Guddan update Thursday 24 February 2022


Guddan 24 February 2022: Guddan comes to Bhushan. Bhushan says what are you doing here. She throws papers in front of Antra. Guddan says I am not here to return anything. I am here to invite you all to my wedding. I am getting married. AJ says what is this. Guddan says I couldn’t believe when you gave my ring to Antra. He says how can you do this. She says like you move ahead in life with antra. Come to the wedding tonight. You would see for yourself. AJ says how can you think about marrying someone else. Guddan says you taught me that. You live here with Antra. I would marry another person. Guddan leaves. AJ throws the card in anger.Antra says she is so selfish. She is already with another man. How can she be like this. Rest of you are so innocent.

Bhushan says Guddan you should have spoken to me before doing this drama. What is all this? Guddan says I am actually marrying. Bhushan says how can you do that. Antra says I asked him. She is marrying a 70 years old because I forced her. Guddan throttles her and says I know you very well. I can do anything for my family, anything means doing anything to people who harm my family. Bhushan says leave her Gudadn. Guddan says apologize to my father, Antra says sorry. Happy now? she leaves.Bhushan says how can you do that Guddan. Guddan says I have made my mind.Antra says I would make you cry blood Guddan. AJ burns Guddan’s wedding card. Antra comes and says AJ what are you doing. Are you mad? AJ says how can she marry someone else She says you’re marrying me. she tried killing my child. AJ says she loved me. SHan can never do that. Antra says that is her decision and she is disgusting. AJ says don’t say anything about her. I know what she has been through. She can’t marry anyone else. I will stop this wedding.

The wedding starts. Saru says she is marrying him for a reason. Guddan has become greedy. AJ comes and throws things in anger. He says I would never let this happen. Guddan comes and says stop. With what right are you stopping me? you are marrying someone yourself. He says I am your husband. Guddan says you’re marrying antra. He says that is not in my hands. You are still my wife. You can’t marry anyone else. I am alive. The man comes and says leave my wife to be and marry us. AJ says you wanna marry him? Why? Guddan says you can’t insult him life this. AJ throttles him and says she is my wife don’t even are thinking about her. Guddan tell me all this is a joke. He says tell me. Guddan says this isn’t a joke. this is my decision. Please go from here now. AJ leaves in anger.

Antra says get ready Guddan. Guddan says AJ came to stop this wedding. He loves me. You could never stop his love for me. He always loved me. You better think if he would even marry you. He won’t let this wedding happen. Your fight is with him. Stop him if you can. Antra says love is cheap. What if he couldn’t stop this wedding? Wait and watch. You have to marry this guy.AJ is angry. He says I can’t let this happen. Antra his him on head from behind. He faints. Antra takes him to the car and locks him in. Antra says he will be up when wedding is done. Now Guddan’s turn.Guddan gets ready and thinks about her wedding and time with AJ. Durga comes. Durag says pundit ji calling you. Guddan says I am so scared.Durga says to Guddan you can stop this wedding. Why are you doing this. Guddan says I did what I could. Durga says how can you.. Guddan says please go. She locks the room and cries. Guddan says I know you wanna help me. But I can’t tell you why am I doing this. I would always be AJ’s. Guddan says I did all this drama to see if you still love me or not. If you still care. But you showed you still love me. You are still mine. I can do anything for you. I want you to hear about Antra with a clear mind.

Guddan calls AJ. He is fainted in the car. Guddan says why is he not picking the call. Antra says AJ won’t come. He respects your decision. Leave him and get married. Guddan says you know he won’t get me married. Nothing can come between me and AJ.He won’t let this wedding happen. Antra says his love would be over when you are married.Antra says to the old man I have paid you enough. If she tries to run stop her. Antra makes him wear sehra. Antra says our bride is coming as well. Guddan comes downstairs. laxmi says please don’t do this. Guddan says only AK can stop this wedding. Antra says your AJ can’t stop this wedding. Antra says sit down.The wedding starts. Pandit ji says get up for the rounds. Durga says I have to do something. Durga picks fire and says stop this wedding. I won’t let you do this. I won’t let this wedding happen. Antra says this is her wedding. Durga says till I am here I won’t let this happen. Saru says why are you doing all this for gudan. Laxmi says we all know she is forced into this wedding. Guddan says enough. She takes the fire from Durga. Guddan says not a single more word. You helped Antra when you could be DIL of this house. You shouldn’t be doing this drama. Only can AJ can stop this wedding who isn’t here. Pandit ji start the wedding.

Antra says now who started this wedding would tie their knot. Pandit ji says get up for rounds. Guddan starts taking rounds with him. She recalls her moments with AJ. Pandit says today you will be husband and wife. durga says you didn’t do right. Guddan says antra I did. Now your turn. She says I have signed the papers.Antra says you did your part, so I will do my part. You saved your family. But you lost your husband. Your love had to bow in front of my power. See I signed the papers. You saved the family who never trusted you but they always trusted me. AJ is such an idiot. They were crying like idiots for the child who was never there. Antra says AJ would never know my truth. He won’t know I killed my brother. And I am smarter. NOw I would show you your real worth. You thought I would leave just like that? Guddan says you promised. She says now there is a twist in this story. I thoyght you would go, so there would be a space here. I would stay with AJ. So you can cry all your life. Guddan says you promised how can you do that.Antra says just go from here. take your wif from here old man. Guddan says how can you do that antra. Antra leaves in anger. The groom takes off sehra. It is AJ.

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