Guddan update Sunday 22 May 2022

Guddan 22 May 2022: The doctor says sorry we couldn’t save your daughter. She’s stillborn. AJ is shocked. He recalls how happy Guddan was. Everyone is bewildered. AJ falls on the floor. AJ recalls Guddan going to the room. AJ says why do I feel like she is alive? This can’t be true. A nurse is in Guddan’s room. She takes the baby outside. The baby is alive. She gives her to Ganga.AJ says everything is over. We lost one daughter and now this. Dadi says this Kanha’s will. AJ says that’s all rubbish. Will your Kanha answer Guddan when she asks where is her daughter? Answer me. I don’t know how to tell her. I can’t tell her. Dadi says I can’t believe this. I feel like she is fine. Ganga says I executed this plan with that doctor. Ganga said to the doctor where are you going? He said to Guddan’s room. Ganga told him, I know you are suffering from the financial crisis. I can help you. She showed him the money. He said what would I have to do? Ganga said you have to lie that Guddan’s baby is dead.

Ganga you know how difficult the time is especially for doctors. What would your kids do if anything happens to you? He agreed.Ganga looks at Guddan and says because of you I lost my child and I was insulted in front of everyone. Now see how I ruin your life. You were giving lectures, how a mother can’t be wrong. Why wouldn’t I avenge my child’s death. Your daughter will pay for your sins. She will suffer. I was treated like a servant in this house even when I am the eldest DIL here. But it’s time to avenge it all. I will write your daughter’s fate and use her against you. The baby laughs. Ganga says you don’t even know what’s going to happen to you. Don’t laugh. Ganga picks her in the air. The baby pees on her. Ganga is disgusted. She says you are just born and being like your mom. I will fix you. The entire family will keep crying but they won’t ever know if Guddan’s daughter is alive. Someone comes there. Ganga gets scared. It’s Avinash.

Ganga says you scared me. Ganga says take this girl and take her somewhere no one can find her. Avinash says I am scared. What do we have to do to this child? Ganga says the same that happened to our child. We have to take her away from her family and parents. The same that happened to us. Avinash says are you sure? Ganga says yes, this is what they deserve. Avinash says but we still have time. Please rethink, we can let it all go. Ganga says we have created the drama already. We can’t step back now. Go now. Make sure no one sees you. He takes the baby. Ganga says I took your child away from you Guddan.

Avinash takes the baby outside in a basket. He places her in a trashcan. Police come there and ask him what are you doing? Why is the basket moving? He says nothing. It’s moving because of the air. The policeman says to show me what’s in the basket. Avinash runs. He says this girl is such a trouble. She moved right when the police came. I will leave you here. He leaves the basket, the baby moves and a rod falls on his head. Police come there. Avinash picks the basket and runs.Ganga comes to everyone. She says why is everyone crying? This is a happy occasion. Saru says Guddan’s daughter is stillborn. Ganga drops the arti. She says oh God. First my child, then Guddan’s. Oh God. The doctor says Guddan is conscious. I didn’t tell her anything. I think you people can do it better. Dadi says AJ, please go to her. She needs you. We all need to be with her. Ganga says I can’t do this. Dadi says we all have to be together for her. Ganga says I can’t even look at her. AJ says I am really scared. Dadi says we have to. AJ says how do I tell her that her daughter is.. I can’t do this. I am shattered. AJ goes outside. Avinash calls Ganga. Dadi says we all have to go to Guddan.

Avinash says Ganga.. She says did you trash her? Avinash says no police is after me. Ganga says where are you? He says I don’t know. Ganga says tell me where you are. Text me. Ganga says we need to get rid of that girl.Guddan says you’re all here to congratulate me right? Thank you. But she is my child first. Is it a boy or a girl? Everyone is silent. Guddan says it’s a daughter right? I knew it. AJ knew it was a girl. He must be really happy right. Where is he? Why are you all silent? Durga says in heart how do we tell her that her daughter isn’t alive.

Avinash hides. The cops are looking for him. Inspector says that the man looks like a thief and he has a basket. Guddan says let me get up and see my daughter. Durga says no please keep resting. Guddan says don’t build suspense then, please. I wanted 8 years. Durga says yes it’s a daughter. Guddan says yes I knew. Did AJ take her somewhere? I want to hug her. She will come to me. Durga says you need rest. Dadi says yes. The doctor comes. He says Mrs. Guddan you need rest to recover. Guddan says I want to meet my daughter. I waited so long for her. Dadi says but your health is also important. Durga says you need it. Guddan says did you all see her? I can’t stay away from her.

Ganga screams for help. Police run there. She runs to Avinash and says you’re so stupid. I will leave you someday. He says at least I tried. Ganga takes the girl from him and keeps her inside a vegetable truck. Ganga says it will take Guddan’s daughter far away from her. The truck leaves. Avinash says I couldn’t do this in hours and you did in minutes. Ganga says I won’t let Guddan meet her daughter.AJ walks in the temple. AJ says Guddan trusted you the most. How could you do this to her? How do I tell her where is her daughter? Answer me. The truck is driving on the road. The driver calls his boss and says yes I have sanitized everything. His boss says there is a parking problem here. He says it’s okay, we can park in Jindal house. The truck comes inside Jindal house and parks there. The driver starts taking vegetables outside. A poor woman comes and says please help me. My kids are hungry. AJ says what is happening outside? Guddan gets up and says I have to go out. She walks out. Guddan looks for AJ. Durga says we can’t stop her. AJ will tell her the truth. Guddan says AJ? Where is my daughter? What is this suspense? The woman says please help me. AJ says what is happening here? The driver says there was a parking problem. I parked here. I will leave in a while.

