Guddan update Wednesday 6 April 2022

Guddan 6 April 2022: Everyone is shocked. Alisha takes off her ghunghat. Everyone is dazed. Vikrant throws away the garland. Alisha says now you got my plan? You couldn’t stop Antra’s daughter. I will ruin your life with thsi old man. I knew you won’t celebrate so I called the celebrations. She takes a dhol (drum) from them and beats it. She says this is a the return gift of my mom’s death. I ruined my life right? No you two ruined my life so I ill ruin yours now. Your love would be over. AJ says enough Alisha. Stops it. Are you out of your mind? You married my friend to take revenge from me? Alisha says that’s what I said. AJ says I can’t belive this. Guddan says why did you do this Alisha. Alisha says you suffer with like I suffer every day.

Guddan 5 April 2022

I had to live with her murderer every day. Dadi says this was a misunderstanding. Laxmi says no one knew Antra was behind it. AJ says why would we all lie? You could talk to us. Alisha says I only married. What’s wrong? Everyone marries. Guddan says you married wrong. Alisha says you married an old guy too. AJ says enough Alisha. Dadi says are you out of your mind Alisha? Alisha says can’t you be happy for me? Revati says she is an atom bomb. Perv says this was your prophecy. Gudan says I had a reason. Alisha says I have a reason too. Guddan says I won’t let you ruin your life. Alisha says you took my mom. I did a lot to separate you two. I will do that.

Vikrant says shut up. Enough do you even know how many lives have you ruined? Alisha says you got a young wife be happy. Vikrant says shut up. I am your dad’s friend. Don’t dare to call me anything. Where is Sandhya? What did you do to her? Sandhya comes downstairs. Her dad says are you okay? She says this girl hit me. Please call the police. Alisha says that’s where I came from. AJ says how can yo do this? Alisha says like you married Guddan. AJ says we had a reason and after that everything was natural. We didn’t plan it for revenge. Alisha says you both created this condition for me. Guddan says you can’t play with so many lives. Alisha says I am married anyway. AJ says I don’t accept this marriage. Guddan says we won’t let you do this. Alisha says I married with all the rituals. Dadi says shame on you. She is about to slap Alisha. Revati holds her hand.

She says if you can accept Guddan and AJ then why not Alisha and Vikrant? You asked them to give this relationship a chance? Guddan says shut up. Don’t ever stop dadi’s hand. And are you supporting Alisha? Revati says she is only following your footsteps. She married and old man wit deceit. AJ says shut up. Guddan says I married him to save you. You could stop Alisha if you knew. Alisha says enough drama for today. You have to cry every day. She says to Sandhya’s mom to find another man for your son. And ask my dad for all the money you wasted. He is very rich. Perv says she is fire.Guddan and AJ stand there in shock. Guddan says you can’t do this Alisha. You think you can do such a big thing. Alisha says please, I am very tired. Guddan says this isn’t a game or a joke. How would you take revenge this way? Alisha says look at you. Guddan says you have made a huge mistake. We are scared for you. Alisha says it’s my life, I can waste it. Guddan says I am your mom. Alisha says you’re not my mom.

You are my enemy. You are my mom’s murderer. guddan says you will be ashes in this revenge. Guddan says how far have you gone in this revenge. Alisha says you burned my mom and now calling me ashes. Don’t give lectures. You married and old man for this wealth. And give lectures to everyone. Guddan says I was forced. I did that to save a life. You have ruined three lives. Vikrant’s, Sandhya’s and yours. Alisha says two lives are ruined. Your and AJ’s. Guddan says you are only 18. You can’t understand these relations. You will realize your mistakes. Alisha says to bring tears in your eyes, I would do it every day. Guddan says when you become a mother, you will realize nothing is more important than a child to their parents. Alisah says you’re a stepmom. Get out now.

AJ beats Perv and says how dare you? You helped Alisha. You took the photo and saw her face. You helped her. I will kill you. Perv says I didn’t plan anything. Alisha gave me money. AJ hits him and says I forgave you every time. But today, I will kill you. Saru says please stop AJ. You can’t hit him without a mistake. It’s your daughter’s mistake. It isn’t his mistake. Alisha asked him to help her. your daughter’s mistakes won’t be reduced by hitting him. Dadi says Perv helped her. Saru says your daughter planned all that. It’s between your daughter and you. AJ leaves in anger. Perv says thank you. He has hit me so bad. But honestly, it was fun seeing him so much hurt.AJ comes to the store and breaks things in anger. He says Antra, why did you do this? How could you be such a bad mother? You filled her heart with hate. You have ruined her life. She is so filled with bitterness, she can’t see what’s wrong. I can’t do anything. It’s all because of you. Why did you do this to your daughter? How could you? How will I fight a mother’s wrong upbringing? Guddan sees him crying. Guddan says AJ.. He says I have lost. I couldn’t do anything.


I saw her life being ruined. Now I feel what your father must have gone through on our wedding. Please let me go. It’s all my fault. I can’t do anything. I am lost. Guddan says you are not lost. I won’t let you go anywhere. If Antra couldn’t be the right mother, I will be. AJ says everything is over. Guddan says nothing is over. We will get Alisha out of all this. AJ says how? Vikrant says you’re not alone. Your brother is with you. AJ says I don’t know how to apologize to you. Vikrant says it wasn’t your fault. I know how parents feel. Alisha doesn’t know the mistake she has done, but we know. We will fix her mistake. I have spoken to the lawyer. I will end this marriage tomorrow. It would be over. Guddan says we will get Alisha out of his mistake.

Revati says I am sure AJ would try to end this marriage. Perv says how would you? Alisha says you would know/ She says chill. They can’t do anything. They can’t get me divorced. I have done all the settings. Vikrant says these papers show us if there was a loophole in the marriage, this marriage will be considered null and void by the court. AJ says thank you Vikrant. Alisha throws the papers away. She burns them. Alisha says this marriage won’t ever break. AJ says burning the papers won’t stop the process. This marriage was done by deceit. Alisha says to Vikrant here is our wedding gift. Vikrant says I don’t consider you my wife okay I will never accept this marriage. You’re only AJ’s daughter to me. She says to open the box. It has grains in it. Vikrant throws the box away. Alisha says what is this? She says if you go to jail you will be creating the bread in the jail.

AJ says what lie are you going to tell now? Alisha says the case I had against him, Guddan and you withdrew it. She gave the reason of my name. But Vikrant wasn’t proved innocent. I can take him back to court and also file a case of forceful marriage. Guddan says are you out of your mind. Alisha says imagine when I cry in court and tell them he forced this marriage on me. He will go to jail. Guddan says you’re ruining your life. Alisha says you better accept he is my husband. you can’t end this marriage. AJ sits down and says I knew she won’t let us break this marriage. She has made me so helpless.Vikrant comes to his room. He says it was fun to see that pain on your face. The pain of a father being helpless. It made me so happy. Now my revenge will start. I will avenge everything. That Alisha thinks she did all this.But she doesn’t know I made her do all that. She is a pawn and she doesn’t even know. The real enemy is here. And I won’t fight from the front. AJ, your family is over.

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