Perv holds her hand says whats going on. Revati says go to your wife. Prev ruins the cake. He says you know you are only mine. Revati says you are crazy. He throws the cake and leaves.

Laxmi is going to party. she says to her friend I am coming it would be fun. Shantnai says where are you going? You are a DIL you can’t go to a party at 9. Guddan says I gave her permission. She has right to enjoy her life. Guddan says DILs have a life too. She doesn’t only need to be caged in a house. Shantani says she is only of the family after the marriage. Her life only has to revolve around the house. If you want these rules to change then win the next challenge from me. Shantani says Laxmi go inside. Laxmi goes to her room. Shantani says Guddan you can’t run this house. I will tell you how to run this house. I wont let you ruin this house’s rules. She goes to her room.

Laxmi comes to Guddan. She says I really want to go. All my friends are calling. Please can I sneak out? Guddan says yes go.
It’s morning. Guddan calls Laxmi. Dadi says Guddan why are you worried? Shantani comes too. Shantani says Guddan its arti time where is Laxmi. Laxmi comes home. She is fainting here and there.

Scene 1
Shantani says where is your DIL? This is what happens when you are so nice to DILs. She doesn’t even know she has to come on time. She must be sleeping. Shantani asks Vardan where is laxmi? He says I don’t know where she is. Haven’t seen her since morning. SHantani says wow not even MIL, husbands in this house are like this too.

Lacxmi enters the house. Her condition is really bad. She can barely walk. She says good morning. Shantani says you went to the party? I asked you not to leave this house. How dare you. She is about to slap. Guddan says I gave her permission. No one can insult anyone in this house. AJ made this house. I wont let you him my DIL. Her respect is my respect. My duty is to protect her too. Shantani says you will tell what family respect it? Look at her. Families whose women party all night have no respect. You are responsible for this stain on this family name.

Saru gets a video. She says oh God there is Laxmi isn this video. Everyone sees the video. Laxmi is dancing with boys. Shantani says see. She is ruining our family name with men like this. Everyone gets the video. Laxmi is dazed. Vardan says laxmi what is this? I really trusted you and you did this? Shantani says if it was someone else he must have divorced her. Guddan says I trust her. Laxmi tell everyone this is a lie. AJ comes home. He gets the video too. AJ says laxmi what is this?

Laxmi says when I went.. Someone mixed alcohol in my drink. Shantani says she drank alcohol. she pours ganga jal on her. Shantani says our DIL drank? She must have done so much in the party after dancing. Guddan is responsible for this. She made her DIL friend. Guddan you said you trust her? Guddan says she didn’t drink with her choice. Vardan says I don’t forgive you. WHo knows what you did after drinking. AJ says she is your wife. Vardan says I don’t want to be with you. I want to divorce you. Laxmi says vardan please listen. He says don’t expect anything.

Shantani says AJ Guddan is equally responsible for this. She should be divorced too. AJ says I am upset that my son doesn’t trust his wife. I respect my wife. Our relation isn’t weak. You know I don’t take decisions in impulsion. AJ goes upstairs.
Guddadn says it was all my mistake. I gave her permission. And Vardahn insulted her so much. I don’t know how this video was made. AJ says it wasn’t your mistake. Guddan says would you let her go? AJ says yes. There is nothing wrong with her going with her friends. You did that for your friend. Let me do something for my friend now. He says this all happened because of thi video. i will fix everything. I wont let anything happen to your Laxmi.

Scene 1
Laxmi sees her wedding photos and crying. Guddan says please eat something. I will fix everything. She throws the food and says what can you fix? Vardhan said to Laxmi you broke my trust. I will divorce you today only. Laxmi was crying. Durga came to her. She said you were celebrating your MIL’s win now I am celebrating her loss. Drink this lemonade. This might help you get over Guddan’s friendship. This wont have happened if she wasn’t your friend. She wont have let you go. she doesn’t understand relations. This wont have happened is She wasn’t your friend.

LAxmi says enough of this friendship. Because of this liniency, I am getting divorced. Laxmi leaves in anger. Shantani says this all happened because of your friendship. You have to keep
your DIL strict under rules. Guddan says that isn’t a relaiton. that is formalities. I know my friend is upset, but I wont leave her. She leaves. shantani says Laxmi will hug you but only after getting divorced.

Scene 2
Vardhan says sign theses papers. Laxmi says please don’t do this. AJ comes and says think before signing them. She will divorce you if you sign these I am ashamed you are my son. Is this what you learned? You are divorcing her after a video? You don’t trust her over a video. You don’t deserve her. The woman in the video and Laxmi are different. We have taken help fro m police. A guy comes in with police. AJ says this man forged that video. He says I changed the photos I tried to talk to Laxmi in the party but she didn’t talk to me so I edited the video. Inspector takes the man. He says AJ I am sorry. AJ says apologize to your wife only. He says Laxmi I am sorry. I should have trusted you. Vardhan says it was my mistake. Shantani says this wont have happened if she didn’t go to the party in first place. AJ says you are wrong. She has all the right to go to party. You don’t stop me from going out. I could be defamed too. but I can still go out? This isn’t Laxmi’s fault. Laxmi says thank you AJ. Aj says thank your friend and MIL. Her trust in you made me do all this. Laxmi hugs Guddan.

Saru says Perv that man is caught. Perv says he wont take our name. Saru says I have to ruin Guddan’s life. I have made a plan that will make Laxmi against Guddan.
Precap-Guddan isn’t well. AJ says you should consult with a doctor. Durga says should we expect a good news?

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