The woman says my kids are hungry. Please help us. We will die. The driver says she is annoying you I am sorry. AJ says how can you be so cruel in these hard times? Give her vegetables. Hurry up. The woman says thank you. You think so much about other people’s kids and you must be a saint to yours. AJ says in heart and God took our daughter from us. I wish we could get her back. But that won’t happen. Guddan tries to come out and says I feel like my baby is her.e I can feel her. Guddan says baby? Where are you? Guddan is on the other side of the truck.Ganga and Avinash are on their way back. Ganga says we have ended the story. Guddan won’t ever get her baby back. They come inside and see the same truck. Avinash and Ganga hide. Ganga says this is the same truck. My heart will fail if they find the baby in it. Guddan says baby where are you? You’re teasing mama already. Where is AJ? Guddan looks around. Guddan says mama miss you, baby. Where are you? Say something. The baby makes a noise. AJ stops. AJ takes out the basket from the truck.

Ganga is shocked. AJ opens the basket and sees the baby. He’s shocked. AJ says whose baby is there. He takes the baby out. Guddan comes there. Guddan says my baby. AJ is shocked. AJ says she.. Guddan cries and picks her. She says my daughter. AJ is at the loss of words.Guddan picks the baby and says our daughter. Where were you? I had been looking for you. Mama will never let you go away from me. Mama loves you. AJ says she.. Guddan says she’s beautiful right? She smiles like me. She isn’t angry like you. AJ says in heart Guddan thinks this unknown baby is hers. I have to tell her the truth. AJ says Guddan.. Gudda says are you jealous because we look alike? Baby won’t come to you. She will play with me. You played with her all day. Let’s go inside. Ganga says this can’t happen. Guddan can’t have her daughter. Avinash says don’t worry. AJ recalls all that happened. Guddan caresses the baby. AJ looks at Dadi and says she’s so happy. How do I tell her that isn’t our daughter? Ganga says God gives pain and he heals it. I can know her pain and of the mother who lost her child. She must be looking for her daughter and crying. Durga says we can’t keep someone else’s daughter. We don’t have a right to keep another mother’s daughter. Laxmi says she’s right please tell her the truth. Dadi says yes tell her. God will give her strength. Ganga says in the heart the girl needs strength too.

AJ comes to the room. Guddan says baby is asleep. Guddan says you didn’t tell me? He says what? Guddan says she looks like me right? Guddan says why are you in a shock? You’re a papa. She looks like you as well. Don’t be sad. Why are you silent? I don’t want her to become angry like you. AJ says I wan to tell you something. Guddan says I have to show you something first. She keeps AJ heart on the girl’s hand. Guddan says feel her heartbeat. She’s our shadow. Let’s make a promise that we will consider her more than each other. We will never let her go away from us. Our love is divided. AJ says I promise. Guddan says what were you saying? I have such a good mood. AJ says nothing. You both need rest. AJ covers them with blanket and leaves. AJ says in the heart is she our daughter? Guddan says my princess. We will have so much fun. Thank you for coming to my life.

Dadi says how is Guddan? Laxmi says she must be heartbroken. Ganga says should I call the doctor to take the baby? AJ says she will stay here. I felt her heartbeat. I felt like she’s my daughter. Everything feels right. That baby won’t go anywhere. Durga says but we can’t keep a baby away from her parents. AJ says yes this might not be right. But no one is looking for the baby and parents who left this baby like this, I will deal with them when they come here. I have decided I am adopting this baby. She will be Guddan and my daughter. She is part of this house forever. Guddan should never know this truth. If anyone tells her, I will be worse. Guddan will get what she wants. He leaves. Durga says I understand but.. Dadi says God planned all this. Let nature take its course. God won’t be unfair to anyone.

Ganga checks Avinash’s heartbeat. Avinash says what are you doing? The doctor comes in and says what are you doing? She says trying to know what is in these brother’s hearts that they want to ruin my plan. Avinash says I am on your side. Ganga says you ruined my plan. Ganga says to the doctor if you don’t do what I ask, I will kill you. Avinash says control yourself. The doctor says I did what you asked. AJ calls someone and says are the adoption papers ready? I will not tell Guddan. I will ask Doctor Mishra to not tell Guddan. Mishra says I lied to AJ that his daughter is stillborn. I gave you the baby. Ganga says but my plan didn’t work. He says I did it. AJ is coming towards that room. He says Guddan has her daughter. I did what I had to. If AJ finds all this out, he will not let me live in India.

AJ knocks on the door. He comes inside. Mishra is alone there. AJ says I know you helped us all you could. But what is happening now is our fate. I can’t take that baby away from Guddan. I want you not to tell Guddan that her baby was stillborn. We want to adopt that baby. It will improve three lives. The doctor says you are doing a great thing but you know as per ethics we have to tell Guddan. AJ says I know. Please it’s a very difficult time for us. I beg you not to tell her. I want Guddan to stay happy. He says I can’t lie. AJ says please try to understand. I don’t want to harm you. I can’t see my Guddan in pain.Please help me. Ganga and Avinash are hidden behind the curtain. AJ hears something and says who’s there??

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